Shatta Michy Is The Only Woman Capable Of Handling Shatta Wale And All His Baggage – Akuapem Poloo

Ghanaian actress, Akuapem Poloo has advised Shatta Wale to go back to his ex-girlfriend and baby mama Shatta Michy because she is the best person for her. According to her, Shatta Wale is an unstable person and Michy was the only one who was able to successfully handle him. Shatta Wale recently announced his new … Read more

Is The Car A Tanker? Shatta Michy Called Out Over Senseless Bragging After Claiming She Spends Ghc 30k On Fuel In A Month

shatta michy man

Shatta Michy might no longer be dating Shatta Wale but she apparently has a mouth as big as the dancehall king himself.. Michy has bragged in a new interview that she spends north of Ghc 30,000 each month just fueling her big a$$ car! Michy’s claim stunned social media users who wondered whether she drives … Read more

Primary School Music and Dance – Shatta Michy Roasted Over Embarrassing Performance At Ridge Condos Party

Shatta Wale’s baby mama, Shatta Michy also decided she wanted to become a musician and was one of the performers at the All-black party held by Ridge Condos in Kumasi over the weekend. Michy’s performance has been heavily dragged by fans who trolled her for disgracing herself. Much like Sister Derby, Shatta Michy had nothing … Read more

Hajia Bintu, Shatta Michy and Bunch of Big Bum Slay Queens Storm Ridge Condos Party in Kumasi – Videos

ridge condos party

On Friday night, part 1 of a scheduled 2-part party being organised by Ridge Condos Ghana came off in the Garden City, Kumasi. The event was nothing but a staging ground for debauchery as big bum slay queens all showed up to flaunt what their doctors gave them. Tiktok star Hajia Bintu was one of … Read more

This Lady No Be Smart Kwraa – Shatta Michy Dragged After Claiming She Wants to Enter Politics For Money and Status

Shatta Wale’s baby mama, Shatta Michy, has shown she’s probably just as unintelligent as the singer himself, exposing her shallow reasons for political office. Michy claimed in an interview that she wants to enter politics later on in her life hence she’s even started a program at the Law School. Asked why she wants to … Read more

Illiteracy At Its Highest Peak – Medikal Roasts Shatta Michy After She Attacked Him In An Interview

shatta michy medikal

AMG Medikal has replied to Shatta Michy after she called him immature and Shatta Wale’s ‘boy-boy’ in a recent interview. Medikal slammed Shatta Michy for displaying d*mbness and illiteracy for everyone to see. As reported earlier on GhanaCelebrities.Com, Shatta Michy angrily tore into Medikal during a recent interview. READ ALSO: Osebo Allegedly Requested DNA Test … Read more

Kakraa Wob3di Nti You’ve Turn Communication Minister for Wale – Shatta Michy Destroys ‘Immature’ Medikal

shatta michy medikal

Shatta Michy has once again ignited her beef with AMG Medikal, slamming him as an immature boy acting as Shatta Wale’s mouthpiece for coins. Michy took Medikal to the cleaners once again in a recent interview, making it clear that whatever beef they have is far from over. Wale’s baby mama explained why she has … Read more

Fella Makafui Finally Fires Back At Shatta Michy After Confrontation With Medikal

Ghanaian actress, Fella Makafui has fired a warning shot at Shatta Michy and warned her to never disrespect her husband ever again. A few weeks ago, Shatta Michy confronted Medikal during a party and attempted to humiliate him. Michy was pissed, incorrectly, that Medikal had claimed Shatta Wale paid Majesty’s school fees when she knows … Read more

Shatta Michy Allegedly Hates Medikal For Advising Shatta Wale to Not Take Her Back – Reason For Michy’s Deep Hatred of Medikal Revealed

The former queen of the Shatta Movement, Shatta Michy, allegedly hates AMG Medikal because she believes he’s the person advising Shatta Wale not to take her back. That’s according to a netizen who’s psychoanalysing the reason why Michy appears to have some unfounded deep-seated hatred Medikal who has seemingly never done anything to her. Recently, … Read more

Shatta Wale Finally Responds To Allegation Of Pimping Shatta Michy For Rich People

Musician Shatta Wale has started a new controversy after disclosing that he is into hookups. Shatta Wale took to Instagram and shared on his Insta-story that he successfully hooked one of his boys and a girl for banging. Shatta shamelessly dropped the detail that the lady didn’t charge for it but noted she rather wants … Read more

I Said What I Said, Shatta Wale Should Do DNA for Majesty – Video Causes Stir As Ara B Breaks Silence On Shatta Michy Wahala

For the past week, Shatta Wale and Michy have made headlines for the obvious reason. Their son, Majesty has become the talk of social media after Michy attacked Shatta Wale’s friend Medikal over his school fees. Following that altercation, Shatta Wale and Michy together with their son have been the news with gist upon gist … Read more

Go And Collect School Fees From Ara B, He Is The Real Father Of Your Son – Shatta Michy Dragged Over Alleged DNA Test Confirming Ara B Is Her Baby Daddy

Ghanaian socialite, an amateur actress and show host, Shatta Michy seems to have bitten more than she can chew. Fans are dragging the hell out of her after she disgraced Medikal at a recent event. Sources have alleged Shatta Wale is not the biological father of Michy’s son Majesty. READ ALSO: You Wish You Had … Read more

Michy Is A Bush Girl, What A Disgrace – Shatta Michy Dragged After Unhinged Attack On AMG Medikal Over School Fees

shatta michy medikal

Netizens have heavily dragged Shatta Michy after she launched a disgraceful public attack on Medikal. AMG Medikal was recently at a party where he clashed with Michy in a very embarrassing moment for the former Shatta movement queen. Michy slammed Medikal over supposed claims that he had paid a full years’s school fees for her … Read more

Respect Your F*kn Self – Shatta Michy Calls Medikal Out for Lying About Paying Majesty’s School Fees

Shatta Michy, baby mama of self acclaimed Dancehall King Shatta Wale has attacked Shatta Wale’s best friend Medikal for lying about paying her son’s school fees for a year. READ ALSO: It Has Ended In Tears – Nadia Buari Allegedly Requesting For $1m As Husband Moves On With Sidechick Angry Shatta Michy confronted Medikal at … Read more