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Nigerian Students In UK Dropped Off University Courses And Forced To Return To Nigeria After Failing To Pay Their Tuition

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According to the BBC, a group of Nigerian students who struggled to make tuition payments on time were expelled from their university studies and given orders to leave the United Kingdom.

According to the students at Teesside University, their inability to pay their tuition fees has resulted in a violation of the visa sponsorship requirements due to the devaluation of the naira.

A few students have had their academic rights suspended, received reports from the Home Office, and been given orders to depart the country.

The institution cites rigorous external rules as justification for its assertion that it is forced to take this step. Students who have been impacted have expressed their disappointment and anguish.

The sixty students, who choose to provide their names to the BBC, banded together to demand assistance from the university after many of their classmates suffered dire penalties for not making payments. These students’ university accounts were suddenly locked, and they were taken out of their classes by force.

To voice their discontent, the students staged a nonviolent demonstration on campus on Tuesday, May 21. Nearing graduation, Adenike Ibrahim was advised to leave the country when her visa was revoked, even though she had paid 90% of her tuition.

This post was published on May 22, 2024 3:41 PM

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