26-Year-Old Kenyan Socialite Murd£red In Nairobi Airbnb

Starlet Wahu, a well-known socialite in Kenya, was brutally murdered at an AirBnb in South B, Nairobi County.

On Thursday morning, January 4, 2024, Wahu, 26, the younger sister of controversial preacher Victor Kanyari, was discovered dead in the apartment.

Police reports indicate that the deceased, 26, arrived at Papino Apartments on Wednesday evening in the company of a man identified as 34-year-old John Matara. 

The socialite was buried at her family home in Kamulu on Saturday, January 6, after a post mortem carried out at City Mortuary on Friday, January 5, revealed she died of excessive bl££ding. 

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Video surveillance from the apartments captured Wahu and Matara entering an elevator within the apartment block before disembarking on the fourth floor and proceeding to their room which they had reportedly rented for a night.

Police later discovered the deceased’s lifeless body lying in a pool of blood inside the apartment after the Airbnb’s owner, Florence Ngina, told authorities that Matara hastily left the premises on Thursday morning wearing blood-stained clothes.

After Ngina received the information from a security guard manning the apartments, she quickly rushing to the scene where she discovered that the apartment had been locked from the outside.

Using a spare key, Ngina gained access to the apartment only to discover Wahu’s body in the living room. She subsequently filed the report at South B police station prompting police and DCI officers to proceed to the scene of crime.

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Police reports indicate that there were signs of a struggle between Wahu and her killer, as the scene appeared bl00dy, disarrayed and chaotic.

Wahu was reportedly st@bbed in the head and the right thigh during the incident. 

Makadara police boss, Judith Nyongesa said Wahu bled to d£ath.

“The suspect cut the woman’s vein connecting to the heart which is why she d!ed faster,” the police boss said. 

Police likewise discovered HIV testing kits, used c0ndoms, bhang, a bottle of alcohol and a blood-stained kitchen knife, believed to be the murder weapon, at the scene.

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