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NII SMILEY BYTE Writes – Emelia Brobbey Drops Another Wacky, Noisy Mess – A Disgrace to Music and Firm Indicator of A Midlife Crisis

Actress Emelia Brobbey continues to disturb Ghanaians with wacky, noisy, tracks which are a hazard to our tympanic membranes.

Emelia appears to be going through a midlife crisis and has condemned the entire country to go along with her for the ride.

No matter how much we try, we cannot escape from Emelia.

Having temporarily parked her acting career, she ventured into being a presenter.

That didn’t appear to go too well so it’s now the turn of music.

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What’s next, comedy?

Emelia has dropped about three tracks since taking the unfortunate decision to venture into music and none of them has indicated she has any talent in singing whatsoever.

Her first two singles were completely trashed by the public, yet instead of taking the hint, she refuses to listen.

Emelia has rather tripled down and has released her third single, simply titled ‘Emelia’.

The worst of the three, ‘Emelia’ has no direction, no rhythm and no cohesion.

It’s a trainwreck of a song that brings the name of music into disrepute.

There is no reason for Emelia Brobbey to be trying her hand at music now; at age 40, she should be entering the prime of her original career.

Rather than focusing on motherhood, or her acting career which is quite good, why venture into a world where you have no talent?

What’s the endgame of this music career, by the way?

Is Emelia gunning for a Grammy? Unlikely, I doubt she could even land a nomination for the Ghana Music Awards.

Ghana’s music industry is broken and even stars who drop megahits like Kuami Eugene, Shatta Wale or King Sark have to perform at shows to make bread.

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Is Emelia ready to take the stage and compete with the young, lithe bodies of Gyakie, MzVee and Wendy Shay?

Something tells me, no.

Brobbey’s music career, like her music itself, makes no sense.

This is why I’m convinced it’s just a midlife crisis she’s suffering through with no idea what to do with herself now.

Friendly advice, find a new hobby because this one is not working out.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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