Miss Ghana 2010 Stephanie Karikari Registers 1,000 Jamestown Kids Onto the NHIS Through her Foundation

Former Miss Ghana [2010] and founder of the Lumos International Foundation for Empowerment (LIFE) Stephanie Karikari has through the foundation registered some one thousand kids at Jamestown onto the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS). The organization, aimed at empowering children in all aspects including, health, education, welfare, etc, held the activity Tuesday, May 25. The … Read more

Miss Ghana Organisers Say the Resigned Queen from the 2020 Edition- Issabella Agbo is a LIAR—And They Are A Reputable Organisation

Over the weekend, Miss Ghana 2020 1st Runner Up, Issabella Agbo, 19, who has resigned granted an interview to GhanaCelebrities.Com— alleging countless things as the cause of her resignation, including exploitation and fraudulent misrepresentation. In the past, over 10 previous Miss Ghana winners have resigned or have come out to erect allegations bordering on exploitation, embezzlement of funds … Read more

LISTEN: Miss Ghana 2020 1st Runner Up-Issabella Agbo RESIGNS Over Claims of Exploitation, Fraudulent Misrepresentation and Others

Miss Ghana 2020 1st Runner Up, Issabella Agbo, 19, has resigned—and she is alleging countless things as the cause of her resignation, including exploitation and fraudulent misrepresentation in relation to their contracts. Issabella Agbo sent out a resignation letter dated 25 January 2021 to Inna Patty and her Exclusive Events which we have seen a … Read more

Miss Ghana 2010 Stephanie Karikari Celebrates 10th Anniversary of her Crowning – Photos

Miss Ghana 2010, Stephanie Karikari, has celebrated herself and how far she’s gone on the 10th anniversary of her winning the crown. On October 30th 2010, Stephanie won the then glamorous Miss Ghana Beauty pageant, becoming an instant role models to girls all accross the country. 10 years down the line, Stephanie took to social … Read more

Inna Patty Disgraced as Miss Ghana Pageant Allegedly Failed To Obtain ‘Common’ Plane Ticket to Fly the 2019 Winner to Miss World

This is really no news, that the Miss Ghana pageant has been involved in something embarrassing again. At this point it’s more susprising when they do something that’s not embarrassing. Still, it’s funny whenever this clearly dying pageant makes another awkward blunder which allows Ghanaians to heap more scorn on alleged ‘Pimp’ Inna Patty. According … Read more

Miss Ghana Beauty Pageant Has Lost Its Credibility; Inna Patty Must Resign – Former PRO, Arnold Asamoah Baidoo

If you have a former Public Relations Officer of Miss Ghana championing the resignation of Inna Patty, the CEO of the company organising Miss Ghana Beauty Pageant then that should tell you things are really rotten at Miss Ghana Beauty Pageant. On the back of resignations of former and current beauty queens over some “demands … Read more

Inna Patty Breaks Silence on Miss Ghana 2019 Runner-Up’s Resignation

CEO of Exclusive Events Ghana, Organisers of Miss Ghana pageant, Inn Patty has broken her silence over reports that Sarah Odei Amoani, Miss Ghana 2019 – first runner-up has resigned. READ ALSO: Yet Another Scandal Rocks Disgraceful Miss Ghana Pageant – 2019 Ist Runner Up Sarah Odei Amoani Resigns Due to ‘Unhappiness With Some Demands’ … Read more

Yet Another Scandal Rocks Disgraceful Miss Ghana Pageant – 2019 Ist Runner Up Sarah Odei Amoani Resigns Due to ‘Unhappiness With Some Demands’ Of Inna Patty

At this point we have to start checking the brains of ladies who voluntarily decide to compete in a disgraced pageant which is rocked by at the very least one resignation per year due to this same unhappiness over demands made of the queens. GhanaCelebrities.Com has been at the forefront of fighting to expose the … Read more

People Are Saying the Miss Ghana Girls Are Ugly Because they Don’t Look Like Slay Queens – Inna Patty’s Futile Defence of Her Dying Pageant

Somehow the Miss Ghana pageant is still running and somehow, ladies are still enrolling despite the word of several former beauty queens about their experience with the pageant. If the pageant is still running though, it seems perhaps its because the standards have fallen drastically from its heydays, and Ghanaians are picking up on that. … Read more

VIDEO: We’re Beautiful Just That It’s Inner Beauty – Trolled Miss Ghana 2019 Queens Claim

