I Have Done A Couple Of Procedures To Enhance My Body, Ladies With Big Backside Are Ruling – Michy Confesses

Michy, a media figure, spoke candidly on the growing impact of men on women’s decisions to get cosmetic surgery in a recent interview with Accra FM.

The famous Ghanaian woman shared her worries about the social pressure many women experience to change their bodies to fit a particular body type said to be favored by males.
Michy emphasized that women today perceive having a well-enhanced butt as a benefit, giving them hope that getting such treatments will significantly improve their lives and give them more opportunity to travel and lead comfortable lives.

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She made the implication that men are probably financing and encouraging these physical changes.

“In this generation, the ass has become an asset, and it looks like there’s a stereotype, there is a type of body you are supposed to have which has become the new normal among women. Off late, when you enhance your butt, you go on holiday, you buy Benz and other cars. I don’t know how that came about, but I think you men are the ones investing in that. Because if you ask, they will tell you that is what the men like,” Michy expressed during the interview.

Michy’s personal experiences offer an intriguing viewpoint on the subject, nevertheless. She acknowledged having had multiple operations, but she made it apparent that other personal factors, in addition to aesthetic ones, also influenced her decisions.

Michy proudly declared that she was content with her current body shape despite the constraints of society and said she had no plans to get any further cosmetic surgery.

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“I have been through several surgeries, not just for cosmetics but for other stuff as well. We are lucky to be alive. When I remove my clothes, I love the way I look when I am naked. When I am in a dress, you’ll think I have flat buttocks, but when I remove my dress and look into the mirror, I look sexy. I am fit, and that is all that matters,” Michy confidently stated.


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