‘Show Me Where The Bible Speaks Against Dancing’ – Wendy Shay Slams Judgemental Christians Questioning Her Repentance

Wendy Shay got all the attention she was seeking when she decided to place a camera on herself and twerk to the view of her fans.

But in making the headlines and trending with her video, she has angered some section of Ghanaians who find her act totally inappropriate.

Wendy Shay once sat on live TV to preach about how she had turned a new leaf and has shunned going unclad or wearing provocative clothes just to trend.

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Her recent video is a total opposite of what she said and the Christians are coming for her head.

A lady who is definitely a staunch Christian wondered why the singer made a shocking u-turn from the ways of Christ to wallow in ‘sin’ again.

She quoted a famous bible verse which says when a demon is cast out of a body, it goes around to look for 6 other demons and comes back stronger to possess that body once again.

This gal is becoming something n its not funny. She was so descent d last time on united or whatever show she went saying she had repented eeeiii or d spirits came with 7 others this time around😂the lady identified as @Nyameba_Posh wrote under Wendy Shay’s video.

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Replying her and any other Christian judging her, Wendy asked them to show which verse in the bible speaks against dancing.

Wendy Shay told the judgemental Christians to stop being hypocrites and allow her dance peacefully to please the lord.

“What has dancing to my song got to do with me being born again ? Can the So called holier than thou people show me the chapter in the Bible that says you can’t dance ?.. abeg allow me to Break My Waist. Ghana wake up,” She tweeted.

SOURCE: GhanaCelebrities.Com

This post was published on November 29, 2021 7:54 PM

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