Miss Ghana 2019 Queens who were trolled over their ‘horrible’ physical appearance after their photos went viral on the internet have reacted to their critics in an interview with GhOne TV. Social media jumped on the neck of these queens, 1st runner-up, 2nd runner-up and winner of the Beauty Pageant and trolled them over their … Read more

‘Miss Agbogbloshie Saf Dem For No Win’ – 2019 Miss Ghana Winner and Runners Up Trolled for Looking Butt Ugly

Apparently the Miss Ghana pageant is still ongoing, who knew? After all the allegations of misconduct and pimping, by not one or two or even three but more than that number of former contestants, you would think people would have learned to stay away by now. As an old saying goes, once might be chance, … Read more

Former Miss Ghana Giuseppina Baafi Rubbishes Story Alleging that She Has a Baby with Black Stars Midfielder Thomas Partey

There was a story a week or so ago on one of the many z-list blogs making claim to the fact that Ms Guiseppina Baafi, the 2013 winner of the Miss Ghana pageant, was the mother to a baby fathered by Atletico Madrid and Black Stars midfielder Thomas Teye Partey. The story sprung up after … Read more

GC EXCLUSIVE: Miss Ghana 2015 Antoinette Delali Kemavor’s Lawyers Respond to Inna Patty’s Frivolous Defamation Lawsuit with Defence and Counter Lawsuit—READ IT ALL HERE

Inna Patty and Exclusive Events Ghana, the organizers of the Miss Ghana Beauty Pageant have filed a lawsuit against 4 former winners of the Miss Ghana Beauty Pageant, namely Antoinette Delali Kemevor (Miss Ghana 2015), Stephanie Karikari (Miss Ghana 2010), Giuseppina Baafi (Miss Ghana 2013), Margarete Mintah (2013 Miss Ghana first runner-up), the Founding Editor … Read more

'Pimping Nose' Inna Patty Calls on Ghanaians Abroad to Come and Contest Miss Ghana This Year After Destroying the Brand in Ghana

This fits the story of the area loose chick who gets fucked by every guy with a penis—so much that, almost everyone in the community has had a taste of her pot. After gaining notoriety for her sexual exploits and all those who know her story wouldn’t want to settle down with her, she moves … Read more

Paramount Law Firm Comes to the Defence of Former Miss Ghana Queens Sued By Inna Patty [READ FULL SUIT]

A legal battle for the ages is brewing in Ghana as the Miss Ghana scandal heads to the courtroom after years of being deliberated in the public sphere. Inna Patty and Exclusive Events Ghana are suing the three former beauty queens who have bravely come out to tell their stories, as well as GhanaCelebrities.Com and … Read more

Inna Patty Kept Pressuring Me To Go For Nose Job To Look More Beautiful For Our 'Sponsors' — Miss Ghana 2013 Giuseppina Baafi

Yet another bombshell allegation has dropped about the embattled Inna Patty, CEO of Exclusive Events Ghana, organizers of the Miss Ghana pageant. Miss Ghana 2013 Giuseppenia Baafi has told GhanaCelebrities.Com that Patty was always on her neck to go for a nose job because she said getting a more pointy nose would make her deemed more … Read more

Miss Ghana 2015 Antoinette Delali Kemavor Also Writes: At 19 Years I Drove Inna Patty from Ghana to Benin and Back and She Took Me To A Man’s House At Night to ‘PIMP’ Me—With the Man Saying He Thought I Was Sleeping Over

Earlier today, the resigned 2017 Miss Ghana, Margaret Dery wrote a long piece exclusively for GhanaCelebrities.Com, detailing the horrible ordeal Inna Patty, the CEO of Exclusive Events Ghana, the organizers of the annual Miss Ghana Beauty pageant put her through—the reason she resigned. Now, a former winner of Miss Ghana, Antoinette Delali Kemavor, Miss Ghana … Read more

Exclusive Events Ghana Continue Desperate Attempts To Save Miss Ghana Pageant's Image With Empty Statement Daring Former Beauty Queens To Name The Big Men They Were Asked To Sleep With

After empty legal threats against the former beauty queens bravely speaking out against being exploited the organizers of the Miss Ghana pageant are waging a strong PR war to attempt to win back the trust of Ghanaians especially the young ladies who would want to sign up for upcoming pageants. After the bombastic allegations of … Read more

GC EXCLUSIVE: Inna Patty is a MONSTER—Resigned Miss Ghana 2017-Magaret Dery Writes About Her Shocking Miss Ghana Ordeals

