Learn From The Preman Millionaires And Remove The Maternity Dress And Azar Paint Makeup- Fans Mock Tracey Boakye And Diamond As They Compare Them To Hajia4real and Salma Mumin

The attention of the day is on Afia Schwarzenegger’s one week observation for her late father and the shenanigans of the celebrities in attendance. 

The chaos hadn’t fully started when BB and Diamond arrived but because comparison is the thief of joy, this is where we are now. 

The mafia gang thought they were the prettiest of them all until the mirror on the wall said no. 

They arrived earlier than the rest of the girls and were very comfortable as they didn’t have a challenger at the time. 

Their appearance was spared for a while and Tracey the self acclaimed east Legon land lady sprayed some dollars on fufu funu. 

Her family members made sure to guard the dollars strictly and made sure none fell on the ground before catching it to avoid anyone else taking it. 

You can almost tell that the instruction was coming from Afia because there was no way she was letting a dime go after the ceremony she put up. 

Tracey and Diamond were dancing happily like the grade B queens they are until their seniors in the slaybrity game arrived. 

Fans were quick to point out that Hajia4real and Salma Mumin’a arrival topped as their fashion sense stood completely out. 

I don’t know why we are still mentioning Tracey Boakye and fashion in the same sentence because she has proven time and again that they are polar opposites. 

If she told us her daughter was the one who styles her with her eyes closed, it will be believable. 

Anyway let’s continue, the vast difference in looks was so obvious and had to be the topic for discussion. 

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Not because the mafia gang looked that bad honestly, but the others took the occasion very personal and dressed better. 

The comparison just had to flow unfortunately and so as it stands, East legon land lady-0, Trasacco Amber Rose-1. Trasacco for the win!

Now to the ruthless comments, Agradaa now known as Evangelist Mama Pat got her fair share of the attacks. And we used fair in the previous sentence quite figuratively. 

She decided to use makeup several shades lighter than her and ended up looking like a clown hired to cheer the weeping guests up. 

Some even are speculating that Tracy is pregnant because of her choice of dress. 

The BBL talk was in full gear as the curves were being flaunted. 

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Rich Tracy said you can come for her fashion but her Cheques do not bounce! She is still their madam so her poor fashion is merely a choice as she does not care for fendi. 

Well, amongst all the female celebrities that were there, it is safe to say Tracy was worst dressed…again. As always. 

Maybe it’s time we let her be because trying to make her a fashionista is definitely not sinking in. 



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