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500 Euros Every Month Attracted Me To My Husband And I’m Leaving Because He Doesn’t Give Me That – Nayas Rants

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Nayas is no stranger to washing her dirty linen in public so this doesn’t come as a shock.

What comes as a shock is how low she will go. There is certain information the internet is very fine with not knowing.

Discussing your “chop money” is such an archaic thing, like the cassette movie she was last featured in.

If she was booked and busy, she will not delve into the finances of her holy matrimony.

Nayas poured her heart out about how her husband has left a bad taste in her mouth.

She was asked to be very sincere on what attracted her to her husband because everyone has a particular thing that attracted them to their partner.

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The first thing our good sis could speak on was her monthly stipend. She spoke on how her husband promised her 500 euros every month.

She explained that this offer was put before her in the beginning of their relationship when everything was new.

They got married in a month after they met. What informed that early decision is also another story for another day.

Obviously she wanted her monthly stipend to come fast and couldn’t waste any more time so she agreed to get married that same month so the payment plan can start swiftly.

She emphasized that she was attracted to him solely because of that offer and nothing else.

After they got married is when things turned sour for poor Nayas. Her husband decided to show his real colors and draw his sword.

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He made sure to send her 250 CEDIS ( take note of the currency) as her monthly stipend.

This seemed to infuriate Nayas to dangerous levels that she had to come in public to shout.

She should take grooming classes with Berla Mundi and maybe, she will get to $100,000 proposal acceptance status.

But then again it’s not a grooming issue because a leopard can not change its spots.

Nayas will never be that girl and that’s okay. She should just make sure that in her next marriage, she involves her management and charges what she is worth because this storyline is interesting than any movie she has starred in.

As to whether she sees divorce in the near future, it will be up to her to determine if the 250 cedis is worth it or if she has had enough.


This post was published on November 16, 2021 11:22 AM

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