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NII SMILEY BYTE Writes – Moesha’s Gospel Career Is Dead on Arrival As She Lacks Talent and Can No Longer Count on her S*x Appeal

It seems becoming born-again has helped Moesha Boduong become even smarter than we remember her to be.

Slay queen Moesha was very good at being a slay queen, showing off her body parts in scanty photos to get rich men interested in paying to taste that body.

It’s not exactly rocket science and Moesha mastered it very well.

However, the slow-witted, kind hearted to the point of naive Moesha had issues whenever she had to utilise her intellect and speak behind a microphone.

Moesha was naive and impressionable and whenever she opened her mouth to speak in public, it was easy to get her to say stuff she would never say if she thought through her words before speaking.

That’s how Christiane Amanpour managed to easily trick her to implicate herself in the ‘ashawobr*ty’ business to the whole world!

A huge portion of celebrities in Ghana engage in this ‘slay queen business’ in one way or another but none of them is dumb enough to admit it to GBC, much less CNN!

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But Moesha was easily trapped by Amanpour and she brought disgrace to herself and the entire country.

The fallout from that interview weighed heavily on Moesha and definitely played a part in her eventual downfall.

Moesha got to her breaking point and had a mental breakdown and has now returned to social media as a ‘born again’ evangelist.

She has completely thrown her old life into the dustbin and is now an ambassador for Christ.

Still, a girl has to eat and since Moesha has decided to throw away her lucrative ‘ashaw*br*ty’ business, she’s now finding a way to transition to music.

Moesha has slyly announced that she’s going to venture into gospel music and is already working on getting Kuame Eugene to feature on a song.

It’s all well and good to say you’re born again but Ghana is an expensive country to live in and being born again is not a profession.

Moesha’s move to venture into gospel is a smart decision and shows some mental evolution on her part.

Unfortunately for her, it’s not going to work out.

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The part-time actress lacks any musical talent, and the s*x appeal she once had can no longer be utilised.

Maybe a Wendy Shay type career can work for her but she has boxed herself in by claiming to be born again, which means some genres of music is probably off-limit to her.

Still, she deserves an ‘A’ for effort because she’s now thinking ahead for once!

Good luck to Moesha on her new endeavour. Kurom ay3 shi and all of us must eat, even God’s evangelists.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com

This post was published on February 2, 2022 4:02 PM

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