Who is Ana Knezevich? Florida Woman Goes Missing in Spain

Ana Knezevich is an American woman from Florida who travelled to Spain to reside there and has now gone missing.

Ana Knezevich went missing early February, and her best friend back in the U.S. is sounding the alarm for authorities to work hard enough to find her.

Learn more about her below.

Who is Ana Knezevich?

ana knezevich

Ana Knezevich is a 40-year-old Florida woman who went missing in Madrid, Spain, on February 2, 2024.

She is originally from Serbia and moved to the US in 2008.

Knezevich worked as a senior manager at a consulting firm in Fort Lauderdale. She was in the midst of a divorce from her husband, who lives in Miami.

Ana Knezevic went to Madrid in December 2023 as a temporary escape from her stressful personal life.

She rented an apartment in the city center and planned to stay there for a few months.

Ana Knezevic was last seen on February 2, 2024, around 10 p.m., at her apartment.

She told her best friend, Sanna Rameau, who lives in New York, that she was going to stay home that night because of the cold weather. She also texted her sister, who lives in Serbia, and said she was fine.

The next day, Rameau received some strange messages from Ana’s phone, claiming that she had met a man on the street and that they were going to a summer house two hours away.

Rameau tried to reply, but the messages were not going through and the phone was turned off. She became worried and contacted Ana’s sister and other friends, but none of them had heard from her.

“I tried to respond saying I was worried about her, like ‘You don’t sound safe,’” Rameau said.

“What is she talking about? This makes no sense, and my messages didn’t go through either.”

“She has not left on her own. She has been taken against her will and by who, I don’t know,” said Rameau.

Rameau also learned from Ana’s neighbors that a suspicious man wearing a helmet had tampered with the security cameras outside and inside the elevator of Ana’s apartment building.

He had blacked out the cameras with spray paint and then entered Ana’s apartment. Rameau suspected that Ana had been taken against her will by this man.

Rameau called the police on February 4 and asked them to do a welfare check on Ana.

The police went to Ana’s apartment, but did not find her there. They found the apartment locked from the outside and no signs of a struggle or forced entry. They also found Ana’s passport, laptop, and other belongings inside.

The police in Madrid have launched an investigation into the disappearance of Ana Knezevich.

They are reviewing the surveillance footage, interviewing witnesses, and tracking Ana’s phone and bank records.

They are also working with the FBI and the US Embassy to coordinate the search efforts.

Rameau flew to Madrid on February 6 to join the search for Ana.

She has been meeting with the police, the media, and the local community to raise awareness and seek help. She has also created a Facebook page and a GoFundMe campaign to support the search and spread the word.

Ana’s family and friends are desperate for any clues or leads that could help find her. They are appealing to anyone who may have seen or heard from her to come forward.

They are also hoping that the US authorities will get more involved and put more pressure on the Spanish government to find Ana.

“I just want her back. I want the American authorities to help. We have an American citizen that has disappeared abroad, and no one in the America is doing anything about it. There is high suspicion of foul play regarding her disappearance. She has not just left. There is high suspicion that someone did something to her,” said Rameau.

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