Redefining the Vice-Presidential Role: Dr. Bawumia, the Distinguished Digital Man, Worth Celebrating


On 4th of August 2022, Ghana celebrated founders’ day, one that sought to highlight its illustrious founding fathers. The eminent personalities that helped in the struggle to gain independence for our country deserve to be remembered, not only for the current dispensation, but also for the future generations. It is therefore fit and proper for … Read more

Don’t Be Greedy, Allow Your Man To Have A Side Chick | Guest Post By Nana Kwame


The recently leaked video of the minister for Security Hon Ken Dapaah has made him the poster boy for cheating men with a lot of people bashing him for stepping out on his marriage. One of the things that many have not considered is the service this man and the likes of him render to … Read more

Is Expensive S*X Making Afia Schwarzenegger Embark On A Weight Loss Journey? | Guest Post By Nana Kwame


The queen of controversy Afia Schwarzenegger is challenging herself to lose 10Kg in 21 days as part of her new year’s resolution. What might have caused this change in the most confident woman in Ghana is anyone’s guess. Majority of people lose weight to be more attractive therefore it will be of no surprise if … Read more

How Prepared Are the Security Agencies to Deal with the Huge Influx of People Coming to Ghana this Christmas?| Guest Post By Kay Dizzle


This Christmas there are a lot of shows and many people will be gathering at so many various places. This message goes to the tourism ministry, the security agencies and any authorities involved in #TheYearOfReturn If there was ever a time we needed efficient, effective security it will be this Christmas. READ ALSO: 44 And Still … Read more

Most Female Ghanaian Celebrities Want To Be Trophy Wives | Guest Post By Nana Kwame


Majority of the young women who claim to be celebrities today are walking the streets of Ghana desperately looking for rich innocent men to sink their greedy fangs into. These girls who are mostly jobless usually use expensive bars and restaurants as their hunting grounds. If one makes the mistake of saying hi to them … Read more

Beyonce Turned Burna Boy From An African Giant To An African Midget | Guest Post By Nana Kwame


Nigerian musician and Afrobeats artist Burna Boy claim he has never met the leader of the Bee Hives Beyonce or even had a telephone conversation with her. The artist who is currently dating British rapper Stefflon Don in an interview with controversial radio host Charlamagne Tha God stated that he never received a call from … Read more

Shatta Wale Versus Shatta Michy – Who Talks Sense? | Guest Post by Nana Kwame


Listening to Shatta Wale or his ex Shatta Michy talk about their relationship is like hearing Ghanians moan about the current state of affairs in the country, both are annoying and pointless. Less than a year ago, these two were the toast of the country when Shatta Wale went down on one knee and finally … Read more

Ghana Will Soon Have a GAY Church – Implies Bishop Charles Agyin-Asare | Guest Post By Eric Anokye Asare


According to the founder of Perez Chapel International Bishop Charles Agyin-Asare, the gay agenda in Ghana will gain huge momentum in the coming days and months. He claimed that there is an agenda to normalise homos*xual behaviour among the youth since majority of adults are set in their ways. There is a genuine fear that … Read more

Society considers Gay Men As Weak— Jussie Smollett | Guest Post by Rex Krampa


Jussie Smollett, after his attack on 29th January 2019, sat with ABC News’ Robin Roberts for his first interview. In that interview, published on the 15th of February 2019, Jussie detailed the night of his attack. He said the attack happened at about 2am as he was leaving a Subway Restaurant in Chicago.

According to him, the two attackers got his attention by yelling racial and homophobic slurs at him, and they put a noose around his neck and poured an unknown substance, likely bleach, on him.

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Nana Ama Asante is a Feminist, She Can’t Possibly Be Right! — Guest Post by Rex Krampa



Citi FM’s Journalist, Nana Ama Agyemang Asante, in response to a tweet directed at her, said, “you people are so disappointing. Eww. Imagine taking offense and resorting to ableism, insulting actual humans suffering and living with depression because you’re incapable of engaging with ideas. Eww.”

