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Subdued Ayisha Modi Learns Sense After Stonebwoy Cut her Off – Begs Him Online

Self-proclaimed PRO of the BHIM Nation, Ayisha Modi, has finally learned some sense after Stonebwoy cut her off.

Ayisha is now trying to find a way to signal to Stonebwoy that she’s ready to reconcile and stop dragging his name in the mud.

Unfortunately for her, it’s probably too late.

A few days ago, Stonebwoy finally unfollowed the thorn in his flesh known as Ayisha Modi.

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Ayisha has branded herself on social media as ‘She Loves Stonebwoy’ and considers herself the staunchest defender of the BHIM nation boss.

Unfortunately, being a loudmouthed nuisance is in Ayisha’s blood and she kept embarrassing Stonebwoy at every turn.

She was beefing her fellow shameless celebs at every corner and she could rain insults on anyone at anytime.

It was extremely embarrassing for Stonebwoy to be associated with her brand but he did not seem to know how to cut her off officially.

A few days ago he seemed to finally figure it out as he unfollowed her.

Ayisha Modi now seems ready to get back to good behaviour as she’s subtly sent a plea to Stonebwoy.

Following recent news that the dancehall star has the chance to win 3 Grammys as three albums he’s featured on received nominations, Ayisha has reacted.

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She posted Stonebwoy and showered him with sweet words in a clear attempt to get him back on her side.

She wrote: “Your hard work from years is about to be rewarded. Something you’ve been working on is almost complete. Congratulations Stonebwoy on your Grammy nomination, more to come,”

The post is a clear plea to make peace with Stonebwoy but at this point, nothing really shows he’s ready to keep associating with her!

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com

This post was published on November 25, 2021 9:55 AM

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