Photos Drop As Vivian Jill Ties The Knot In Colorful Ceremony

Some photos have popped up online showing Kumawood actress Vivian Jill Lawrence in a traditional marriage ceremony. In the viral photos, it seems Vivian Jill Lawrence got married to her fellow actor, Don Kingsley Yamoah.

In a set of trending videos on social media, Vivian Jill and Don Kingsley could be seen hugging and kissing while elegantly dressed in Kente clothes.

The marriage ceremony between Vivian and Don Kingsley was held at a private event with few attendees. While some people assumed that everything was a comedy skit, others assumed that it was a real marriage ceremony.

Earlier this year, Vivian Jill Lawrence disclosed how a pastor nearly caused an irreparable damage to her relationship with her eldest child’s father.

Speaking on Emelia Brobbey’s Okukuseku show, the actress detailed how the pastor, who had been welcomed into their home for eight years, allegedly exploited their hospitality.

The ordeal began when Vivian’s child’s father, recovering from an accident, invited the pastor into their lives for spiritual support. Little did they know that this seemingly benevolent act would take a sinister turn.

“When Clinton’s father got involved in an accident, he stayed at my house until he recovered. During his recovery days, we invited a pastor into our house, and he stayed there for eight years.

“I was only 15-16 years old. My family was going through a lot, and we thought a pastor would deliver us from our situation, which was why he stayed with us. He prayed for my husband, and engaged us in some church activities,” she said.

“It got to a point Harry (The child’s father) was giving me attitude. He suddenly changed, my mother and my Auntie as well. It went on for some time until I approached him to find out what was going on.

“He opened up to me, and he said the pastor says I want to kill him. I informed my mother and auntie about it and not knowing, he had polluted their minds too, and was planning to break the family,” Vivian shared.

Vivian, now wary of pastors and their influence, expressed her newfound caution regarding the words preached by religious leaders.

Anyway, see photos and videos of her wedding below;

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