Money and Fame Has Made You Arrogant – IG User Blasts Gifty Adorye For Attacking Street Beggars

One of the important virtues as a Christian is the act of giving willingly and wholeheartedly, especially to the needy.

This is the most important commandment from God, the spiritual being Christians worship, as he says “love your neighbor as yourself”.

As a Christians and a gospel musician who has taken the mantle to preach the words of the lord and win souls through ‘holy’ music, one is expected to obey every word in the bible to the letter but that is not the case in this video.

An Instagram user has accused gospel musician Gifty Adorye of becoming arrogant since she gained fame and married a rich politician.

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Before Gifty married NPP politician Hopeson Adorye, she was not loud on social media and never flaunted her body or wealth but when she had access to all that luxury, she become louder than most slay queens online.

This IG user came to a conclusion after watching a video of the gospel musician giving harsh criticism and thrashing street beggars who approach her car for help.

Gifty Adorye was seen in the video asking why street beggars feel entitled to other people’s money and have the courage to knock on the car doors of people as if they bought the cars for them.

She said nothing pisses her off more than hearing a knock on her car door while in traffic only to turn and see a street beggar.

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The gospel musician said the knocking does not change the fact that she is not going to waste her money on them because she sees them from far and decide in her heart not to give them anything.

It is at the back of this video that the IG user claimed the gospel musician has grown horns and become arrogant since she had access to her husband’s political money.

Watch the video below and tell us if you believe gospel musician Gifty Adorye has become arrogant since she gained fame and became a rich slay queen on social media.

SOURCE: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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