13 Photos for 13 Years – Photos Proving Anniversary Couple Okyeame Kwame and Annica are the Best Couple in Ghana

Okyeame Kwame and his beautiful wife Annica got married in 2009. Their union has been blessed with two children, Sir Bota Nsiah-Apau and Sante Nsiah-Apau but these two live their lives as if they just fell in love.

We at GhanaCelebrities.Com couldn’t love Okyeame Kwame and his wife any more. Their love is beautiful and they make marriage look so cool.

While other celebrities suffer to hold their partner for two years, award-winning Ghanaian rapper Okyeame Kwame and his wife Annica Nsiah-Ampau are celebrating their 13th wedding anniversary.

The ‘Made In Ghana’ ambassador celebrating the milestone on Sunday, January 16, 2022, took to his social media account to tell the world a lovely story about his better half.

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Okyeame Kwame tapped into his inner Shakespeare and inked a lovely message indicating how Annica makes him a complete being and how he would spend the rest of his life with her.

According to the rapper, the mother of his children has taught him more in their 13 years together than what a 45 ywar old nan like him could learn.

He added that Annica gives him the freedom to live his life without petty squabbles in their relationship and that is one of the many reasons why he always flaunts her on social media.

Read the romantic message below and also check out 13 memorable moments where Okyeame Kwame And Annica proved that they are the best celebrity couple in Ghana.

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The rap doctor shared a photo of his wife and himself all loved up exercising together and wrote, “Someone asked me, the way you flaunt your wife, are you not afraid people will tease you if something happens?

I said, if you get a beautiful Porsche, would you not enjoy its drive, because it can be involved in an accident?

I have done many things in my 45 years on earth, and I say nothing teaches me growth and maturity more than my relationship with you.

You have given me the freedom to live my life without an unhealthy attachment to your emotions.

You have taught me to be alone without feeling lonely.

You have played all your roles with full involvement and passion for my growth and happiness.

My wife, my cook, my manager, my councillor, my confidant, our mom, my late-night Wossop!

You used to complete me ……even though I complete myself lately, life is more pleasurable knowing you’ve got me.

In this 13 years, our relationship has changed from co-dependency to connected to free souls encouraging each other.

Babee Wo ye vibe, you keep my love alive! Thank you for helping me build my tribe.

My princess ..No! My Queen …No. My goddess ..No ! These titles cannot describe you. So I am describing you as you are …. My Gangstar.

Reality check – I may not die without you, but I will be lost without you.

You have been my homie, lover, and friend.

Without pretence, you push me to the very end.

All I am saying is thank you 🙏🏿 for loving a difficult guy like me who is always changing.

My promise to you today is I will love you, no matter who or what you change into.

Happy Anni-versary.”

Here is our best Okyeame Kwame And Annica moments.

1. Couple Who Train Together, Stay Together

2. Love From Childhood till Old Age

3. We’re Cool Like That!

4. Say Cheese, Take a Picture

5. Love Lockdown

6. Tension Our Haters

7. The kids Are Watching


8. The Two Shall Become One

9. She supports the dream

10. We are Family

11. No Caption Needed

12. Yes We Love Food

13. Our Love Is Forever

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