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Top Five Most Controversial Moments of Ebonys Reigns’ Short but Glorious Career – Read


Today is Ebony day! 4 years ago today, the late, great singer sadly passed away.

Ebony, born Priscilla Opoku Kwarteng, died in a car accident whilst returning to Accra from Sunyani after visiting her mother. It was the tragedy of all tragedies!

The 20-year-old, even at her young age, had established herself as undisputedly the biggest artiste in Ghana. Ebony released about 5 or 6 mega-hit songs within a year and made every artiste in the country irrelevant in front of her stardom. Even Shatta Wale had to take a backseat when Ebony was reigning.

Unfortunately, it all came to a crashing halt in the car accident on 8th February 2018.

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During her life, Ebony was the biggest star around for two reasons – her musical talent was otherworldly but she also had a talent for trending that even Shatta Wale would envy.

Ebony made news one way only – with her s*xuality! She was a beautiful young lady and she knew it. She also knew the Ghanaian male populace are obsessed with s*xuality and would consume it with unmatched glee so she used it to her advantage.

Due to this fact most of the controversial moments of Ebony’s career where related to n*dity and s*xual indecency.

On this day we recollect the 5 biggest controversies of Ms. Reigns career.

5 Tw*rking on a Legon student on a bed onstage

Ebony Reigns broke the internet for one of the 1million times during her life when she shockingly set up a bed onstage for one of her performances.

Performing on the University of Ghana campus at the Pent Hall Week, Ebony killed the crowd with her skimpy outfit and s*xually charged performance.

The highlight of the night was when she brought a guy onstage, presumably one of the students, put him on her bed and sat on him and tw*rked and danced on his crotch!

Classic Ebony.

4 Sacked at Passport Office for showing her breast

Only Ebony Reigns would even get in trouble for this. Ebony reportedly once got sacked at the Passport office in 2017 whilst trying to renew her passport for an upcoming trip to perform in Japan.

Apparently she turned up in a skimpy outfit exposing her b**bs and other sultry body parts and she was refused entry.

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Reports say her boss Bullet had to take her to a nearby boutique, get her a different outfit and bring her back before she could conduct her business.

3 Exposing her white ‘pioto’ onstage

Ebony started 2018 on an explosive foot after a video emerged of her exposing her white panty whilst performing onstage.

Ebony had on an adidas top during her performance and apparently nothing on underneath.

During her performance, she squatted a couple of times whilst dancing, giving fans and the entire country a good look at her white underwear – the only thing she had on under the long adidas shirt.

2 Showing off her b*tt onstage at the 2017 4Syte Music Video Awards

Ebony Reigns once again exploded the public consciousness when she performed at the 2017 4Syte Music Video awards.

The ‘Sponsor’ star had on a silver outfit for her performance whose entire lower half was shredded into tiny bits.


With such an outfit you would expect she would have on underwear underneath but no – the crazy lady had just a sort-of g-string underneath only protecting her ‘front parts’.

That led to a situation where the whole world got a good look at her shiny b*tt for free at every stage of her performance. It was an eyesore and of course guaranteed she trended once again for days!

1 Showed off her p*ssy in public

I don’t think there was ever any doubt about the biggest controversy of Ebony’s career, and unsurprisingly it happened at the same 2017 4Syte Video Music Awards.

Before getting onstage to show off her b*tt, turns out Ebony appeared in a skimpy blue outfit on the red carpet, apparently with no pants underneath.

Whilst posing for photos, her dress shifted in such a way that it showed off her puffed up p*ssy down there for the free viewing of everyone in the world.

Till today one can find a shot of Ebony’s v*gina free of charge on the internet. It was a mega scandal and kept her in the news for days on end.

Ebony was a mega star. A superstar to whom trending for all the wrong reasons was 2nd nature. She was also super talented and that combination made her arguably the biggest star Ghana had ever seen.

Her death was a super tragedy and robbed us of a generational talent who would have sent Ghana music to levels never before seen.


We miss her and may she rest in peace.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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