Ghanaian Man in America Collapses and Dies at Dulles Airport After Returning from A Trip to Ghana – 3 Weeks After Same Thing Happened to A Ghanaian Woman

Yet another Ghanaian has shockingly died at Dulles Airport in the United States after collapsing following a trip from Ghana.

Benson Awuah, also known as Kwabena Attah, reportedly died Sunday at the Washington DC based airport following landing there on a flight from Accra.

A Nigerian who was on the same flight with Benson from Accra revealed what happened that led to his death right at the Airport.

According to the Nigerian, Eche Enziga, Awuah collapsed once they disembarked from the flight from Accra.

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He claims that staff of United Airlines and Dulles Airport did very little to help out the collapsed Ghanaian and it eventually lead to his death.

“Just witnessed a Ghanaian man die due to @united negligence on our flight from Accra to D.C. Welcome to America,” Eche recounted on Twitter.

“Our @united flight lands in D.C. As we get off the plane, we notice commotion on the walkway, a man has collapsed and is gasping for air struggling to breathe. Airport staff and United personnel are standing around frozen to the spot. Nobody was helping this man.

“I walked over to the man and noticed he had passed out. I started applying pressure to his chest area. After 15 seconds of pressure he comes back to life. At this point, we are begging United staff to call the paramedics.

“Paramedics arrive after 20 minutes, the man is laying on his back still struggling to breath but conscious. The paramedics arrive with no sense of urgency, it takes them 10 minutes to start attending to the man.

“They place the man on the gurney and say “we’ve got it from here”. Something bothered me about their lack of urgency. I noticed the man had stopped breathing again, and called it to their attention. This time they couldn’t resuscitate him and this man died,”

Eche said he’s revealing all this because the Ghanian did not have to die if Airport and the Airline staff had done their jobs.

This shocking news comes about three weeks after a similar death involving a Ghanaian at Dulles.

As GhanaCelebrities.Com reported on January 19th 2022, a Ghanaian woman in the United States died a shocking death after collapsing and unfortunately passing away.

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Mrs Lena Palma Ahoto, 52, died after a recent trip to Ghana.

She died at the Dulles International Airport in Washington DC.

Click here for more information on that story.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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