There's No Point in Getting into A Relationship If You Are Not Ready to Have S£X—True or False?

Abstinence is now becoming one of the “it” things in relationships now; its not necessary to look far with the likes of celebrities such as Ciara and Russell Wilson, and Meagan Good and DeVon Franklin being staunch suppporters of the ‘no sex before marriage’ crew.
On the other side are those who would negate this as a complete oxymoron- that sex is vital in a relationship, that it contributes significantly to the whole ‘getting to know your partner’ aspect of a relationship.
I’m one of those people who is neither here or there; kudos to those who can abstain until marriage, but also to those who decide to have sex before marriage, there shouldn’t be any shame- it comes down to personal preference.
Due to my position on this topic, imagine my shock when in a conversation with a friend, he was adamant that there was no point being in a relationship if sex wasn’t involved.
I know there are people out there who feel that the bedrock of a relationship is all about the physicality and intimacy, however I beg to differ. What about the dates? Exploring new things together, finding out interesting things about the other, the pending excitement of knowing you’ve fallen in love with a person’s persona and yet to come is the penultimate bonus of getting to explore them sexually- what about all of that?

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REGINA Writes: Domestic Violence | Sometimes Women Deserve It

Domestic Violence
Domestic Violence

If you have been keeping up with the news, many of you would have noticed that there seems to have recently been a surge in the number of celebrity domestic violence cases; not just in Ghana but all over the world.

From Mr & Mrs John Paintsil to Johnny Depp and Amber Heard; domestic violence is nothing new in the celeb world. But I have a major problem with something, not just with the issue of domestic violence in the world but the issue of domestic violence full stop. Alas, here is where my issue lies- that man always seems to get the blame and the woman is automatically deemed ‘the victim.’

As a hot-tempered and argumentative woman myself, I KNOW that sometimes women can provoke men. We push their buttons, utter the most scathing words (whether deservedly or undeservedly), we just push and push and push whilst well aware that what we’re doing is eliciting a reaction from them.

So then why cry when you get that reaction you KNEW you were going to get by the things that were coming out of your mouth, by the getting all up in the man’s face, by the jabbing your finger in his chest and waving yours arms around?

I know that there are genuine victims of domestic violence (both male and female) out there in the world, and I know that not all victims of domestic violence arouse the rage of their abusers or deserve it in any way at all.

However, I also know that there are many ‘so-called victims’ of domestic violence who intentionally set out to chafe the anger of their partners, safe within the comfort of the age old adage of “I’m a woman so he can’t touch me”.

We’re all human, we’re all prone to outbursts of rage- NOBODY has the right to intentionally provoke anybody to commit an act of violence.

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The Rise of the ‘Side-Chicks’: Reasons Why Some Women Love to Be Side-Chicks


A ‘side-chick’- as defined on Urban Dictionary- is: “the other woman; also known as the mistress; a female that is neither a male’s wife or girlfriend, who has relations with the male whilst he is in another relationship.” I’ve heard a lot of worse names for side-chicks- booty call, speed-dial hoe, whorellas, I mean the … Read more

How Far is ‘Too Far’? | My Friends Say One Night Stands Shouldn't Count As Too Far


A couple of nights ago I was enjoying a relaxing evening with a few of my friends, and after several intense albeit jovial discussions on a whole range of issues, the topic reared its head towards the subject of relationships. One of my male friends made an off-the-cuff remark along the lines of “I wouldn’t … Read more

THE BIG QUESTION: Is it Possible For A Male and Female to Genuinely Be ‘JUST FRIENDS’?



How many of us out there have a very close friend who happens to be of the opposite sex?

How many of us out there know that said friendships are genuinely platonic? How many of us are then faced with the constant barrage of teasing, sexual innuendoes and rife speculation when it comes to these GENUINE FRIENDSHIPS with members of the opposite sex?

I can definitely answer yes to all of the above. I’m one of those females who prefers the company of males (and no not because I fancy them, or I’m a slut, or any of the other ridiculous allegations I have had to face before)- I prefer to socialise with males because I find them more ‘drama-free’.

Now I’m not inferring that there aren’t men out there whose drama queen antics could give Kurt from ‘Glee’ a run for his money- I’m just saying I believe (from my own personal experiences), that there is a higher percentage of drama, gossip and just hassle that comes from socialising with females, as opposed to that of males. Hence why most of my friends are males.

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Ellen King: Meet GC’s Health & Fitness Expert Contributor | Serving All Things Healthy

Ellen King
Ellen King

Hi all,

My name is Ellen King, former Miss Ghana UK 2009 contestant number one, (And no I didn’t win), Ex semi pro 100 meter sprinter, footballer, qualified sports therapist and all round fitness freak at your service!

Over the next few months, I will be running a health and fitness segment for GhanaCelebrities.Com. I hope you are as excited as I am, and yes it’s about time our nation got fit and healthy, too many of us have health related illness which we could combat and or potentially eradicate with just a tinny tiny bit of physical activity.

In the run towards Christmas, I will be putting my body and yours hopefully through its paces to help you lose weight, gain muscle, or just feel better.

We all know summer is unofficially over, (well when you live in London, the weather is temperamental!) however, you can still look hot, ripped and sexy for December either at that office party, in Ghana during new years countdown, in the club or when you bump into your ex! 🙂

I’m not just here to help you ladies but here for the guys as well. Now guys, if you want someone that looks like Beyoncé, you need to look physically immaculate like one of those guys in superhero movies.

Queen Bey isn’t going to want someone who looks like her granddad, that big belly is going to have to go, you’ve had that for a few years now and you still haven’t given birth!!

