Anant Ambani Sickness, Indian Billionaire Scion’s Health History Explained

Anant Ambani sickness – Indian billionaire scion and Reliance Industries heir Anant Ambani’s health history is being investigated amidst his pre-wedding bash.

Anant Ambani’s sickness and health issues have been plaguing him all his life and we delve into them below.

The Indian heir is holding a massive pre-wedding bash ahead of his July wedding to Radikha Merchant that has captivated the whole world.

If you’ve seen videos of Rihanna performing at an Indian wedding – that is the Anant Ambani pre-wedding bash!

Hence, all eyes are on him and in this article, we look at Anant Ambani sickness, illness and health history.

Anant Ambani sickness

anant ambani sickness

Anant Ambani, the youngest son of Mukesh Ambani, has encountered significant sickness and health challenges throughout his life.

These issues, particularly obesity and asthma, have been persistent companions since his childhood.

Anant Ambani sickness includes…


Anant has battled chronic asthma, a respiratory condition characterized by inflammation and narrowing of the airways.

Asthma imposes limitations on physical activity due to breathing difficulties, hindering exercise opportunities and calorie expenditure.

To manage his asthma, Anant required steroid treatment, a common approach to control inflammation and symptoms associated with the condition.

Unfortunately, prolonged steroid use took a toll on his health, leading to significant weight gain.

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A side effect of the treatments Anant Ambani has been receiving for his sickness and illness is obesity.

Steroids, while effective in alleviating asthma symptoms, can induce weight gain through mechanisms like heightened appetite, fluid retention, altered metabolism, and increased fat deposition.

Anant’s weight soared to an astonishing 208 kilograms due to the interplay between asthma and obesity.

The combination of these health conditions created a vicious cycle: compromised respiratory function due to asthma impeded exercise, while obesity strained his respiratory system further.

Excessive body weight exacerbates asthma symptoms and hampers lung function.

Despite these challenges, Anant Ambani has persevered. His remarkable weight loss journey has garnered widespread curiosity and admiration.

Let’s hope for his continued well-being and success.

Who is Anant Ambani?

Anant Ambani is the youngest son of India’s biggest business tycoon and Reliance Industries chairman, Mukesh Ambani.

Born on April 10, 1995 in Mumbai, Anant has two siblings, Akash and Isha.

He is seen as one of the heirs of Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Industries empire.

Anant is an Indian business leader and serves as a Director on the Boards of several companies, including Jio Platforms Limited, Reliance Retail Ventures Limited, Reliance New Energy Limited, and Reliance New Solar Energy Limited.

Recently, his pre-wedding celebrations with Radhika Merchant have garnered widespread attention and excitement, drawing an illustrious guest list that includes some of the world’s most influential figures.

The wedding festivities are expected to be opulent and star-studded, with guests ranging from Indian billionaires to international celebrities like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Ivanka Trump.

Anant Ambani health history

anant ambani health history

Anant Ambani health history has been rife with challenges as mentioned, with his sickness giving him all sorts of troubles.

In a 2017 interview with Times of India, Anant’s mother Nita Ambani explained that Anant “was highly asthmatic so we had to put him on a lot of steroids,” adding that “he suffers from obesity.”

The treatment for asthma resulted in a lot of weight gain with things getting so bad that he reached a weight of 208 kg.

As we delve into Anant Ambani sickness and health issues, many people are surely wondering how steroids help with asthma treatment?

Steroids, specifically corticosteroids, play a crucial role in asthma treatment in several ways.

Reducing Inflammation:

Steroid tablets, such as prednisolone, work by stopping inflammation in the airways.

Inflammation in the airways is a hallmark of asthma. It leads to swelling, narrowing, and increased mucus production.

By reducing inflammation, steroids prevent the airways from getting worse and help alleviate asthma symptoms.

Symptom Control:

Steroids lower the risk of life-threatening asthma attacks.
If you’re struggling to control your symptoms or have experienced an asthma attack, treating the airway inflammation with steroids is crucial.

Untreated inflammation can lead to worsening symptoms or more frequent asthma attacks.

Complementary Treatment:

Even if you’re prescribed steroid tablets, continue using other prescribed medicines and your preventer inhaler.
Steroids complement other treatments and enhance overall asthma management.

Short Courses vs. Long-Term Use:

Short courses of steroid tablets are often given for acute symptoms or during an asthma attack.

If you need multiple short courses within a year or if symptoms return after finishing a course, consult your GP for a referral to a specialist clinic.

Long-term use may be necessary if your symptoms remain uncontrolled despite other treatments or while waiting for alternative therapies (e.g., biologic treatments).

Continuous steroid tablet use requires supervision by a respiratory specialist.

Risks and Side Effects:

Steroids can be lifesaving, but long-term use may have side effects.

These side effects are more likely with higher doses over extended periods.

According to Asthma and Lung UK, asthma symptoms may make it more difficult for a person to exercise or keep active.

Taking steroids in the long term can also make one feel hungrier than usual, which can lead to weight gain. Fluid retention from taking oral steroids can also lead to weight gain.

Anant Ambani has had a roller coaster ride with sickness and illness, sometimes losing weight and gaining it back.

His mother Nita Ambani said on the topic: “…We are still fighting obesity. There are so many children who have this, and mothers feel shy admitting it.

“But I think you have to motivate your child to lose weight, as the child looks up to you all the time,”

Radhika Merchant

Anant Ambani’s fiancée is Radhika Merchant, born in 1994, and hailing from Kutch, Gujarat, India.

She grew up in Mumbai and attended the Cathedral and John Connon School and Ecole Mondiale World School.

Later, she pursued a bachelor’s degree in politics and economics at New York University.

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Radhika is the daughter of Viren Merchant, the CEO of Encore Healthcare, and Shaila Merchant.

Her younger sister is named Anjali Merchant.

On December 29, 2022, Radhika got engaged to Anant Ambani, the youngest son of Mukesh Ambani (Chairman of Reliance Industries) and Nita Ambani.

The engagement ceremony took place at the Shrinathji Temple in Nathdwara, Rajasthan.

Radhika worked as a sales executive at Isprava Group, a luxury home developer backed by prominent names like Nadir Godrej, Anand Piramal, and the Dabur Burman family.

Radhika Merchant’s association with the Ambani family has drawn significant attention, especially during the pre-wedding celebrations with Anant Ambani, who has battled numerous sickness and whose health history was explored in this article.

Reliance, which Anant’s father owns, is an Indian multinational conglomerate headquartered in Mumbai.

RIL operates in various sectors, including:

Energy: It is involved in petroleum, natural gas, and oil refining.

Petrochemicals: RIL produces a wide range of petrochemical products.

Retail: The company has a significant presence in the retail industry.

Telecommunications: RIL owns Jio Platforms, a major player in the Indian telecom market.

Media and Entertainment: RIL has interests in mass media and entertainment.

Textiles: The company has a history in the textile industry.

RIL is the largest public company in India by market capitalization and revenue.

It ranks 100th among the largest companies worldwide.

In 2023, RIL was 45th in the Forbes Global 2000 list.

RIL is India’s largest private taxpayer and accounts for 7% of the country’s total merchandise exports.

The company has faced controversies related to political corruption, financial manipulation, and exploitation of resources.

Its chairman, Mukesh Ambani, has been described as a plutocrat.

In summary, Reliance Industries is a diversified conglomerate with significant influence in India’s business landscape.

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