Miss Ghana 2017, Margaret Dery resigned a few days ago after warning young ladies to stay away from the beauty pageant because it’s a scam. Her resignation comes after several former winners of the pageant including 3 Former Beauty Queens-Miss Ghana 2010-Stephanie Karikari, Miss Ghana 2015-Antoinette Delali Kemavor and Miss Ghana 2013-Giuseppina Nana Akua Baafi … Read more

Miss Ghana 2017, Margaret Dery After Going Through 'Hell' Has Finally Resigned

After taking to Twitter to describe Miss Ghana Beauty Pageant as a big SCAM, Miss Margaret Dery, 2017 Winner of Miss Ghana Beauty Pageant has finally resigned. Obviously, Miss Margaret Dery couldn’t stand the heat from Inna Patty and her Exclusive Events Ghana hence removing her crown as Winner of Miss Ghana 2017.

Reigning Miss Ghana Queen-Margaret Dery Says the Miss Ghana Pageant is Her Worse Experience and the Pageant is A SCAM So Young Women Do Not Need It

While Inna Patty and her Exclusive Events Ghana, owners of the Miss Ghana Beauty Pageant franchise who were swimming in scandalous accusations a few months ago are trying to use lawsuits to intimidate and shut former Queens up, another Miss Ghana Queen, Margaret Dery (the 2017 winner) has taken to Twitter to state that the … Read more

"Big Men" Demand S3x From Pageants Before Sponsoring Projects — Miss Ghana 2002 Confirms

When broke the news of Miss Ghana Pageants being allegedly forced to have s3x with “big men” for sponsorship a few months ago, hell broke loose — inferior intimidation tactics were deployed to shut down the allegations. Well, fast-forward to July 2018, winner of Miss Ghana 2002, Miss Shaida Buari Nubi has confirmed that “big … Read more

GC EXCLUSIVE: Inna Patty Threatens Miss Ghana 2017-Margaret Dery With Lawsuit As the Beauty Queen Defies Her Orders Over A Birthday Photo Shoot (Obtained Screenshots Attached)

Disgraced Inna Patty, CEO of the fallen Miss Ghana brand has been at loggerheads with the reigning Miss Ghana, Margaret Dery—and GhanaCelebrities.Com has exclusively obtained WhatsApp conversation between the two, in which Inna Patty threatens the Beauty Queen with lawsuit should she decides to organise a photoshoot for her own birthday. GhanaCelebrities.Com is told that, … Read more

Inna Patty Emerges From Hiding Now That The Miss Ghana Scandal Has Died Down — Hear What She Has To Say

After months of hiding underground in the face of imploding scandal and throwing out a bunch of legal threats which she didn’t follow up on, Miss Inna Patty is now back in the public limelight to throw her weight about. Ghanaians have short attention spans and there’s always something taking up the news cycle therefore … Read more

Lawyers of Inna Patty Writes to Threaten Former Miss Ghana Queen to Apologize and Retract Pimping Allegation

Akufo-Addo, Prempeh & Co, the lawyers of Inna Patty and Exclusive Events Ghana, organizers of the annual scandal-ridden Miss Ghana Beauty Pageant must have been paid a hell lot of money to be doing what comes off as intimidating of a victim. The firm of lawyers, under the instruction of their clients, has written to … Read more

This is Unpardonable: Inna Patty & Her Miss Ghana Pageant Raised Thousands of Cedis in Funds Meant to Be Donated to Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital But the Hospital Says They’ve Received NOTHING From Them Since 2013

A few days ago, 3 Former Beauty Queens-Miss Ghana 2010-Stephanie Karikari, Miss Ghana 2015-Antoinette Delali Kemavor and Miss Ghana 2013-Giuseppina Nana Akua Baafi and 1 first-runner up-Margaret Kuma-Mintah came out to erect allegations that, Inna Patty and her Exclusive Events Ghana exploited them, embezzled funds they raised, verbally and physically abused some of them and even ‘PIMPED’ some … Read more 'Fishes Out' Inna Patty (Organizer Of Miss Ghana Beauty Pageant) After 'Ghosting' Around For About 3 Weeks, She Was Spotted At A Party In East Legon (Photos)

Ghana’s most controversial blog, with the help of its reliable paparazzi sources have finally fished out Inna Patty (Organizer of Miss Ghana Beauty Pageant) after’ ghosting’ around for about 3 weeks since the news of ‘pimping’, exploitation, physical and emotional abuse at the Miss Ghana Beauty Pageant broke. Inna Patty who has constantly refused … Read more