COUGARS IN PERSPECTIVE: What Do Older Women Want In Younger Men? + Nana Yaw’s Contradictory Ordeals

I have a gripping tale of a boy who once got entangled with two older women at different times, and in his own words, “it wasn’t that funny.”

His story has inspired this article and by virtue of that I have tried to unravel the air of mystery that surrounds such relationships and have deeper understanding as to why men are attracted to older woman commonly referred to as cougars.

Is the love genuinely base on mutual love or it transcends that boundary?

In an earlier article I wrote entitled, “Does Age Matter in a Relationship?” I said among other things that age is just a number and that maturity and age are two different components altogether.

The stereotype has always been a constant reminder that men prefer younger partners. However over the last couple of years, backed by advancement and deliberate attempt to show equitability, women are rushing for younger me like never before. Modern women emphasis this power to demonstrate that they can have what they want at any time just like their male counterparts.

An age-gap romance is something conservative society struggle to come to terms with. The relationship at a point becomes fragile when there is avalanche of seers and ridicule from the public. The public disapproval of this kind of relationship has been reinforced because of the existing system that makes men insusceptible to some of its ironies.

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PHOTOS + Teshie Climaxes Homowo With Street Carnival And Party Jams

Homowo Festival in Ghana
Homowo Festival in Ghana

The people of Teshie, a fishing community along the coast of Accra, have rounded off their annual Homowo festival with a street carnival and party jam. The event, which attracted a gargantuan crowd, made up of indigenes and foreigners displayed the rich cultural heritage of the Teshie to the rest of the world.

The street carnival which is referred to as Kpaa Shimo is celebrated with war like songs composed by the local people. The song is laced with satire and obscenities aimed at exposing some of the ills of the community and the country at large.

This year, the chieftaincy dispute and the power crises were the major themes of the songs. Various groups such as Mind You, Ananse, Jah Labour, Ghana, Tafo Y3 Fe3o and Port were the main bearers of the theme songs. They wielded huge flags and artifacts and relics relevant to the culture and traditions of the people.

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Six Most Skillful African Football Players of All Time

African players have been the antecedent of soccer artistry before Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo, who personify modern day paranormal football, were born. I have compiled a list of great African players who took spectators’ breath away with their immense qualities on the green turf. The list strictly catalogs players who were skillful, leaving out … Read more

10 Vintage TV Programs All Ghanaians LOVED | Oshin, Osofo Daazie, Journey to The West, Inspector Bediako, Things We Do For Love & Others

Journey to the West
Journey to the West

Before the proliferation of television stations in Ghana, GBC-TV (the sole TV provider) treated consumers with lots of interesting programs that we still relish today.

As opposed to today’s epoch of television where TV stations try to outshine and outpace each other with explicit foreign telenovelas, GBC-TV which was later christened GTV, televised pure organic local and foreign contents that still remain unparalleled.

I have painstakingly selected some of these programs that will make you feel nostalgic.

1. Oshin- Oshin was a Japanese serialized television program which began airing on our TV sets in the early 90’s. My statistics indicate that Oshin and Acapulco Bay (TV3) remain the most watched serials of all time in our broadcasting history.

The plot revolved around the main protagonists, seven year old Oshin who was abused and manhandled when she was sent off by her father to work as a babysitter to support her poor family. Despite the barrage of abuses, Oshin still endured the turbulences for the sake of her parents.

Her misfortune trailed her throughout adulthood but eventually there were moments of respite for Oshin when she overcame all obstacles and heaved a sigh of big relief.

Such was the popularity of Oshin that minutes after the show, adults and teenagers gathered in small groups to discuss the plot from the their biased perspective. People openly shed tears for Oshin forgetting that she was only a fictitious character.

2. Osofo Daazie

Osofo Daazie became a huge success with the local and elite people in the 80’s. Lots of the cast of this popular drama are dead while few survivors are either old or ailing. Bea Kissi, Frimpong Manso, Super O.D, and S.K. Oppong and others are just some of few names that make up one of the most sought after local drama in the country.

Every household stayed glued to their black and white TV sets every Sunday while these actors dazzled viewers with their dexterity. The main objective of every episode is to transmit a message, which borders around themes that mirrors everyday life in our Ghanaian set up to viewers.

The late Nana Bosompra later assembled some of the cast of Osofo Daazie to form the integral components of another hilarious and hit TV show called Cantata.

