Judge Frank Caprio Death Rumors – Is Frank Caprio Dead?

Weeks after beating cancer in a grueling battle at the age of 87, beloved Judge Frank Caprio is now facing death rumors, leading many who love him wondering – is Frank Caprio dead?

The stunning news has sparked alarm, especially coming after his recent battle with cancer.

So what is the truth here? In this article, we break it down!

Frank Caprio Death Rumor Goes Viral on the Internet – Is Judge Frank Caprio Dead?

Frank Caprio is a beloved traffic judge in Providence, Rhode Island who was born on November 24th, 1936.

He was born in Federal Hill, Providence, the second of three sons of his parents.

After attending Providence public schools, he earned a bachelor’s degree from Providence College.

After some years as a teacher, he started attending night school at the Suffolk University School of Law in Boston.

In 1985, he has been the Providence Municipal Court Judge. His television series, Caught in Providence, started airing in 2000 and after a hiatus, returned in 2015, giving him the popularity he currently earns as he’s well-known to most people in the nation.

After his retirement in 2013, Judge Frank Caprio announced that he had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

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Despite his advanced age – Caprio was 87 when he announced his diagnosis – he managed to beat the cancer.

He completed his cancer treatments at the Baptist Health Miami Cancer Institute in May.

He told PEOPLE about his situation: “I went from getting pancreatic cancer and not many people having any hope that I live — to successfully completing five doses of radiation…ringing that bell to me was more symbolic than anything else you could imagine,”

“I’m ringing the bell of happiness. I’m ringing the bell of freedom of cancer. I’m ringing the bell of healing. I’m ringing the bell of giving hope to other people.”

Despite his survival, recent rumors have emerged of Judge Caprio’s death.

Despite many rumors to the contrary, Judge Frank Caprio is not dead but alive and well – claims of his demise are mere conjecture.

This post was published on June 20, 2024 10:51 AM

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