I Need A Man to Take Care of Me – Serwaa Amihere Supports Moesha’s Controversial CNN Comment on Live TV

serwaa amihere moesha

Serwaa Amihere has caused a stir on social media after boldly declaring that she needs a man to take care of her. Amihere’s comment is a remix of Moesha’s controversial Amanpour comments which caused a mega stir in the country many years ago. Serwaa said hers playfully during a segment on her show which has … Read more

Love Is Sweet – Serwaa Amihere Gushes Over Boyfriend Following Her Expensive Vacation

serwaa amihere moesha

Media personality Serwaa Amihere is head over heels for her boyfriend – she is madly in love and gushing over her sweetheart. Award-winning journalist, Serwaa Amihere has taken to social media to voice out about how her feelings for the first time. Serwaa wrote, ‘Love is sweet’ sending her emotions down the minds of her … Read more

Nana Aba Anamoah Narrates How Abena Korkor’s Lies On Social Media Broke Serwaa Amihere – Video

Yesterday, United Showbiz on UTV was a night of remorse, confession and apologies when Abena Korkor stormed the show uninvited to plead with Nana Aba Anamoah for forgiveness. Recall Abena Korkor caused a lot of uproar on social media during one of her mental breakdowns where she leveled all sorts of defamatory allegations on Nana … Read more

Abena Korkor Fights Tears As She Delivers Emotional Apology to Nana Aba Anamoah and Serwaa Amihere – Video

Abena Korkor has showed the utmost remorse for someone who deserves it and it is commendable. Astute journalist Nana Aba Anamoah made an unusual appearance at a celebrity talk show where she gave her opinion on a host of topics and spoke on a number of things she has been entangled in on social media. … Read more

You Call Yourself A Man Yet Live Off A Woman’s Sweat – Serwaa Amihere Shames Casanova Male Celebs

Serwaa Amihere has made a post shaming men who do not want to work but depend on rich women for a living. According to the television news anchor and slay queen, you do not deserve to call yourself a man if you live off the hard work and sweat of a woman. She added that … Read more

‘Think Well The Next Time You Want To Fake’ – Serwaa Amihere Reacts To 6 Year Jail Term Of Takoradi Woman

serwaa amihere photo

Serwaa Amihere has adviced people thinking of staging a scenario or faking something in their lives to apply wisdom least they face the law in full force. The month of October is not over yet but Ghana has witnessed practical application of the laws of the country against perpetrators, especially people who faked something. The … Read more

Serwaa Amihere Shows her True Colours As She Rejoices Over Shatta Wale’s Arrest

Serwaa Amihere has joined the many Ghanaian celebrities who have reacted to the police arresting Shatta Wale following a shooting hoax he staged. Shatta Wale was arrested by police during the evening of Tuesday, October 19th 2021, and spent the night behind bars. Two other persons were also arrested in connection to the incident. READ … Read more

Editing Gone Wrong – Serwaa Amihere Roasted After Bleaching And Leaving One Of Her Legs In Edited Photo

Media personality, Serwaa Amihere is trending after trolls grabbing her over her edited photo. Serwaa is seen in a photo where one of her legs appears overly bleached and the other dark. It’s believed that she edited the photo and perhaps lost concentration and forgot to edit the other leg. READ ALSO: Akua GMB Shades … Read more

Serwaa Amihere Savagely Slams Wendy Shay – Says She Doesn’t Have Time To Reply To Her Diss Song

Wendy Shay - Serwaa Amihere

Award-winning Ghanaian journalist, Serwaa Amihere has unequivocally stated that she won’t reply to Wendy Shay’s indirect yet heart-piercing shots at her in her spanking new banger dubbed “HEAT” The EIB employee made this assurance to her fans who have been on her necks ever since Wendy Shay dropped the controversial song to address the accusations … Read more

Do You Want My Bikini Photos? – Serwaa Amihere Asks After Dropping Eye-popping Photos

Media personality, Serwaa Amihere has taken a time off her busy schedule to chill. Serwaa Amihere has flown to one of those exotic vacation places outside Ghana to relax and have a cool time to refresh her mind. Unlike some other celebrities who would have changed their locations to update their fans on exactly where … Read more

Serwaa Amihere Under Fire After Punching TT For Being Irresponsible And Blaming His Sidechick For His Downfall

Media personality, Serwaa Amihere is under fire after bashing veteran actor, Psalm Adjetefio, popularly known as TT for blaming his sidechick for being the cause of his woes. Taking to social media, Serwaa wondered why a grown man who is able to tell the right from the wrong will blame another person for his mistakes. … Read more

Throwback Photo Of Serwaa Amihere And Berla Mundi Causes Stir As Fans Claim Berla Had More Curves Than Her

A throwback photo of Serwaa Amihere and Berla Mundi has got fans talking! Apparently, the photo is serving as an eye-opener of who Serwaa Amihere and Berla Mundi were before they found fame. The photo exposes a lot, talking about the appearance of the two media personalities. READ ALSO: Ayisha Modi Dashes Land to Ghanaian … Read more

Moment Serwaa Amihere Angrily Slammed Zionfelix for Treating her Wrong

serwaa amihere zionfelix

Serwaa Amihere landed a full body blow on ZionFelix on Instagram after the blogger posted a photo of her with footballer Michael Essien. Serwaa did not like the caption of the photo and as usual, she came out swinging to give out her opinion and in the process, land some blows on Zion. You can … Read more

