Who Is Officer Francesco Marlett? Prince George Police Officer Kisses Woman In Car

Officer Francesco Marlett, a police officer with the Prince George Police Department has been suspended after having some booty time during duty time.

Francesco Marlett was recorded in a viral video kissing a scantily clad woman before leading her to the back of his squad car where presumably, some shenanigans were supposed to go down.

The video popped up on social media and quickly went viral!

In this article, we take a look at Officer Francesco Marlett, Prince George, Maryland cop caught with a woman in squad car.

Who is Officer Francesco Marlett?

officer francesco marlett

Francesco Marlett is a police officer with the Prince George Police Deparment in Maryland, United States.

On Tuesday, September 5th 2023, it was reported that Marlett had been spotted with a woman in inappropriate behaviour while on duty.

A citizen recorded them making out then climbing into the back of his squad car.

The video appeared to be filmed at Carson Park, right next door to the Oxon Hill High School.

According to the New York Post, “an officer with a shaved head gives a lengthy, passionate smooch to a woman wearing a tiny dress while aggressively grabbing her behind,” the outlet wrote describing the video.

“With his arm around her shoulder, the uniformed officer then walked her to the back of his squad car and helped her inside. The officer then sidled in alongside the woman and closed the door behind them,”

The Prince George police department have acknowledged the video and taken action.

“As soon as we became aware earlier today, we opened an investigation to determine the circumstances,” the department tweeted earlier Tuesday.

“Additional information will be released once investigated and confirmed,”

Prince George Police Department said in an update: “The officer has been identified. His police powers are now suspended as the investigation continues,”

This would be the 3rd time Officer Francesco Marlett has been suspended, numerous sources report.

It is at least the third suspension for Marlett, who was suspended without pay in 2016 when he was charged with child abuse for allegedly knocking his then-girlfriend’s three-year-old boy unconscious – a charge that was later dropped.

Officer Marlett was reportedly watching the child as his girlfriend cooked dinner, and when the boy wet the bed he allegedly spanked him until his head hit the wall and he lost consciousness.

He was also suspended for one month in May 2023 after being accused of domestic violence, but returned to duty in June, WBFF-TV reported.

Francesco Marlett wife

francesco marlett wife paula

Francesco Marlett apparently has a wife named Paula, although their relationship appears to be in shambles.

Following the video of his shenanigans going viral, Paula Marlett spoke up, revealing the woman in the video was named Virginia and she wrecked her marriage.

“Thank you everyone. Yes this is a very tough time for me and my kids. As embarrassing and painful as this is please check in on us. We need the support the love and most of all the respect from the community and our families. Yes I know what’s been going on. No, I am not updating anyone on this situation after today,” Francesco Marlett wife said in a statement released via Facebook.

“Virginias husband left her a** a long time ago bc she cheated so she and my husband decided to do this behind my back for years. I’m not seeking anyone else’s input, I don’t need anyone’s opinion. My life is my life. I will make decisions according. I Love you all. Except for you Virginia you can rot in hell b*tch,” she added.

Prince George Police

“The Prince George’s County Police Department is the fourth largest law enforcement agency in the State of Maryland,” according to Prince George’s county website.

“More than 1,400 police officers and 300 civilians provide a full range of law enforcement services to nearly 900,000 residents and business owners. Prince George’s County Police Department is proud to provide service to a diverse demographic and geographic area,” they add.

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