Now it’s going to be hard work, you are not going to like what I say, but stick with me and we will make it work J

For tips, pictures, videos, motivation etc. follow me on instagram @elleredbelle

Now let the below photos speak for themselves!

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The Obama Girls’ Contradiction to the Every Day Girl | No Weaves, No Expensive Bags & Certainly No Stress

Obama Girls
Obama Girls

The above photo shows the most powerful president in the world, the president of the United States-Barack Obama and his teenage daughters—and apart from the president who is in a simple but decent suit, the girls will pass for poor secondary school students in Ghana.

These are the daughters of the most powerful man in the world and yet, they kept it simple—no long expensive Brazilian hair or weaves, no expensive LV bags, no high heels or expensive Louboutins and most definitely, no stress.

Young women of today from our part of the world are complete opposite of these girls who have the means and yet seem to be living simple lives—paying little or no attention to the stressful high fashion lifestyle.

It’s pretty shocking that even the most famous family in the world with the means keep things well within the boundaries of simplicity and yet the struggling daughter of that broke man continues to push for things she cannot afford.

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PHOTOS OF THE DAY: Jackie Appiah, Captain Planet, Becca & Martha Ankomah

Martha Ankomah
Martha Ankomah

Jackie Appiah is looking great with her signature long weave style (photo below)—and so is Becca, with her sort of afro style.

Each Sunday is a fashion affair for Ghanaian actress-Martha Ankomah and the past weekend was no different—she stepped out elegantly to worship her Lord.

Captain Planet also posed for the camera—the man who loves the camera!

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VIDEO: Mad Woman Afia Schwarzenegger Arrested For Beating the Hell Out Of A Man…SHOCKING!

Afia Schwarzenegger
Afia Schwarzenegger

From the video below, Afia Schwarzenegger is seen seriously trying to resist arrest—and according to reports, she was heavily drunk and perhaps high when the incident happened.

Afia Schwarzenegger is reported to have gone to a popular Omutuo Joint at Agbobga Junction in Accra over the weekend. While at this place, the comedian/radio presenter lost her phone…

Apparently, Afia Schwarzenegger suspected a certain man to have stolen her phone and she jumped on this poor man—battering him here and there.

In fact, it got really serious to the extent that the police came in to arrest Afia Schwarzenegger—handcuffing her in the open to the watch of every body.

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WWE Cuts Ties With Hulk Hogan For Using the N-Word

Hulk Hogan is in trouble—and this time it’s not a ring side problem. The WWE is cutting all ties with the wrestling legend after they got to know that he angrily used the n-word to describe someone who was dating his daughter. “Our sources say the WWE fired Hogan after learning of a transcript of … Read more

New Promo Video of Caitlyn Jenner’s 8-Episode Docu-Series Released | And He/She Goes Without Makeup…

E! has released a new promo video for Caitlyn Jenner’s 8-episode docu-series—and this time, she/he has no make-up on. In the promo video, Caitlyn talks about the burden of being a transgender. This is what she had to say; “I feel bad that these [people]—especially young people—are going through such a difficult time in their life. We don’t … Read more

PHOTOS: Joselyn Dumas At the 2015 MTV Africa Music Awards

Ghanaian actress-Joselyn Dumas was at last night’s MTV Africa Music Awards which took place in South Africa—and as usual, those hips were poppin’. The actress wore a blue jumpsuit which was a perfect pick for her famous body, we mean those hips that get people talking over and over again. For the hair, she kept … Read more

PHOTOS: Caitlyn Jenner’s First Mini Skirt Outing + MORE

Caitlyn Jenner
Caitlyn Jenner

Bruce Jenner, now Caitlyn Jenner stepped out yesterday for the first time in a mini skirt in New York City, after partying at the Gay Pride Festival over the weekend.

“Caitlyn Jenner, 65, showed no signs of tiring as she stepped out dressed to the nines in a tight-fitting leopard print wrap dress and high heels for a day of shopping at Patricia Field’s store in New York,” MailOnline writes.

They said no sign of tiring? You can see from her face that she is struggling—and totally uncomfortable.

The reality TV star was also spotted later in an entirely different outfit…

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PHOTOS: Meet the Young Ghanaian Who Went On A Ride With Drake in Accra & The Other Who Flew in Obama’s Presidential Jet to Tamale


A lot of young people have dreams–but now days, instead of working hard towards these dreams, they are able to achieve this easily by the use of computer software such as photoshop.

And the thing is, these people do not even take their time to learn photoshop well, lazy as they are, they just do their worst and call it the best—which they proudly share on social media.

We’ve come across a lot of these jokers but these 3 below are too serious to ignore. And the question is; they really have such gullible friends they sincerely believe would buy into this poorly executed BS?

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OMG…What A Butt | Meet Tanzania Model-Agnes Masogange Who Says That CAKE is 100% REAL

Agnes Masogange
Agnes Masogange

Nicki Minaj, Jennifer Lopez and several global stars paid a lot of cash to achieve the size and shape of their current butts—including, the almighty Kim Kardashian.

But back in Africa, a Tanzania Model and Video Vixen-Agnes-Masogange who has arguably the size of Nicki Minaj’s butt, far bigger than Kim K’s own says, her cake is 100% real and she did not need any doctor—her Mama gave it all to her.

It looks huge but then here in Africa, she won’t even place anywhere if we decide to stage Miss BumBum Africa.

For the butt experts and lovers, flip to the next pages and tell us if you think it’s real or not…

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