Lilwin and Sandra Ababio, Nadia and Dumelo – Check Tall List of Celebrity Besties Accused of Bonking Each Other

Efia Odo and Kwesi Arthur, Shatta Wale and Hajia4real, actor Kwadwo Nkansah Lilwin and actress Sandra Ababio, these personalities all have something in common and it is not their celebrity status in Ghana.

These Ghanaian celebrities are paired for a reason. They are the best of friends from the opposite sex in the entertainment industry and are mostly seen in the arms of each other.

But in Ghana, you cannot be best friends with another sex without people thinking the two of you are servicing each other in bed.

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The assumptions gets worse when the BFFs are two single celebrities.

Today, we at GhanaCelebrities.Com have complied a list of celebrity besties in Ghana who are accused of sleeping with each other because of how close they are.

1. Efia Odo and Kwesi Arthur (Pet Name: Odo-Arthur)


Many are still convinced beyond doubt that rapper Kwesi Arthur and actress Andrea ‘Efia Odo’ Owusu are both warming each other’s bed secretly.

When in argument with such people and you ask them to defend their point with evidence, they say the chemistry between them is too strong to believe they are just friends.

Efia has been spotted by a couple of people in the company of Kwesi Arthur even before she was featured as a vixen in his music video.

Bedroom photos of the two have also popped up but it was later discovered that those images where shots from a music video.

When Efia Odo was arrested during her fix the country campaign, Kwesi Arthur was the loudest voice that was advocating for her release via social media.

Efia Odo also defends the rapper the least chance she gets. She even dissed Sarkodie, M.Anifest and other rappers claiming none of them can be compared to the young rapper, according to her standards.

2. KiDi and Cina Soul (Pet Name: KiDi-Soul)


They look good together don’t they? KiDi and his handbag Cina Soul are so perfect together that many wish they were not ‘just friends’ as they claim.

Their families are aware of their friendship and so does their record labels. These two musicians spend most of their free time together but anytime the question of their relationship status is put up, they find a smart way of skipping it.

Both KiDi and Cina Soul have been asked what they will do if the other marries a different person and their answers made the public believe they wish to date but are stuck in friends zone because of public ridicule.

3. Kaylbos and Ahuofe Patri (Pet Name: Bos-Pat)


It started from their roles in a comic series which went viral. Their real names even disappeared and Ghanaians started calling them by their character names, Kaylbos and Ahuofe Patri.

In the series, Kaylbos was madly in love with Ahuofe Patri but could not be bold enough to air his feelings, instead, he resorted to doing the most outrageous things just to catch her attention.

Ghanaians who watched the series thought it was same in real life and started tagging the two as couples. Social media users even went on to claim they were warming their beds and that Kalybos got heartbroken when musician Kwabena Kwabena was rumored to be in a relationship with Ahuofe.

4. Lilwin and Sandra Ababio (Pet Name: Lil-Ababio)


As for actor Lilwin and actress Sandra Ankobia, we just reported last month that videos and posts they made on social media suggested that they are dating but according to sources, they are just friends.

Liwin is married with kids and Sandra is in a serious relationship with an unknown man (could be Lilwin) but the two have vehemently denied that they are or have ever dated.

Sandra during one of her interviews acknowledged the fact that it was Lilwin who helped her find feet in the movie industry and because of that, many believe she had to say thank you with her body which is not true.

They call themselves sweetheart, honey, dear and other pet names lovers say to each other but they claim to be just friends.

5. Shatta Wale and Hajia4Reall (Pet Name: Shatta-4Reall)


Shatta Wale and Hajia4Reall were also rumored to be dating each other. Shatta’s supposed cousin, Magluv, has even used Hajia4Reall to diss Shatta Wale’s baby mama Michy before.

She claimed Michy and the slay queen turned musician are best of friends but she slept with her man at her blind side.

Shatta and Mona are best of friends and that’s as far as it gets, or so we see. The two love each other to bits and are mostly seen goofing around in public.

6. Nadia Buari and John Dumelo (Pet Name: Na-Melo)


Nadia and John are great actors in the movie industry. Maybe their chemistry on set coupled with their impeccable acting skills have blinded many to think the two are banging.

Truth is John and Nadia are both married with kids but they are best of friends as well.

Recently, the wife of John Dumelo, Gifty, recorded and shared videos of her husband giving Nadia a sensual foot massage on social media.

They video drew mixed reactions but they knew thier love for each other has a limit and even their partners know about it.

So there you have it, six celebrities who are accused of sleeping with each other. More pairs are Maame Serwaa and rapper Mohammed Awal. You can add some more in the comment section.

SOURCE: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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