Keep Quiet And Suffer – Akuapem Poloo Shades Xandy Kamel Amidst Her Failed Marriage

Xandy Kamel has been in a fix. Bad enough that she has decided to cry on camera addressing someone we do not know on a live video they were not watching.

Word on the street is that her husband who has been a serial cheat has finally set her free and she is going through an emotional time. She is back to the streets like she never left.

The marriage turn beans so she had to come and save her face slowly but surely. Someone who built a reputation over making others miserable has come back to cry and expose that she too is miserable.

Hurt people hurt people so maybe Xandy was going through a crisis herself and thought being a social media villain will mask up all the sorrow she faced behind closed doors.

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Rushed into a marriage that she was very certain will not work even if Jesus himself placed his holy hand on their matrimony. She felt her being married gave her a different status.

Well her husband decided to be a gossip behind her back and made sure to demoralize her into thinking she was not loved by anyone. The emotional manipulation must have hurt so bad.

Her instagram neighbor who she has had numerous misunderstandings with has sent a coded message to her.

Akuapem Poloo did not mention her name of course but she knew exactly what she was doing with this particular post and also taking into consideration the timing, she knew exactly what she was doing.

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Akuapem Poloo spoke on karma and how it comes back to bite. She advised that we watch what we do when in happiness and how we make others feel. She spoke on how our wrongdoings comes back to bite and a host of other words that came from the wrong mouth.

A classic example of right message, wrong messenger. Poloo should definitely have sat this one out.

We never knew we will see a day where Akuapem Poloo will morph into the angel who does not take delight in insulting people and extend a word of advice to someone who made a name of attacking others.

The Ghanaian celebrity circus has been on full display lately. What’s in the air?



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