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Black Sherif Kwaku the Traveller – Blacko Addresses Managerial Woes in Masterpiece – Listen + Review

Killer MC Black Sherif set Twitter on fire with the release of latest masterpiece Kwaku the Traveller which addressed some sensitive topics.

The young MC tackled issues he had with his management and Ghanaians at large.

Killer Blacko acknowledged his mistakes but added he’s just a kid who is allowed to mess up.

He insisted he’s still determined to make it – Ghanaians just have to sit back and watch him fly to the Stars.

Take a listen to Kwaku the Traveller, embedded from the Youtube page of Black Sherif below…

Black Sherif Kwaku the Traveller Review

Killer Blacko just established himself as hands down the best artiste in Ghana with this masterpiece.

The young rapper is the present and future of Ghanaian music and proves it spectacularly in Kwaku the Traveller.

Ghanaians have taken him to task recently over the shambolic manner he handled his managerial issues.

Sherif felt the sting of how quickly the narrative can turn as he was handed the most damaging of tags – ungrateful.

Previously he had been the darling boy of the people, the plucky underdog who found fame and stardom through hustling and releasing the street anthem Second Sermon.

The young man didn’t like the feel of being on the bad side of Ghanaians due to news of him allegedly dumping his manager who took him to stardom.

Black Sherif addressed it in Kwaku the Traveller, admitted he messed up but he’s just a young man who is prone to mistakes.

He chose honest introspection rather than arrogance and immediately silenced all critics.

It will be hard to remain on Blacko’s case after listening to the raw passion and pain embedded in the song.

“Ofcos I f*cked up. Who never f*ck up hands in the air. No hands ? Still I can’t believe, you know what I mean, I was young what do you expect from me,” he rapped.

“It is what it is,” Blacko matter-of-factly dropped.

He insisted this mistake is not going to stop him from keeping up with the hustle.

Black Sherif is aiming for the stars and he’s going to end up there by hook or crook.

Kwaku the Traveller Impact

It’s never easy to follow up a masterpiece such as Second Sermon remix and have it at a comparable level but Sherif just did that.

In fact, Nigerians already love the tune as much as Ghanaians as he’s trending on Naija Twitter as well.

Sherif’s iron grip on Ghana plus his early penetration of the Nigerian market gives him a marked advantage already on his journey to be Ghana’s number 1.

The genius of Kwaku the Traveller already gave him that title in my eyes – it’s now up to the numbers to catch up.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com

This post was published on March 31, 2022 10:53 AM

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