They Put the House in Fella’s Name to Dodge Accusations of Fraud – More Details About Medikal’s New Multimillion Mansion Pops Up

Medikal and Fella Makafui have been accused of putting Medikal’s new house in the name of Fella for a shady reason.

A social media user claims that the new house has been put in Fella’s name to dodge accusations of fraud.

Medikal, as everyone knows since time immemorial, is often accused of fraud.

He started out as a ‘game boy’ under the tutelage of Criss Waddle before he ventured into music.

Netizens often say Medikal uses music as a cover for his fraud business.

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Recently, he and his wife Fella out doored a new house.

The mega-mansion was opened up in a housewarming party over the weekend.

The party has brought up lots of issues surrounding the couple.

As a new video popped up about the party, a social media user came out to expose the couple.

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According to a comment from the user, Medikal and Fella intentionally put the house in Fella’s name to dodge accusations of fraud.

Read the accusation below…

“Obviously the house is projected in her name to avoid MDK being investigated for fraud as it’s been speculated for years. Fella is known for being hardworking but let’s be honest, these known businesses alone cannot accumulate such huge profits to put up this massion and other luxurious lifestyle they flaunt. For a couple of years now the movie industry hasn’t been vibrant so we cant say acting money is included. The IRS can only confirm if truly she made it via her businesses cuz they document her taxes. Please no one should say all could have been made via brand influencing, yes she represent many brands but they are not the type that can yield so much wealth they flaunt in these few years. Is she an influencer for any international company that either provides goods or services? I only pray the fraud allegations are hoax else no matter how they cover up, justice will catch up with them one day. You can’t live in comfort via people’s sweat and tears. As for Z.F. he should keep on sowing seeds, his harvest time will soon come and he’ll reap a bounty harvest alone.”

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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