He Is Adding More Insults To Injury – Video Drops As Abeiku Santana Subs Mzbel After Claims That He Sleeps With Both Men and Women

Ace Ghanaian broadcast journalist Abeiku Santana and musician Mzbel are fighting after Abeiku passed an undermining comment over Mzbel.

The whole beef started after Abeiku Santana referred to Mzbel as a former musician in an interview with an upcoming artist.

Abeiku asked the new artist to name one musician he would love to feature or work with of which he mentioned Mzbel.

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But Abeiku Santana expressed shock whilst he asked the gentleman his reason for choosing Mzbel who is a former musician.

After stressing too much about Mzbel being a former artist, the young musician noted that it’s better to celebrate old musicians whilst they are alive than to celebrate them when they are no more.

Mzbel had responded to Abeiku with insults plus allegations that the media personality chops both front and back.

Mzbel hinted that once she didn’t allow Abeiku Santana to take advantage of her s3#ually, he’s lowkey been a hater.

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According to Mzbel, Abeiku has sabotaged certain deals and opportunities she had.

Mzbel also disclosed that some presenters would want you to serve them with your body, whether male or female once you need their help.

Coming after that, Abeiku Satana has released a controversial media teasing Mzbel.

Abeiku is in jolly celebrating himself and his life.

Abeiku has noted he does not care about whatever anybody says about him because it won’t leave a scar on him.

He captioned a video; ‘If everything we’ve been through left a scar on us, you’ll be running away from us because won’t be able to look us

The pains I have felt, this tongue cannot tell but God has been faithful 🙏🏾 I have a testimony 🙌🏾 Your grace and mercy brought me this far.’

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com

This post was published on October 27, 2022 6:39 PM

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