DKB Blasts Sarkodie For Being A Hypocritical NPP Supporter

DKB woke up and chose violence and he chose to prey on Sarkodie.

Sarkodie in his attempt to speak on the sufferings of Ghanaians amidst a so-called economic hardship has faced severe backlash.

He decided to make a tweet that said “The people are going through it !!! We always do !!! All we ask for is the right environment to hustle/ be productive …”

This was his effort to make it known to the government that the citizenry are suffering.

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It was immediately brought to him how he will sing disparaging songs during former president Mahama’s era and condemn their leadership but is giving the current government a lot of leniency.

Sarkodie’s quest to be recognized devoid of any party affiliations has backfired heavily because people have painted him out to be a member of the NPP.

Which is not a problem of course, but fans were calling him out for hypocrisy.

They would appreciate if he came out like Bibi Bright, Kalybos and Price David Osei to campaign for the NPP instead of trying to be covert but still throwing shots.

After his tweet, people reminded him of how he said “Nana Toaso” and so why is he trying to act like he did not endorse this party?

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Others are also saying he could endorse and still have a say if he feels the cost of living in the country is becoming unbearable.

The bottom line was that, he always paraded himself as being neutral when it comes to politics but leans towards the NPP more and so he should stop being cowardly and support with his chest or shut up.

Someone who expressed his disappointment in Sarkodie is D.K.B. He made a tweet to address his displeasure.

He reposted Sarkodie’s 2013 tweet where he spoke on fuel prices skyrocketing and that he will be paying Mahama a visit that evening.

D.K.B asked if he knew the visiting hours at the flagstaff house in 2021.

He went on to tweet about what annoys him the most.

He said nothing annoys him like a celebrity who shows party colors but thinks we can’t see whilst trying to pretend like they are speaking for the people.

He mentioned how real he is and if he ever endorses any party he will say it if things aren’t going well.

He ended by saying the fans are not stupid and they see everything.

In the comment section, people agreed with D.K.B and someone said he gained a follower because of this.

Others too disagreed and said Sarkodie has every right to speak on whatever he feels like whether he endorsed a party or not.

Some called him an emotional celebrity and some also took it further to say poverty and frustration is why D.K.B is talking so much.

What do you think? Is Sarkodie a hypocrite or D.K.B is just being a chatterbox? Let us know!



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