Empress Gifty Adorye May Have Revealed That Her Husband Is Into Married Women

Sometimes it’s best to keep quiet and everything is definitely not meant for the public. But some celebrities will choose to over share and reveal more than intended.

Empress Gifty Adorye who has been parading her marriage as the best celebrity marriage is back again to disturb our ears with unwarranted knowledge.

She chose to share how she met with her husband and revealed a few things.

In her revelation, she mentioned how she met her husband as he was a widower.

Mr Hopeson Adorye met her and was so sure she was married because someone had told him Empress was married.

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She quickly shut down the thought and told him she isn’t married and asked if he was.

That was when he revealed to her that he was divorced.

All this while, Empress Gifty was wearing her ring she had from her previous marriage.

This did not deter Mr Hopeson at all and he still continued to get to know her.

Empress Gifty desperately told him not to worry at all if he is a widower because she has been divorced for a very very long time.

She mentioned that she was happy she was able to speak on this story because it was very touchy for her at first.

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She went on to talk about how she repeatedly told him that she has been divorced for almost 6 years.

He now asked why her ring was still on her finger and she told him it was a covenant between herself and God.

Some say that if he wasn’t into married women, the conversation would have ended at hello and not gone any further.

And the fact that she could have easily been lying about the covenant excuse is also an issue.

He obviously was not deterred by her ring because he stated that he had already heard that she was married prior to them speaking and he still didn’t seem to mind.

Well Empress explained the covenant as she telling God that she will only remove her ring if he graces her with a husband.

We can’t tell if she was using God as an excuse of her covertly being ashamed that her marriage didn’t work out and because of societal and media pressure, she chose to keep the ring.

Things ended up working for them romantically on the 29th of September 2018.

On the 25th of October which happens to be her birthday, her husband went to her family to ask for her hand in marriage.

She bragged about how she got married after dating for less than a month.

We can only pray for their marriage and hope that Mr. Hopeson doesn’t have eyes for any other woman, married or not.



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