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NII SMILEY BYTE Writes – A Professional Beggar and A Pathological Liar – Psalm Adjeteyfio Deserves No One’s Sympathy Or Money

In case you didn’t know, there’s a new job in town known as ‘Professional Beggar’.

It doesn’t entail much – all you have to do to get this job is to be a famous person who can lie quite convincingly about your ‘predicament’ to court public sympathy.

The first person to get this job is veteran actor Psalm Adjeteyfio of Taxi Driver fame, popularly known as ‘TT’.

Within the past two or three years, Psalm has come out to beg the public for money over four or five times.

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Each time, he claims to be broke beyond measure and cannot live another day unless people donate all their monies to him.

He then receives as much money as he can, blows it within months and then gets back to begging.

The most egregious of all occurred a few months ago when he came out on the biggest begging spree of all.

TT came out crying in an interview that he was being kicked out of his apartment because he could not pay rent.

Donations upon donations flooded this man, from Ghc 50,000 from the Vice President to a Ghc 60,000 pledge from the Greater Accra Regional Minister.

Individuals and other celebrities also gifted him thousands of cedis.

Fast forward a few months and this man is back begging, again! WHY??

He’s apparently blown all that cash and is now claiming that the Veep giving him Ghc 50,000 caused trouble for him because it stopped other people from donating to him.

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Imagine giving some Ghc 50,000 and then they describe you as a problem in their life!

The simple fact about Adjeteyfio is this – he’s lazy, irresponsible, ungrateful, a pathological liar and a burden on society.

He deserves no one’s help and no one’s sympathy because believe you me, he will later turn on you and describe you as a ‘problem’ in his life.

He has no interest in responsibly spending the money he raises because he knows every time he comes begging, we would give him the attention he needs and the sympathy he craves.

Anyone who helps this man going forward is a fool because you’re just enabling his odious character.

We have to speak the truth as it is – Psalm Adjeteyfio is a disgrace to his family, his industry and to men in general.

It’s a shame because he was so talented as an actor but he stinks as a human being.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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