Her response was actually to someone who called her depressed over her comment on John Dumelo’s Val’s Day gesture. That was how many people on Twitter reacted to her comment: they bypassed it, just as she pointed out in the above response.

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One Man, Two Personas – What is Wrong with the Legendary R n B Star R-Kelly? — Guest Post By Rex Krampa


According to Tamra Simmons, one of the executive producers of the Docuseries, this evidence of s*xual abuse charged against R. Kelly has gone way back to two decades.

‘Surviving R. Kelly,’ the Docuseries, has been watched by millions of people around the globe, as young women tell their story of how they survived s*xual assault from the celebrated RnB singer, R. Kelly— A name his ex-wife would like to separate from his real name, Robert Kelly.

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Why Should Anyone Support Teacher Kwadwo? — Guest Post By Rex Krampa


When news of his contract with Huawei was terminated, DKB took to Twitter to express his concern for Teacher Kwadwo.

He wrote: “We all jumped on teacher Kwadwo’s page to help him raise funds to purchase uniforms, shoes, etc. for deprived children, you didn’t support but you had time to dig 2 years into his page to find unsavory jokes to destroy him. You certainly hate deprived children & young hardworking men.”

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Lawyer Sandra Ankobiah Writes: Celebrities Are Human Beings Too…


From the outside looking in, everything can seem glorious to the eye. There is a reason why one of the most well-known sayings in the English Language is that ‘grass is greener on the other side’, because people tend to be aspirational and therefore, always ascribe more happiness and success to people who are on … Read more

Dinner With the Wolves: Season 1-Episode 1

Dinner with the wolves

Agyei, I can’t wait for that day when we will gain admission into the training school. I will be the most happiest woman on earth. I happily exclaimed.
That day will soon be here my love. We’ve prayed enough, and what is left is to look up to God for the answer. Agyei responded.
Anytime you talk like this, I fall in love with you over and over again.
I love your Godliness and patience. I complimented.
Kukua, why do you always make me feel like the world revolves around me? Agyei shyly asked.
Indeed the world revolves around you. Ever since I lost my father, you’ve been there to occupy that vacuum left.
You simply don’t know how my mother and I cherish you. You are our lost but found treasure. I responded happily.
Kukua, it’s time for supper, join me in the kitchen. Mummy called.
Kukua, I will like to take my leave then. I will see you some other time. Agyei stated and stood up to leave.
No Agyei, you can’t leave. We are preparing this supper because of you. My mother stated.
We both hurried to the kitchen to prepare yam and garden eggs stew.

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3 Things I Wish My Man Knew–What Every Woman Wants in A Man



As a woman, it is infinitely important for me that my man rests secure and comfortable in my love. I know however, that most men are uncomfortable and insecure in the knowledge that they have a strong, well put-together woman with ambition.
The result, a strong woman goes in for a man who has the guts to approach her, forming the idea that he’s strong enough for her. In the end, she gets hurt because he really isn’t what he seems. Now what does a strong woman really want her man, who may not necessarily be so strong, to know?

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Janet Maame Serwaa Arkorful Writes: My Own Terrible Experience As A Miss Ghana Finalist–Sexual Harassment, Exploitations And Financial Darkness


