Top 5 Most Expensive and Extravagant Weddings That Happened In Ghana – Videos

wedding is a ceremony where two people are united in marriage. Wedding traditions and customs vary greatly between cultures, ethnic groups, religions, and countries etc.

While some couples decided to be modest with their ceremony and forgo the pageantry, others take delight in the glam and go the extra mile to make their union the talk of town for weeks.

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On an average, a wedding ceremony which comprises of traditional, white wedding and thanksgiving takes at least a day and at most two days (mostly done on weekends) in Ghana but these extremists have altered the time table with some going as far as 4 days.

GhanaCelebrities.Com has complied some of the extravagant wedding ceremonies that the country has witnessed in the last couple of years.

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These weddings are not the ordinary ceremonies you witness. They have horses, exotic vehicles, huge cakes and out of the world decorations with budgets running into billions of cedis.

Below is the list, grab some pop corn and enjoy the videos that comes with it.

1. The Royal Wedding: Berima Weds Anita


A wedding which took over a year to organize and plan and four days to stage deserves to be number one on our list.

The holy matrimony between Barima, CEO of Adinkra Pie and the daughter of the owner of Anita Hotel, Anita Sefa Boakye was the standard definition of extravagance and more.

It was obvious that Indeed the CEO of Adinkra pie, Barima Osei Mensah and his wife, Anita Sefa Boakye planned to to impress Ghanaians with their opulent display of wealth! 

Would you believe if i tell you a million dollar mansion was built from foundation just for this wedding? The entire ceremony was crowned with a plush, invite only, pool party at the poolside of the mansion i’m talking about.

Anita dazzled many attires and even put on a piece of earring estimated to cost a whopping $6500 (39,747.50 Ghanaian Cedi). Who wears the 6 years salary of an average Ghanaian on her ears just for a wedding? Anita does and it was gorgeous.

Watch some shots from the ceremony below.

2. Kency2020: Kennedy Osei Despite Weds Tracey


These two brought the pressure to town. It was Kennedy, the son of Ghanaian millionaire Despite and Tracey who showed the Royal Wedding planners how to go extreme with your wedding planning in Ghana.

Celebrities? check, exotic cars? check, what about money to spray around for no reason? It rained dollar bills at the ceremony.

Kency 2020 brought so much pressure on Ghanaian celebrities that they were afraid to marry after that wedding because they will be compared and ridiculed.

Kency was leading the pack till Barima and Anita took over so lets give them the second position, cool? The couple now have a beautiful set of twins and their naming and outdooring too came with some display. Watch some videos below.

3. Ciri2020: Cindy Sarpong and Richard Peprah


The rich family of Osei Kwame Despite had a great year in 2020 as two of their kids married.

Cindy Ofori Sarpong, the daughter of Ghanaian business mogul Dr. Sarpong and her sweetheart Richard Peprah had their dream wedding.

The wedding was almost like that of Kency but they toned down on the horses and exotic cars. Yet still it was an eye popping event.

4. Millionaire Kwesi Dadzie And His Young Wife Portia


Ghanaian business man Kwasi Dadzi, who likes to keep his wealth low key, decided to make the loudest noise and chose the glorious day of his wedding to do just that.

His wedding was not advertised much on social media but footages from the event had many saying he was challenging the Despite family to a battle of riches after he showed a fleet of exotic and expensive cars at his wedding.

The display of wealth, class, style and power was abound in the videos we saw on social media. Among the fleet of cars which were spotted at the wedding includes a Range Rover, Jeep Wrangler, Rolls Royce, just to mention a few.

Millionaire Kwasi Dadzi intentionally had a convoy of Rolls Royce only for his wedding, how cool is that?

5.#Hendee19: Henry and Dela


Not much is known about Henry and Dela but after the display Despite and his family put up at Kency2020, a blogger came out with videos and images to suggest that this two was an event with a huge budget and deserved to be talked about so we want to give them the fifth and final position on our list.

So there you have it, 5 of the most extravagant wedding ceremonies to ever happen in Ghana with budgets running into millions of Ghana cedis. More to come so we’ll update our list very soon.

SOURCE: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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