Shut Up with Your Plenty Lies! – Adu Sarfowaa Caught Capping as She Contradicts Her Own Testimony

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Adu Sarfowaa has been caught on the wrong side of her audience after releasing a trending new video.

In the video, she narrated a tale that suggests she almost lost her life in an attempted assassination.

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Her alleged assassins allegedly came close to killing her while she was actively participating in online fights.

She further revealed that one night while at home, she encountered a group of men outside her home.

The group asked her if she knew “Adu Sarfowaa” and if she was at home at the time or not.

Adu Sarfowaa said that an intuitive part of her advised her to lie to the men that she was not home.

Meanwhile, watch the video below.

A critical analysis of Adu Sarfowaa’s story was cast by her audience as they called her a liar chasing clout.

According to them, there was no way “assassins” would make a move to take out a victim they don’t know by face.

Furthermore, her story has not been corroborated, and until it is, Adu Sarfowaa has been deemed a liar.

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Read a few of the unapologetic responses she received.

SOURCE: GhanaCelebrities.Com

This post was published on August 9, 2022 11:36 AM

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