“Bawumia Isn’t Like That” – Adu Boahen Confesses Bawumia Is Incorruptible In Anas Exposé

Ghana’s Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia has over the years cultivated a no-nonsense approach to corruption and has been impeccable so far in avoiding allegations of graft despite being in the notoriously corrupt business of politics.

Embattled former Minister of State at the Finance Ministry, Charles Adu Boahen, confirmed this when he confessed that Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia is not corrupt in Anas’ latest exposé.

Adu Boahen, who was using the name of the Vice President to peddle influence, nevertheless confessed that the Veep himself is a man of outstanding moral character and not interested in corrupt dealings.

Nevertheless, Adu Boahen sought to enrich himself by collecting money on the Veep’s behalf which he described as an ‘appearance fee’.

Adu Boahen was the victim of the latest exposé from Tiger Eye PI and Anas Aremeyaw Anas.

He claimed to Tiger Eye that the Vice President needs just USD200,000 token as an appearance fee and some positions by an investor for the Vice President’s siblings to get his backing and influence in establishing a business in Ghana.

Whilst making this claim, he made it clear that the Vice President is ‘not like that’ – to wit, not interested in such corrupt dealings.

Adu Boahen said this when he was asked by some supposed businessmen (Tiger Eye operatives) on how an investor can get the attention of the Vice President and what must be given to him when finally in his presence.

“You mean, like appearance fees and stuff? I mean he, himself (the Vice President), if you give him some (USD) 200,000 or something as a token, as thank you, appreciation, that’s fine. He’s not really, he’s not really (like) that. All he needs is to worry about his campaign money in 2020,” Charles Adu Boahen revealed.

Following Adu Boahen’s claims, the Vice President strongly came out to condemn him and call for his sack – which eventually happened – and an investigation against him.

The Vice President described his integrity as his most ‘cherished asset’ and said he would not allow anyone to muddy it to influence peddle.

“My attention has been drawn to a video by Anas Aremeyaw Anas (as posted on his social media handle) showing the Minister of State for Finance, Mr. Charles Adu Boahen, apparently using my name, inter alia, to peddle influence and collect money from supposed investors. I would like to state that if what the minister is alleged to have said is accurately captured in the video, then his position as a minister of state is untenable. He should be dismissed summarily and investigated,” a statement from Dr Bawumia reacting to the exposé read.

It continued: “I am not aware of any such meeting held by Minister Adu Boahen or a supposed “appearance fee”. My most cherished asset in life is my integrity and I will not allow anyone to use my name to engage in corrupt activities.”

Bawumia’s statement preceded a swift move from the Presidency, which quickly dismissed Charles Adu Boahen from his position as a Minister of State.

Source: theGhanaianVoice.Com


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