What Kind of Hospital Allows A Madman Constant Access to His Phone? – Ghanaians Bash Psychiatric Hospital

The Accra Psychiatric Hospital has come under fire from social media users over Funny Face’s constant ‘fooling’ online.

The comic actor has been sent to the facility for a mental evaluation following his crazy antics the past couple of weeks.

Funny Face took to social media to rain insults on his former mentors Bola Ray, Fadda Dickson and Emmanuel Adebayor.

He also rained more insults on his baby mama Vanessa and literally threatened her life.

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He was arrested after those antics but was referred to receive psychiatric treatment due to his history of mental health challenges.

Funny Face was evaluated and once again diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

He was also given some medications and injections all of which he constantly streamed online.

Funny Face documented everything happening with him in the psychiatric hospital on social media.

He also came back online to post several disturbing updates, constantly insulting others and showing the same behaviour that got him hospitalised in the first place!

His disturbing posts has raised questions over what exactly is being done by the psychiatric hospital to help the man.

Most of Funny Face’s problems occur because he’s a celebrity with a large following hence every time his brain malfunctions the whole country is given front-seat access to his madness.

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It seems simple that taking away his phone would be a big part of helping him heal but even when he was in the hospital being injected, Funny Face was still being allowed online to show everything live!

Ghanaians are bashing the hospital for failing at their jobs and allowing Funny Face the free rein to keep disgracing himself, even in hospital!

Comments under his numerous posts have called for Funny Face himself to put his phone away and concentrate on getting healed!

It seems he can’t do that and the hospital themselves can’t do that for him either.

If this continues, you can be sure there is no healing in sight for Funny Face because he would always have social media to display his madness on!

What a shock – the failed Ghana health system is failing Funny Face like they fail so many of us on a daily basis.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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