Schwar Fm, Qas Drinking Water and More – Tall List of Afia Schwarzenegger’s Businesses that Miserably Failed

Afia Schwarzenegger recently had another business miserably fail after QAS mineral water went insolvent.

Afia made a lot of noise after opening the company and spent every second alive promoting it to her millions of followers.

Recently, it has been quiet on the waterfront as she’s gone back to her endorsement deals and aimless travels – there is no sign of QAS anywhere to be found!

It is reasonable to surmise that the company has failed!

Ghanaians allege that Twene Jonas is the force behind the company failing since he alleged that the sachet water is made from ‘snake water’.

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Considering the failure of QAS, it got us thinking of what other businesses Afia Schwarzenegger tried to foist on Ghanaians but ended up being a bust!

Check below the tall list of businesses Afia Schwarzenegger opened to much fanfare but failed to sustain.

List of Business Owned by Afia Schwarzenegger

1 Schwar Fm

Afia Schwarzenegger launched her own radio station, Schwar Fm, in July 2019.

Schwar has worked in almost every radio station in Ghana but she always gets fired – she worked with Okay Fm, Kasapa Fm and others.

Her uncouth behaviour and unprofessionalism always led to her being sacked.

Schwarzenegger, therefore, decided to open her own radio station – if only it was that easy!

Instead of being a professional and keeping one job, Schwar decided to open her own station where she can do whatever she wants.

Needless to say, the company miserably failed and Ghanaians no longer have to listen to whatever programming they were forcing out.

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Recently, she tried getting back on radio since her company failed so badly but Chairman Wontumi hilariously swerved her and gave her job to Delay.

2 Schwar TV

Afia Schwarzenegger opened Schwar TV on YouTube to allow her churn out her own content to Ghanaians since she couldn’t keep her television jobs either.

She worked with UTV, TV Africa and others but again, she just kept getting fired!

Schwarzenegger opened Schwar TV on Youtube, but that company is also going nowhere.

She has over 73,000 subscribers, but she rarely creates content due to laziness or for whatever reason.

Lately, her videos amass pitiable views because fans are not getting any consistent content from hers.

We can confidently declare Schwar TV a failure as well!

3 QAS Drinking Water

Afia Schwarzenegger ventured into the sachet water business recently, an admirable effort that ended up miserable failing.

Schwar announced her new company to much fanfare and started advertising it aggressively.


She posted videos from the factory, showed off the truck drivers she hired to distribute it and did everything to show Ghanaians how the company was flourishing.

Afia made one mistake when she started a beef with Twene Jonas, the popular U.S based Ghanaian vlogger.

Jonas started running down her water, calling it snake water and phlegm water.

After that, we heard less and less about QAS until its demise was officially confirmed when Afia could not even serve her own water at her dad’s funeral.

QAS mineral water has gone the way of all her other businesses – failed!

4 Pena Drinking Water

Afia Schwarzenegger opened another sachet water company in her daughter’s name.


As far as we’re aware, that business is also not doing too well as we barely hear Afia say anything about it anymore.

That’s all we have. Let us know if we missed anything!

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