Janet Maame Serwaa Arkorful Awotwe, Miss Ghana Finalist

The past week has seen Miss Inna Patty and her Exclusive Event Ghana Limited (EEGL) sustain a place on the list of news headlines. At least 3 recent former Miss Ghana Queens – Antoinette Delali Kemavor (2015), Giuseppina Nana Akua Baafi (2013) and Stephanie Karikari (2010) – have publicly accused Miss Patty, who is also the CEO of EEGL, of financial, physical and sexual exploitation.
In fact, some of the beauty queens have described the Miss Ghana beauty pageant, which Miss Patty and her EEGL run, as an “escort agency.” Other former notable finalists, like Margaret Kuma-Mintah- Miss Ghana first runner-up 2013 (who resigned from her post just 2 weeks after winning the enviable position) have corroborated the sordid allegations.
Public sentiments leave no one in doubt that Ghana’s first President, Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah, intended to lift the image of the black race with the Miss Ghana Beauty pageant, but today it is rather doing the direct opposite. It is in this light that I, a former finalist of the pageant, wish to share my experiences, suspicions and beliefs with the public. I am doing this believing that it would help the public know what has become of this public asset – Miss Ghana.
The Miss Ghana Philosophy
The Miss Ghana pageant has a philosophy. President Nkrumah in his profound love for Africa initiated the Miss Ghana event immediately after Ghana`s independence in 1957 to serve as a platform to extol the virtues of the African personality and physique and also to prove to the world that the BLACK skin is BEAUTIFUL. It was also to offer the independent Ghanaian woman a platform to positively impact society. This move by Nkrumah was very much in tandem with his own Pan-African ideological underpinnings.
Thus, Miss Ghana being the first official beauty pageant has also been part of the journey of the emancipation of the Black people; it was designed to showcase the beauty of the African woman in international beauty contests. In effect, the ground-breaking launch of Miss Ghana in 1957 offered a springboard to make a bold statement to the world that the Black skin is capable of standing at par with the Caucasian skin.

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Lawyer Daniel Koi Writes: How to Legally and Easily Set Up a Branch of Your Company/Business in the UK


Globalization and migration have made it easier for people to move from one part of the world to another, sometimes to even settle. And it’s on the back of this that the United Kingdom government has instituted various means by which foreign-based companies or businesses can also easily set up branches or subsidiaries in the UK—and operate freely.
Contrary to popular conception, it’s very easy to register a branch or a wholly-owned subsidiary of your business/company in the UK—of course, with the help of a good solicitor who understands UK Home Office’s entry requirements.
So if you have a company in Ghana, Nigeria or any part of the world, you can set up a branch or subsidiary of the company in the UK—and have a representative (Sole Representative of an Overseas Business) be granted a visa to come and manage the set up in the UK on your behalf.  

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For Myself, God And Country…


“This business is like a ship. When it sinks, not only the captain will perish. Everyone else will. The success of this company must be your headache. This business must be your business!”

One day, when Scribe has its building complex, this inscription will glaringly hang in the foyer. Staff will pore over it first thing every morning and last thing every day. It will find its way into their weekly mails. They will be bombarded daily with the consciousness that the success of the company depends on every soul!

Growing up, I noticed a weird attitude towards work in most civil servants. They show up at work late and are in a haste to leave early. They find no creative ways of boosting their performance, thus, play the same role the same way for decades. Others who try to push beyond the low standard are ridiculed and tagged as “too known”.

Mediocrity is the norm. Friday is almost a weekend while the rest of the days are used to while away time. Substandard productivity is king. At the least opportunity, they’d give an excuse why they shirked their responsibility. After all, the company belongs doesn’t belong to them!

We often don’t value what we have until we lose it. Until we become jobless, we’ll never appreciate the worth of our source of livelihood, regardless of how little the income is. Until we are left with no option than to stay home idle (and hungry) for months and years, we’ll never appreciate the fact that leaving home for work is a stress relieving therapy.

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How to Naturally Grow Curly or Afro-Caribbean Hair Fast



It’s no secret that us curly girls have a far more challenging time trying to keep our voluminous tresses healthy because they are naturally drier than our straight haired counterparts. Because of the curl, it takes moisture a lot more effort to travel down to the ends of our hair to ensure it is kept moisturized and healthy.

The less healthy your hair, the more difficult it is for it to grow and prevent breakages. If you are looking for the best way to grow your curly or Afro-Caribbean hair fast then try these top tips.

1. Stop the heat or chemical damage

This point goes without saying, but it’s one of the most important ways to get your curly hair into tip-top condition. Though it’s tempting to tame those flyaways, heat, and damage is the fastest way to dry, brittle and lifeless curls.

Instead, opt for the natural look and let your hair air dry after washing. This way it will retain all its natural oils to help it grow strong and healthy. If you are feeling self-conscious about leaving the heat behind then learn some pretty heatless hairstyles to give your hair extra oomph.