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Do Names Really Affect Us?…I Really Don’t Think So

Baby Names

I find it intriguing when people, especially those of black origin attach so much importance to the names they give to their babies. Choosing a name for baby is such a big deal amongst all tribes in Ghana since many believe the names has a major impact in the child’s life.

Some names are given in honour of a grandparent while majority of Christians, with recourse to the bible find the appropriate name that reflects the “holiness” of the original bearers.

Last year, I went to a naming ceremony at the invitation of a neighbour in a popular church in my vicinity. After the customary routine with Christians’ way of ‘outdorring’ a baby, the pastor requested the name of the child which has been boldly written on a piece of paper.

The pastor looked at the name and chuckled. He thereafter declared that unless the first name is changed, he may not go ahead with ceremony. In fact we were all dumbfounded.

‘Modern parents’ search the net for ‘classic’ names whilst others derive names from their favourite celebrities and stars of telenovelas. To them choosing a baby name is a matter of choice rather than tradition.

Other parents consciously give unique names accompanied with odd spellings, which to broader spectrum reveal the ‘level’ of the choosers.  In order to unravel the mystique behind names and its associated influence-good or bad, I have explored how this subject is universally projected.

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Indiscipline And Kevin Prince Boateng…The Inseparable Bedmates?

Kevin Prince Boateng
Kevin Prince Boateng

Kevin Prince Boateng was once the iconic player Ghanaians heralded into their fold with their customary hospitality. This was after he dumped Germany in favour of Ghana in the build up to the World Cup held in South Africa.

He settled in the Black Stars quickly and with his explosiveness and flamboyance, he soon became influential in the Black Stars.

His contribution which eventually made Ghana historically reached the quarter finals for the first time in South Africa 2010.

However, the former AC Milan and Portsmouth star is now a pale shadow of himself partly because of indiscipline. Presently he is without a club. His former club, Schalke 04 has shown him the exit for non performance and disciplinary reasons.

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SCIENCE Vrs THE BIBLE II: Reasons Why the Bible is Truly From God


Scientists have made groundbreaking discoveries that have helped humankind adapt to this wild world. From sophisticated mobile phones to improved healthcare, science has been able to provide heart-warming comfort and pleasure to mankind.

Science by definition is the knowledge gotten from observation and experimentation.  Religion (for the purpose of this article I will use religion and faith interchangeably) is profoundly described, in the language of atheist, as believing something without evidence; which to them is tantamount to abject stupidity.

Lots of atheists hide behind the shadow of science to wield, often irrefutable synthesis emanating from people of strong religious background and since lots of learned religious leaders and their associates cannot substantiate their theories with facts, atheists always have the last laugh, as it were.

The Bible, a sacred book professed to be the inspired word of God has come under lots of skepticism and even criticism from non Christians, especially atheists. Lots of the laws stipulated in the Old Testament reflect oppression (to women) and aggression (numerous wars and killings perpetuated by God).

Many scholars, often of atheistic background have labelled the Bible as a literature book but I am wondering what kind of literature has a strong influence as the Bible; a book that has be translated in more than 2,300 languages (meaning it’s accessible to over 85 percent of the world’s population).

Though Scientists have made lots of progress in their field, their works merely scratch the surface. Physicist and Nobel laureate-Steven Weinberg famously declared, “We will never get to the bottom of things.” Another renowned scientist, Professor Martin Rees, wrote; “There may be things that humans will never understand. The truth is that much of nature, from the tiny cell to the vast universe, still remains beyond the grasp of modern science.

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Wizkid, Bisa Kdei, Dieudonne Willa, Serge Baynand & Others WOW Fans At Emmanuel Sheyi Adebayor (SEA) Youth Festival in Togo

WizKid at Emmanuel-Sheyi-Adebayor-SEA-Youth-Festival-in-Togo1
WizKid at Emmanuel Sheyi Adebayor-SEA-Youth-Festival-in-Togo

Togo iconic footballer, Emmanuel Sheyi Adebayor pulled off a successful concert over the weekend which was headlined by Nigeria music sensation-Wizkid.

The concert attracted thousands of people who defied a heavy downpour that preceded the charity concert dubbed ‘SEA Youth Festival’ at the national stadium in Lome, the capital of Togo.

Togolese artistes such as Dieudonne Willa and Serge Baynand pumped the required adrenaline into the crowd as they screamed for more.

Ghana’s Bisa Kdei received a rousing welcome when he took his turn to literally shake the crowd. The audience, albeit their lack of fluency in the lyrics of the song still sung out loudly in the most passionate way. Ghanaian comedians Funny Face and Great Salinco joined Bisa on stage to support the ‘Metanfo’ hit maker.

