So Why Do They Always Forget Their Thighs – Empress Gifty Busted Wearing Hip Pads as Her Legs Look Like Drumsticks

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Social media has erupted over the shenanigans of gospel artiste Empress Gifty, allegedly strapped in hip pads.

The gospel musician, who is married to a politician, is neck-deep in the vanities of this world rather than God’s kingdom.

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In return, she receives daily doses of trolling and harsh mauling because of her unnecessary social activities.

In Ghanaian speak, many would say, “Anka gospel artiste dier hip pad efa wo ho ben?”

However, she has gradually stuck her head out as the one gospel artiste who is not pretentious about her love for vanity.

She is on record as having once labelled her fellow gospel artists‘ hypocrites for enjoying secular songs in secrecy.

The context is a whole topic for another day, but yes, Empress Gifty is at it again, and it’s all over social media.

The gospel artiste has been spotted in a video displaying her overnight change in body stature.

Flaunting her curves, Empress Gifty was clearly having a blast as she cat-walked her way into trouble.

Meanwhile, netizens were not in the mood to entertain her trickery.

Many were careful to look closely before concluding she was wearing hip pads.

As stunning as she looked, her thighs gave her away as they made her lower body part look like a chicken drumstick.

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Check out the video below.

SOURCE: GhanaCelebrities.Com

This post was published on July 5, 2022 10:56 PM

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