A Man Of Focus, Commitment And Sheer Will – Uncovering The ‘Real Bawumia’ Amidst Captain Smart’s Attacks

Host of the Maakye morning show on Onua TV, Godsbrain Blessed Smart, popularly known as Captain Smart, has alleged that Ghana’s Vice President, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, has been kicked off the Economic Management Team (EMT), which he heads.

Captain Smart during the Monday, October 24th episode of the show emphatically stated with no proof that the VEEP has been kicked off the EMT over his opposition to the electronic transaction (e) levy.

Credible information available to theGhanaianVoice.Com at this time, however, indicates his claims are widely inaccurate.

Speaking on his show, Captain Smart said the Vice President was removed from his position due to his opposition to the passing of the e-levy.

Smart alleged that his absence from the government’s economic management team is the reason why he has been left out of negotiations with the International Monetary Fund.

Smart also alleged that the so-called ‘Akyem Mafia’ at the Presidency have sidelined the Vice President.

“He is the head of the economic management team yet not part of the IMF negotiating team, this is what I call Akyem mafiaism. Bawumia is a Northerner and hence has been abandoned. Mahama warned you but you did not listen. When you are dealing with Akyem Mafias you have to be careful if you’re a Northerner or an Ewe. Peter Amewu has similarly been sidelined,” Captain Smart thundered.

“Have you heard Bawumia talking about the e-levy? Bawumia kicked against the e-levy, Bawumia never supported the e-levy and Bawumia will never support the e-levy. But you know the problem? He cannot say that publicly,”

Smart went on to allege that funding for the Vice President’s office has even been cut down. Making an example that these days, he doesn’t have a convoy moving with him whenever he goes on official trips.

Despite Captain Smart’s bluster, checks by theGhanaianVoice.Com refute the claim the Vice President has been removed from being chair of the Economic Management team. The Vice President remains in good standing with the Presidency and continues to dutifully and diligently dispatch his duties, which grow more and more each day.

Indeed, Bawumia remains one of the most active Vice Presidents in Ghanaian history, evidenced by his never-ending speaking engagements at events almost every single day, before even getting into his tireless work on projects he has personally adopted such as digitalisation.

Bawumia – A Man Of Focus, Commitment And Sheer Will

Captain Smart’s insinuations against the Vice President fly in the face of his decades of demonstrated competence and strong, value-driven life.

Like many Ghanaians, Dr Bawumia received a disciplined upbringing in the home of his father, Alhaji Mumuni Bawumia.

At a very young age, the future Vice President was imbibed with values of hard work, dedication, selflessness and looking out for the less privileged.

These are values he would continue to hold on to and demonstrate amply throughout his time in public life.

Bawumia is incredibly hard-working, starting from his time as a lecturer at multiple universities and throughout his time at the Bank of Ghana.

The current Veep took things to another level though after entering politics and especially since becoming the 6th Vice President of the 4th Republic.

Bawumia worked tirelessly on the campaign trail with the NPP in three successive elections. He was everywhere, giving constant speeches and badgering their political opponents the NDC nonstop.

During the 2012 election petition, Bawumia’s penchant for hard work was on display for all to see as he was cross-examined for hours on end every day, for weeks!

He turned up prepared and gave a stellar account of himself throughout the trial.

The Vice President’s dedication has never been in doubt, either.

Throughout his life, he has dedicated himself to serving others without hesitation.

Every step taken in Bawumia’s career has been in service to others, either imparting knowledge as a lecturer or serving the people as a technocrat or later, as a politician.

Bawumia has also been incredibly selfless, devoting a good portion of his efforts towards philanthropy.

On several occasions, he has stepped up to help out people in need with little fuss, such as when he settled the rent of late actor Psalm Adjeteyfio and built a 2-bedroom house for an ostracised shunned leper.

He has also made countless donations to charity organisations.

Dr Bawumia’s financial acumen or economic credentials need not be debated, as he has proven them over decades of public life.

Yes, Ghana is in the midst of a quadruple whammy, as Bawumia aptly put it, throwing everything out of whack – yet the Vice President retains his reputation in government circles and among the informed and is surely not going through anything resembling what the Onua TV host was attempting to portray.

Source: theGhanaianVoice.Com


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