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Kwame Agyemang Berko Writes: Ghana, Why, What Art Thou?

Killing of Maxwell Mahama

If I were a serving Police officer, stationed in some galamsey trodden and Godforsaken village, I’d be thinking mainly about my skin, hope for below average pints of palmwine in exchange for leniency and justice, and pray hard against proclamations like “Denkyira Boase, why, what art thou?”.

The most famous “ why, what art thou” looms large in Romeo and Juliet but  is of course not the rhetorical question by William Shakespeare’s Othello in response to this drawl by Desdemona. . . “ upon my knee, what doth your speech import? I understand a fury in your words, but not the words.”

Wake up Buddy, the drama that confronts us a Ghanaian people isn’t a love story. Neither is it one staged in an amphitheatre for its revelers. It is more dire and shall end worse than can ever imagine.

My thoughts however, and on this day, way before all goes up in flames, have been stirred up because of the flurrying and oft misplaced, illiterate and misguided tributes to Captain Maxwell Mahama which is being espoused with our usual weak and unintelligent approach to fatal or devastating opportunities that intermittently pop on our calendar.

I am not a judge. I do not even want to lie about who I shall call if an armed person mugs me at dawn when I am jogging to keep fit. Or when my mum is assaulted by any fool(s) brandishing a weapon or not. But in the heat of the moment, especially in the bush, I shall not call any member of the Ghana Police Service.

I’d call on my neighbors and we shall not give the assailant jollof or prepare for him, an English breakfast. If I have also suffered any near escape or fatality in the past, and the Police who were notified and duly commenced investigations, are yet to apprehend the culprits or bailed the suspects under very arcane circumstances, my next encounter with any suspect shall not include the might of the Police. And then, when I die in the process, or most likely, the assailant is burnt into ash, we shall come full circle. Again. But the bad news is, Vice President Bawumia won’t visit my surviving family to commiserate.

Either way, the Presidential tribute has confirmed what we already know. That If you are poor, or has a name like ‘Berko’ for a surname, find your lane and be in it for all our sakes.

The fallen soldier in the line of duty, should rest. And deservedly so. He is not going to be any less dead. May he do so in peace, if he has earned it. And may the perpetrators of the evil deed never know peace.

But, and taking a cue form Shakespeare, it is the import of your speeches that I currently struggle with. Yes, passions have been inflamed and is at an all-time high. . . Depending on whether you are cold hearted or not.

Emotions are been dished out with heads bowed and otherwise straightened and muscled figures have suddenly grown meek.

The elderly who had served this nation and have courtisied with their dignities intact, are gnawing at kola nuts up north and beyond. The distinguished and teeming Mahamas all over are most bereaved and are yet to come to terms. For they are family. Our men in the Army are no better.

But we must not seize this tragedy to fool beyond what is permissible and lawful. I understand the fury in your words, but I can’t be ignited nor be lit up like a headless chicken, by the words. For there is a larger conversation that leadership on all sociocultural and religious fronts must and can broach to be able to give the Soldier and his family a befitting tribute. Ultimately, Ghana must win in the midst of this fit of fury.

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2017 BET Awards: Cut the Crap—Shatta Wale Is A Piece Of Gourd, Writes Kwame Agyemang Berko

Shatta Wale

In the interest of our famed communal spirit as African- Ghanaians, everyone, sit. Just sit down. And lend me your intellect. Or whatever you have for it.

If you are not intelligent at all, bare with my literary illustration below. But do not misinterpret my generosity as a tacit admission that I am responsible for your brain malaise.

Now, homophonically, the title of this piece of literature is, depending on your Holy Bible proficiency, almost or entirely an affront to scripture.

Like when a good televangelist intones that God created him, the Osofo, in his own spitting image and so he is a piece of God.

In the absence of a loud preacher man pontificating of his paternity, and sticking to the same homophones bit of wordplay, one could be actually be tempted to liken Ghana’s Shatta Wale as being a piece of God.

