Bawumia Is NPP’s Best Chance at a 3rd Term in 2024 – The Reasons

The NPP would be on the lookout for a new flagbearer in 2024 once President’s Akufo-Addo‘s second term is over.

By law, he cannot serve a third term and thus must step aside for his successor to lead the party.

It is no secret that an epic battle is underway in the NPP to choose the party’s next flagbearer, with Vice President Bawumia and long time contestant Alan Kyeremanten the frontrunners.

Amongst the numerous candidates likely to pop up, there is no question that Dr Bawumia is the best option.

He’s NPP’s best chance at winning the 2024 elections, seeing as the NDC is likely to return with the experienced and wily John Dramani Mahama.

Below are a few reasons Bawumia would win the 2024 elections for the NPP.

1 A Moden Politician

Dr Bawumia is a new kind of politician who embraces the politics of the 21st century more than anyone.

He has made it his signature whilst in power to move Ghana into a new age of digitization.

The veteran economist has spearheaded the establishment of the digital address system, the QR payment system and tons of other digitization efforts.

His efforts have been so successful that even the Governor of Nigeria’s Central Bank recently showered him with praise.

Bawumia is eager to move Ghana forward through technology and that gives him a modern appeal whilst demonstrating his competence and foresight at the same time.

2 The Hybrid

Dr Bawumia can win 2024 for NPP because he can challenge Mahama in a way no other NPP politician can, being a Northerner.

The demographics of Ghana ensure that with the Ashanti and Eastern Regions locked-in for the NPP, the NDC have to hold onto their Volta and Northern Region strongholds whilst the battle happens in the rest of the country.

Dr Bawumia can pierce that Northern armour of the NDC and that gives the NPP a far easier path to victory.

3 The Reconciliator

Religion is very important in Ghana and Dr Bawumia has managed to make himself appealing to adherents of both of Ghana’s two major religions.

Despite being a staunch Muslim, he recently spent 31st night with Christians by attending a watch night service.

Again, Bawumia drew immense praise for his promotion of religious tolerance.


He has shown a penchant for religious tolerance which should stand him in good stead when campaigning, as evidenced by the Methodist priest Very Reverend Benjamin Akwesi Ansong of the Ebenezer Methodist Congregation showering him with praise recently.

The NPP will be going against history in 2024 as they seek to become the first party to win three consecutive terms at the ballot box.

The task is truly momentous and can only be achieved if Dr Bawumia is given the nod as flagbearer.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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