Ashamed Xandy Kamel Struggles To Come Back To Reality And Accept Her Divorce

Xandy is doing the most interviews and still acting weird when asked about her marriage.

She knows very well nobody wants to listen to her supposed acting career, or past Instagram drama, or whatever it is that is her claim to clout.

We didn’t use claim to fame in the above sentence because it is high time we differentiate famous people from clout chasers.

The word celebrity unfortunately is used loosely here in Ghana and it’s time we differentiate.

Ok enough. We are in the z-list celebrity zone today and we have Xandy Kamel who is a leading member.

After the failed marriage and how it collapsed terribly on social media, she chose to do a few interviews after she wiped her tears.

There is a very large possibility that anyone tuning in to listen or watch Xandy speak is for the topic of her failed marriage.

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Nothing more nothing less. Mention one thing you would like to know about Xandy aside her and Kaninja’s brouhaha, I’ll wait.

So it comes off as very surprising when she is trying to stall on speaking about her 30-day marriage fiasco.

In an interview with Ola Micheal where she was dressed like a snowman, Xandy was asked about her marriage and she struggled to answer.

She was asked if on paper she is still married and she responded by asking which paper?

Ola went to clarify that he is speaking about the paper she signed during her marriage and she asked if he saw her sign anything.

He responded by saying that yes he was present and saw her sign.

Delusional Xandy went ahead to say then he should go and tear that paper because she doesn’t know if she is still married or not.

He told her that it was public knowledge and so why is she beating about the bush and she responded by saying he Ola is the one saying she is married but she isn’t sure if she is.

Ola went on to pressure her and ask if she is still married or it’s nullified and she said she doesn’t know and hasn’t seen any paper.

She was asked why a married woman will move out and stay with her parents and she responded by saying she will not stay in a marriage where she loses all her money.

Safe to assume that she meant Kaninja is broke and was relying heavily on her finances. Same man who was allegedly begging to spend on other girls, but I digress.

The back and forth went on and she was asked if she was separated. She responded by saying she wasn’t married and doesn’t live with a man.

He pressured on to asked if she is divorced and she still said maybe and she isn’t sure.

She finally admitted verbatim that she is separated and from her side she considers the marriage null.

Now, what in the childishness was all that? A simple are you separated, yes I am. Would have sufficed.

All the back and forth to go back and admit to the question is the shocker of the interview.

I can understand her because she will need to prolong her interview time and speaking directly will leave the interview done within minutes as there is nothing to ask about.

There was actually no suspense factor to warrant the delayed answering because we already know that she is separated.

So why subject the listeners to that much time wastage?

It’s always a new low with these abenkwan celebrities and it looks like we aren’t catching a break soon because Diamond Appiah too is delusional and has realized she is growing old so she is claiming she has a child that even she cannot tell us their whereabouts.



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