Kylie Jenner Causes a Stir with Unexpected Pregnant Emojis

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Rapper Scott’s bond with Kylie seems to be going strong after the couple sparked rumours of baby number three.

Kylie Jenner gave fans a lot to ponder after dropping pregnant emojis on Travis Scott’s latest Instagram post.

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Fans wondered if the emojis meant a third baby was on the way, and perhaps sooner than imagined.

Kylie left a string of pregnant emojis, leaving a lot to the wild imagination of the couple’s fans across social media.

Travis’s Instagram was busy last Sunday after he posted a photo of himself, saying, “Got there in a New York minute.”

Fans flocked to the comments, begging the rapper to drop his new album.

Meanwhile, Kylie took everyone by storm by swaying the attention all to herself with rumours of a baby.

She replied with a tongue-out emoji, followed by 4 pregnant women emojis.

Almost immediately, speculators were already hitting the “like” button to acknowledge Kylie’s response and a cryptic message.

Some of the couple’s fans have concluded that Kylie is pregnant again.

Others also saw it as a proposal to knock on the doors of labour but either way, they suspected news of a pregnancy.

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Some even believed the whole thing was a hoax saying, “She’s all about playing that game.”

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This post was published on July 25, 2022 4:49 PM

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