Nancy Isime Shredded to Pieces After Shredding 20 Dollar Bills to Fix Her Nails – Video

Nancy Isime‘s new ‘dollar’ nails have earned her a series of social media slams after photographs and videos circulated.

The latest design choice of the prominent Nigerian media personality and actress has elicited conflicting comments.

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The TV star and actress painted her nails with a 20-dollar note divided into numerous little sections.

As soon as the video was put online, a lot of individuals chastised Nancy, accusing her of disrespecting the dollar.

Nancy posted a video and photographs of her new nails on her Instagram page, as well as, instructions on how to make them.

In other instances, what seemed to be a $20 note was ripped into bits and put on the TV girl’s fake nails.

Nancy stated that she had decided to experiment with her nails. She also mentioned that money is a concern for her.

Watch the video below.

Below is another shot of Nancy showing off her dollar nails.

Nigerians quickly voiced their displeasure with her for acting so irresponsibly.

The vast majority of responses warned her against destroying lawful money belonging to none other than the United States of America.

Sir_tijaja: “Thought she was smarter than this.”

Sologoldz: “They can arrest you for this in the states o wt*f .”

Sharon____king: “I hope she knows she can be arrested for this it’s illegal to do this to the US currency, I hope it’s fake sha cos if they decide to take this up, it won’t even be funny.”

Domingo_loso: “Omo make American govt no see this one o, especially if you visit their country.”

Eresi_12_: “Even if it’s really dollar note. And so? What are you trying to prove? Things we see in this social media.”

Like_erma: “Jeezzzzz you guys should chill!!! Haven’t you heard of clones? This isn’t real dollars.”

Ginalwaliu: “Americans don’t joke with their currencies.”

Valentine_chiemeziem: “That’s a big disrespect to the US currency and you’re lucky you’re not at their reach.”

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E2nuhitee: “Ment or malaria.” Fheytii: “This can’t be real ahhh my shest oo.” Hmm.

Omo, see mess up!

SOURCE: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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