Lola Rae, a British born Ghanaian singer made a cameo appearance on stage when she performed a beautiful track with Bisa Kdei.

The audience went gaga when the MC introduced Wizkid. The 24 year Nigerian,real name-Ayode Balogun lived up to the hype and gave a stellar performance to delight of his fans. He performed a wide range of music from his repertoire, backed by a well-coordinated band.

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‘Leave John Dumelo Alone’ Writes GC Contributor Gabby Nash

John Dumelo
John Dumelo

I’m quite appalled by the way some commentators on the various news threads on social media and blogging platforms continue to demonstrate gross deficiency in their line of reasoning and the fact that their thinking faculty is fraught with prejudices.

Even in animal’s kingdom where vandalism and stupidity reflects animals’ mode of operations, some animals are ‘tolerant’ and liberal (figuratively). So why can’t some humans, who maraud as intellect exhibit broad-mindedness and rather resort to crude methods of addressing issues typical of barbarians?

John Dumelo, a renowned Ghanaian actor whose fame has outstretched beyond Ghana’s boundary called on Ghanaians to exercise restraints and rather support the incumbent government to solve the power crises christened as dumsor.

He made this comment devoid of any insult aimed at anyone. Yet, people have descended heavily on him, attacking his personality and brand. A person brandishing his/her comments is a right and furtherance to our young democracy yet verbal diarrhoea has characterize some people’s attitude without offering any clear initiative to remedy any problem.

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Does Age Matter to You in Relationships? | Of Course Not…

Black woman
Black woman

There is no universal law that suggests specific age gap between partners before they finally join in a blissful relationship. This subject, though often discussed has not yielded any conclusive theory that will tie the loose ends.

Traditionally a man is supposed to be older than a woman. In most cases, both sexes in the relationship have the same age. In rare instances, the woman is slightly older than the man. This phenomenon is wholly agreeable with the conventions of the society. It only becomes weird when one of the partners is far older than the other; say ten or fifteen years.

Age in relationships tend to be a great priority for many who are seeking to spend the rest of their lives with someone they truly love. Frustrations and regret sets in when the age difference is wide. This disparity may conflict with the individual goals and societal view of the relationship. 

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Atheists On Warpath: God Does Not Exist? | You Are A JOKER to Think So!

The God story
The God story

I have always been astounded by the beauty nature abounds with. I have always been awe-stricken how beautiful the universe and the intelligence human possess that has spurred technological advancements. Who made all these things? “God!” comes the reply. Hence when I grew up and got to know there are a bunch of people out there who do not believe in the existence of God, I was puzzled.

I thought they might be outrageously stupid. But I did not reject their stance completely. I made friends with some of them to deepen my understanding about what influence their outlook and perhaps come to appreciate them, notwithstanding the seemingly parallel perception we both have. With all sincerity, atheists are highly profoundly intellectuals and this underlies their superiority in the atheist- Christians banter all the time.

Atheists believe that God and anything that represents Him is a mere fallacy, though none of them have been able to prove it. Their hypothesis reveals that it is highly improbable that a certain God exists.

I counted my self lucky when I met Chris Vincent Agyapong Febiri, the staunchest atheist I have ever met. His utterances and posture was quite demeaning but I grew fond of him. The dude is quite intelligent and he knows how to substantiate his doctrines with much confidence and sheer profligacy. I thus confronted him via his whatsApp mode and as liberal as he is, defied me to produce an article which is heavily laden with hard proven facts to show the existence of God and why we need Him (click here for that article)

I took up the challenge and few days later I came out with the article, “A case for God. Does God exist? Yes” The atheists’ quickly reinforced and unleashed the inevitable question that makes even astute Christians fumble- “who created God, prove that God exists?” It is in light of this that I have dedicated this write-up to expose and perforate the obnoxious perception that permeates the thinking faculty of all atheists. I have demarcated the write-up into five key areas that represents atheists’ punch line. I just hope this will elicit strong consideration from my pals for them to cross examine their faith.

1. There is no evidence for God’s existence

This is the most popular weapon atheist wield against their opponents. In my first article I wasn’t able to provide any proof to indicate that God really exists and I am not in any position to do so right away. Even Christians of high educational repute have no idea as to the origin of God. Readers of that article, including Chris-Vincent were not convinced, chorusing unanimously for me  to provide one else the premise of my argument becomes fraught with weak analyses.

