Tall List Of Sugar Mummys Elikem Kumordzi Has Dated And Why He Likes Older Women

As Sister Debbie likes them younger, Elikem Kumordzie likes them older and he seems to be very open about it.

His marriage to a younger woman comes as a shock to many as they were very sure he was into older women.

His ex-wife and reality TV star Pokello was the first older woman he publicly dated after they met in the Big Brother Africa House.

They had a son together but unfortunately their relationship did not last and they called for a divorce.

Elikem went ahead to date a much older woman who happened to be a Zimbabwean businesswoman known as Queen Dee.

Queen Dee was one of his biggest spenders apparently and she sponsored his shop and businesses with a lot of money.

Elikem seems to like the soft baby boy life and wants to be taken care of so he will rather opt for a richer older woman.

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He explained to Joselyn Dumas why he is into older women on her YouTube show, Keeping It Real With Joselyn.

His reason was that he loves the maturity they bring and not the money per say but older women know what they want as compared to younger women.

His relationship with Queen Dee however did not last as well. As to why it did not last , we do not know…yet.

An intern he worked with once dropped the tea on his love life and said they were shocked to see him with a younger woman.

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They revealed that Elikem loves his women older and richer and this girl seems to be the very opposite.

He however seems to be loving it on the younger side because the puppy love between him and his wife is a nice sight to see!

He seems to be very much in love and is enjoying every bit of his marriage. They share an adorable baby boy who always seems to be sleepy with no care in the world.

Maybe his preferences changed or maybe he just found the one and he can’t explain why exactly he loves her but he just does.

His wife is said to be a model and they look amazing together. Hopefully this one is for good and they last for as long as they are happy.

Maybe he should tell Sister Debbie how it feels like to fall for the opposite of your type. Or maybe not because she has found a new little teddy bear and she seems very happy.

Cheers to finding love after trying and trying!

Watch the rundown of his love life here:




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