Bombshell! – Afia Schwarzenegger Fingers Real Culprit Behind Serwaa Amihere Expose

afia schwarzenegger fix the country

Afia Schwarzenegger claims she knows exactly who leaked some salacious allegations against Serwaa Amihere. Afia claims the entire episode was a political hit job on the NPP politician John Boadu, in an upcoming battle for the party’s General Secretary position. Last week was a wild one on social media, particularly towards the end of the … Read more

“You Now Feel How I Felt” – Social Media User Reminds Serwaa Amihere How She Humiliated Him – Screenshot

The world is a circle and what goes round comes back to where is started. A twitter user with the handle @martin_hughes6 has recalled how famous news anchor Serwaa Amihere, who is now crying after she was shamed, publicly humiliated him. According to Martin, Serwaa Amihere treated him like trash when he and some friends … Read more

I Hate Myself – Abena Korkor Declares – After Allegedly Masterminding Serwaa Amihere Slander

abena korkor lgbt

Abena Korkor seems to be having difficulties accepting the fact that she has indeed become the kind of woman who ruins people’s lives with her periodic outbursts. After mentioning a lot of married men she has allegedly had affairs with and dragging their names through the mud, she is suddenly realizing that it is not … Read more

‘You Only Make Me Stronger’ – Serwaa Amihere Graciously Responds To Trolls Spreading Falsehoods About Her

Serwaa Amihere has been the topic of discussion for the past few days because of an anonymous troll trying actively to soil her hard-earned reputation. Without any concrete evidence, the rumors are nothing short of laughable, however, the internet will always swallow hook, line, and sinker any malicious fabrications about someone they already have it … Read more

Unperturbed Serwaa Amihere Dances Happily In Reaction to Fake Photos Leaked on Social Media – Watch Video

serwaa amihere zionfelix

80% of people reading this post would have locked themselves in their rooms, cry their eyes out or even commited the unthinkable if they were in Serwaa Amihere’s shoes. An unknown snapchat user with the handle @Bombshellis2021 leveled all sorts of baseless allegations against Serwaa Amihere. The allegations included the GhOne TV presenter’s numerous affairs with politicians … Read more

‘Fufu GHC 25 Each’ – Serwaa Amihere Mocks Nana Aba Anamoah Over Her Huge Breast

Serwaa Amihere and her godmother Nana Aba Anamoah are definitely on another level. Their friendship is so admirable. Nana Aba is a great godmother and a good role model to Serwaa – we can all tell that by how they deliver when it comes to serious tasks, how they slay at parties and how they … Read more

Serwaa Amihere Shows Wealth As She Gifts Her Sister Rolls Of 100 Dollar Bills

Ghanaian screen goddess and media personality, Serwaa Amihere has showcased her wealth on the occasion of her sister’s birthday. Serwaa has gifted her sister, Mami Gyamfua rolls of 100 dollar bills to celebrate her birthday. Serwaa’s sister, Mami Gyamfua is the CEO of Oh My Hair – an online hair brand that most celebrities rely … Read more

Serwaa Amihere And Nana Kwame Cheddar Could Not Keep Their Hands Off Each Other As They Spark Dating Rumors

serwaa amihere cheddar

New romance alert? We are here for it! Serwaa Amihere and Nana Kwame Cheddar could not keep their hands off each other after stepping out yesterday night.  They are now being rumoured to be seeing each other Clothed in designer and drinking the finest of champagnes, the self acclaimed prince of Africa was seen in … Read more

Serwaa Amihere Breaks the Internet on her Sister’s Behalf with Hot Birthday PHOTOS

serwaa amihere sister

The sister of GhOne Tv’s Serwaa Amihere, Mami Gyamfua, has taken over the internet today as it’s her big day. Serwaa has decided to break the internet on Mami’s behalf by flooding her page with the hottest photos of her sister the web has ever seen. Mami is now taking over all the attention available … Read more

‘Your Beauty Won’t Last Forever’ – Fan Advises Serwaa Amihere To Start a Family

serwaa amihere zionfelix

Serwaa Amihere is one of the prettiest faces you’ll see in the Ghanaian media space. Her smile, body and overly make-up face has gained her fame and massive following both on screen and on social media. READ ALSO: ‘Social Media Is Not Good For Ignorant People Like You’ – Everyone Is Sick And Tired Of … Read more

Vawulence As Serwaa Amihere Descends on ZionFelix for Giving Mina A Dry and Unromantic Birthday Wish

mina birthday

Serwaa Amihere is serving hot vawulence this afternoon after descending on Ghanaian blogger ZionFelix. Serwaa is not pleased after reading ZionFelix’s birthday message to his embattled girlfriend, Mina Lawani aka Minalyn Touch. Zion has put his girlfriend through hell the past few weeks due to being involved in a love triangle. He is alleged to … Read more

‘I’m too Pretty, I Don’t Even Understand It’ – Vain Serwaa Amihere Heaps Praises On Herself

The Barbie doll of Ghanaian broadcasting, GHOne’s Serwaa Amihere is more known for being eye candy than for her journalistic prowess. READ ALSO: Marriage Material…100 Yards – Serwaa Amihere Shows Off Skills in the Kitchen in Rare Video The constantly-polished Serwaa has come under attack on several occasions for focusing more on her looks than … Read more