What evidence exactly did they want? I might be bereft of the law but I want my points to revolve the faculty of law and I guess Chris-Vincent and his cohorts will perhaps buy my idea this time. What is sufficient evidence for one person is grossly inadequate for another. In a law court, two parties can utterly incur different interpretations for an identical data. This means the data can be the same but both parties, with the same logic and same line of thinking may have a different interpretation for it. An old adage corroborates my assertion: facts do not determine the argument, the argument determines the facts.

God’s handiwork like trees, birds and humans proved woefully insufficient to convince my friends who presuppose that only what can be apprehended by the senses rightly qualifies as evidence. In January 1997, Discover magazine reported that astronomers detected what they concluded were about a dozen planets orbiting distant stars. Ultimately these astronomers concluded that related evidence, not direct observation made them believe that there are lots of unseen heavily bodies.

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Time to LEGALIZE ABORTION in Ghana? | Of Course There is the Need for It…


Available statistics relative to abortion in Africa especially Ghana is staggering. The laws of Ghana, just like many other countries, forbids abortion. Ghana’s law permits abortion in cases of rape, incest or the “defilement of a female idiot;” and also if the life or health of the woman is in danger; or if there is risk of fetal abnormality.

Abortion is the cessation of pregnancy or fetal development. Though illegal, abortion is still on the increase partly owing to the fact that lots of women deem it as personal requirement. This prompts them to perpetuate this act in secrecy. The result?  The precious lives of these women are endangered, giving room for abortion and mortality to have something in common. Abortion can occur spontaneously. In this regard it is referred to as miscarriage. When it is induced then it gains it proper recognition as abortion.

Many countries, especially those in West have legalized abortion. However anti abortion groups which are refracted through religious bodies and the society are working assiduously to have the laws repealed.

Many people employ simple to crude way of terminating their fetus, including the administration of concoctions, strong alcoholic beverages (brandy), fasting, weightlifting, diving, the use of irritant leaves, etc in countries like Ghana where abortion remains illegal. These methods were adopted and practised in primitive communities but are still prevalent today.

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The Moral Maze: Is It Better To Be Honest And Poor Or Dishonest And Rich?

Confused Black Woman



Injustices and dishonesty have pervaded the earth. Many people put in the helm of affairs grossly exhibit dishonesty to the extent people have come to accept it as a norm. Dishonesty and corruption are used interchangeably so for the purpose this article I will resort to both usage in a variable context.

The 2013 global corruption barometer, published by the Transparency International, reported that people worldwide have the perception that the five most corrupt institutions are political parities, the police, public officials, the legislature and the judiciary.

Dishonesty is flaunted conspicuously and is found every facet of life-in school, the church, market and virtually everywhere. And when such contaminated environments are created, honest or upright people tend to suffer.

Years ago a military ruler, ex President Jerry John Rawlings practically wiped market women in a brutal fashion because they duped unsuspecting public in purchasing substandard commodities. Others also hoard their merchandise only to sell it at incredible exorbitant prices when there was scarcity beyond the reach of the ordinary citizen.

That was when the popular Ghanaian phrase, ‘kalabule’ was coined. Market women, mix red palm oil with other materials to boost its quantity and bolster profits, among other debasing acts.  This deceit is not only perpetuated by market women. City officials are chronically addicted to this act. Approximately two years ago, Melcom, a very famous shopping mall collapsed and killed about four people whilst others sustain various degrees.

Preliminary investigation revealed that the builders used inferior materials to erect the edifice, while city authorities looked unconcerned. The conclusion was that evidently some of the officials have been bribed. In 1995 in Seoul, South Korea, 502 people died in department-store. Investigators found out that officials had been bribed to allow contractors to use substandard concrete and to violate safety rules.

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Exclusive Africa Cup of Nations Trivial/the Other Side of the Game…


The first phase of the ongoing AFCON tournament has come to a successful end and as expected, the traditional maxim “the boys have been separated from the boys” has once again been consolidated.

I am however completely appalled by the hypocritical attitude of Ghanaians. After a poor outing in the first game in which the Black Stars lost 2-1, Ghanaians maligned the team and the highly reputable coach. They foretold doom for the Black Stars.

However the competence of the coach and his tactical approach to subsequent matches has proved that his repertoire is of high standard. Then this same insane people have started hailing him, bestowing all the nicest accolades you can ever imagine on him.

Let me divert my attention to the reason for this article. After the epic group stage encounters, here are some interesting fact recorded so far that highlights the beauty of the game that you haven’t been conscious of.

Gervinho was the first player to be red carded after needless tantrums with a Malian player.

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