Before you come assailing me with blasphemy, as if I hadn’t warned you against my total disdain for dumbness and people who are dumb, please pay attention to the following verses. . .

1. Is Shatta Wale a jealous human being?
2. Is Shatta Wale not filled with fits of rage and fury?
3. Did Shatta Wale not server relations with his Lucifer aka Dupoti?
4. Does Shatta Wale’s acts and decisions make sense to anyone else apart from him?
5. Does Shatta Wale create anything with his thoughts and words?
6. Does Shatta Wale love and expect his followers to sing his praises?
7. Did Shatta Wale not go into the wilderness for 40days and 40nights, sorry. Did Shatta not suffer in the music wilderness here on eartg for 10yrs before he was able to buy his 1st Range Rover?

Now imagine Ghana as one beautiful gourd. The fine dried up but well nourished fruit jar that is so blessed that it is called Ghana. Then for some mundane reason, the gourd is given to a grown- looking-responsible-looking spectacled human being like Willi Roi.

He is given the gourd to go and fetch water from the nearest river so we all drink and live life as one people. In unity.
Then Willi Roi, the same grown man expected to see what the stakes are for an entire nation, drops the gourd. Breaking it into pieces.

And smiling at the mess he hath brought upon us.

In spite of the shattered gourd, and the stupid grin on Willi’s dumb face, the least I’d expect every Ghanaian to do, would be to identify which piece of the mess is their portion. It of course goes without saying that each piece of the broken gourd, henceforth, becomes autonomous and must look out for him or herself.

Ladies, minnows and men, the supposed underlying ethos of Ghana’s sociocultural scheme, is a broken joke. And has been shattered largely by our inactions as an unappreciative philistine bunch who ought to be left to wallow in their ignorance.

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How A GC Contributor-Cudjoe Asiedu Saved A School Girl Who Had Been Kidnapped for About 6 Days in Kumasi


Indeed, good people still exist. I know am one of them. This girl was lying on a heap of sand by the roadside near the pig farm at Agona with about three people gathered around.

It was some few minutes after 7:00 pm and it was even drizzling.

I just couldn’t ignore her. I parked my motorbike, organised a taxi and with the help of some of the people around, carried this unconscious lady to the hospital together with the driver and the people around, whilst I went to make a formal complaint about the incident at the police station and then joined them at the hospital.

She gained consciousness and fully recovered about 45mins later. She then requested for water and it was given to her plus Malta Guinness.

I could tell the girl was really hungry. Searched through her bag and saw a book with some phone numbers. I called one of the numbers and fortunately, it was her mum who stays at Kronom, a suburb of Kumasi.I had to wait at the hospital till the mum came around 10:45pm before I left.

She narrated what happened to her whilst I waited for her mum. The police also came around and did their questioning as well.

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A Seductress’ Body is Her Weapon—FLEE!

The art of seduction is a Science every man must know― and learn how to resist. In this age of internet, your surest bet is your ability to control your urge; especially sexual urge. The greatest asset a man can have is not wealth but self-control. If you can’t control yourself, trust me, blackmails will control your life!

There comes a time in our lives that we need to be careful the caliber of characters we entertain in our lives. When married, one needs to know the extent they can go with the opposite sex. When single, in like manner, one should be wary of the friends they keep.

The art of seduction takes time. A seductress always throws unassuming baits here and there waiting for her victim to fall for them. She plays on their emotions. It doesn’t matter how long it may take her but day by day she lures her victims. As if hypnotized, her victims sooner or later unknowingly fall for her!

I come across a lot of people in the course of doing what I love to do― writing. The nice comments and feedbacks are amazingly overwhelming. The criticisms are, too. At all times, one should know when to draw the line. One should know the heights to which some conversations climb. As a [young] man, you should know when it is due for you to flee excessive flattery!

The art of seduction, first of all, begins on the note of flattery. As human as we are, we all have the urge to be admired. We all want to be appreciated. We all want to be literally hailed. Seduction abuses this urge. It takes advantage of it.

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