Don’t Be In A Hurry to Leave Your Parents House, Don’t Marry for Money – Delay Drops the 10 Keys to Success for Women

Popular Ghanaian entrepreneur, television and radio show host Deloris Frimpong Manso, popularly known as Delay, has dropped some nuggets of wisdom for women on her social media page.

Delay has listed ten Commandments that she believes every woman must adhere to if she wants to secure a happy life on earth.

Among the ten commandments the self-appointed women advocate and public speaker shared are words on marriage, finance and other aspects of life that women tend to be most vulnerable at.

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She even advised ladies not to be in a haste to move out of their parent’s house but did not add why she said that.

We are presuming the ten commandments, according to Deloris Frimpong Manso, is what she has used to shape her life to become the influential personality most ladies dream to be.

Delay is well known and has enough riches to cater for her need. She one time indicated on Twitter that she was single, independent and free, a statement which was met with a lot of online criticism.

Maybe following the below Commandments from Delay would better your life as a woman.

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Check it out as posted on her Facebook time line.

My 10 Commandments For Women!!!
1. Don’t be in a hurry to move out of your parents house.

2. Dont wait for a man before u start living. U can live a fulfilled life as a single woman.

3. Stay away from alcohol. It has killed others and u are not special.

4. Don’t entertain a wrong number call, especially at night. Its not the right way to find a lover.

5. Develop a healthy eating habit. Always take breakfast and avoid sweets.

6. Dress well: impression count. People will judge u by d way u dress even before they talk to u.

7. Dont use sex as proof of love. Sex is no proof of love, he’ll leave u after the sex.

8. Dont marry for the money, else you’ll become one of his possessions.

9. Add value to yourself – get a career. Dont be fooled that a man will solve all your problems.

10. Beauty is not everything. If its all you have, you’ll lose your place to someone
less beautiful but more matured and competent.

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SOURCE: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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