Celebrity Style of the Week: Christabel Ekeh’s Beautiful LWD is Trending | A Perfect Pick For the Young & Bold

Celeb style
Christabel Ekeh

GhanaCelebrities.Com returns with our Celeb Style of the Week column—each week, we will bring you what a chosen celebrity is rocking and provide you with means via which you can jack the style.

We are excited to be jump-starting it with Christabel Ekeh, a beautiful Ghanaian actress who has good eyes for fashion—with a body that fits what she mostly wear.

What’s not to love about the LWD (Little White Dress) above? A cute white dress is so versatile—and as our Celeb Style of the Week, you can wear it with black accessories or nude and my favorite combination, red.

Picture this outfit with red strappy shoes—that is a BOMB.

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ASK SASSYCHIC: Are You a Shopaholic? | How to Deal With Your Excessive Shopping Habit


From BrutallyUncensored.Com

‘The devil creates work for idle hands’…so the saying goes. I had a few days off and after months of announcing to anyone who would listen that I am having a big clear out of all my possessions, what started out with a pot of nail polishes continued a week later at the bottom of my shoe shelf.

With popular best-selling books like ‘Confessions of a shopaholic’ and movies such as ‘The Devil Wears Prada’, the term shopaholic appears to be a likeable title for some of us.  A title we seem to like to boast about.

It’s no joke, it’s not funny and my bank manager and partner do not think so either.

An online dictionary defines shopaholic as;

A frequent shopper, especially one who is unable to control his or her spending…

Though we joke about it at the back of our minds we may feel guilty at times when making purchases we know are not necessary.

The whole point of highlighting and openly discussing this is the notion and idea that there is so much more of what I and we could be doing with our hard earned cash. Every penny counts and I have so much more I want to achieve than my impressive shoe collection. I can’t cultivate my dreams if I’m spending my money meant for investments on Zara handbags.

So what did I discover during my mammoth clear out; the clothes from years back that still had labels and had never been worn or the pair of shoes that had only been worn once and that was because my sister pinched them without my knowledge and wore them (I only found out because of a picture that was posted on Facebook…the joys of social media).  Many of us are guilty of these acts of over shopping and accumulating goods that are hardly or ever worn.

While I continue to tell myself that compared to my sister, friends or even my mom that the 30 odd pair of shoes I have are really not that bad, it really is something for me to consider changing.

I fear that my love for YouTube videos full of what is referred to as shopping hauls and instagram only makes matters worse for people who love to shop. Not to mention the love of receiving a compliment from someone asking… ‘where is that from, you look lovely.’

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How to Stay Stylish the Celebrity Way in the Autumn And Winter Months | We Got It Covered for You

Amber Rose

As much as the summer months allows us to flaunt the best of the summer trends that are vibrant and varied with bright colours tassels and classy footwear, for me the autumn is full of gorgeous warm colours such as plums, browns and camel shades, floor length coats and best of all…faux fur.

The detail of adding a faux fur shrug to your leather jacket or a Russian style hat does not only keep you snug but keeps you looking stylish. As always taking inspiration from catwalks and celebrity style crushes—GhanaCelebrities.Com brings you what you can jump on, stylishly.

Take a sneak peek at our affiliate links for suggestions and ideas for affordable faux fur accessories and jackets in preparation for the autumn winter months.

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The Jumpsuits that ROCK | Grab Yours Now…



Here at GhanaCelebrities.Com, we can’t help but be inspired by celeb fashion, after all some of them have stylist so they get it right most of the time. This week’s pick is the glorious jumpsuit. Joselyn Dumas sported a glitzy version of this style.

This is something of a staple for nights out to look classy, cute and very comfortable.

Though worn all year round the jumpsuit is the perfect way to look gorgeous and stylish as well as show the best of what you have and keeping warm. Let’s face it, you want to look cute but not freeze in the process. I am totally sorted for all this year’s up and coming Christmas and New year’s Eve parties.

What I love most about this style is it suits all body types and shapes as long as you get you cut and fit right. There are so many styles to choose from with the jumpsuit—long sleeved, bell bottom, loose fit, figure hugging tight fit.

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From Rihanna to Juliet Ibrahim…The Mesh Detailing Dress Reigns | Your Wardrobe Needs One


Finding the perfect LBD (little black dress) is never a problem when you need to look elegant for a classy night out. For an added touch of chic and sassiness, choosing a black dress with added meshing sets your outfit from about from a room full of the conventional black dress…

Dresses with mesh detailing also allow you to accessorize with bold colours and patterns.

Celebrities alike have also opted for this style of outfit for a flirty fun and cheekiness…if you’re bold enough to select a more risky mesh dress like Rihanna does, go for it…

Juliet Ibrahim recently an ankle length body-con with horizontal panelling…it’s sassy but the floor length cut give it, it’s sophistication. Juliet has accessorized with a simple clutch and black studded heals. The dress speaks for itself…
Check below for how Rihanna and Juliet Ibrahim took the beauty risk…

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Summer Prints: The Power of Flowers | Must Haves…



The best kinds of prints to wear in the summer are the prints that you can wear with simple or plain pieces in your wardrobe. The beauty of floral prints is they are bright enough to accentuate and dress up what you already have.

For this week’s fashion pick, check out how to add a summary look to your outfit with these gorgeous floral prints. They are perfect for all occasions, evening, day, casual, school, church and weddings…it’s good to have at least one staple floral piece in your wardrobe.

Another added bonus of floral prints is they are slimming on the body line! What’s not to like? Bold floral prints take the attention from every detail of your body shape due to the detailing of the pattern…If you don’t believe me, try one of our affiliate company’s floral pieces below and add a bit of sun to your closest!


Check below for more…

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Do You Want to Know How Hard It is to Be a Female Ghanaian Celebrity? Watch This…

  Celebrated Ghanaian TV Presenter-Gifty Anti and rising TV personality/Actress Naa Ashorkor Mensah-Doku were on TV3’s Today’s Woman Show to talk about the life of being a female celebrity in Ghana—especially the expectations and the pressures. According to Gifty Anti, relying on people for acceptance is the wrong thing and for Naa Ashorkor, female celebrities … Read more

Charterhouse – VGMA Does Not Care About Public Votes – Controversial Roro Alleges

VGMA 2014
VGMA 2014

Controversial but respected Ghanaian sound engineer, Roro Buddy, has opined that Charterhouse, organizers of the Vodafone Ghana Music Award VGMA do not take into consideration, votes/text from the public in determining who wins what in the award scheme.

Roro seems to have lots of issues with happenings in our showbiz industry lately. He came out some weeks ago to posit that the latest single ‘Selfie’ released by then VIP now VVIP is a substandard song and that he is highly disappointed. “The song is technically not good. It’s not well mixed and thus full of noise” Roro Buddy posited.

The latest shocker from his camp is an allegation that Charterhouse does not take into consideration, votes/text from the public in determining who wins what in the award scheme. According to Roro “who says Charthouse cares about your votes? They do what they like. Just get closer to them then you are assured of an award. With them anything is possible.”

Roro’s comments came in just after the organization of this year’s VGMA Industry Award on Saturday 26th April, 2014 at Alisa Hotel. Many are those who are surprised that gospel musician O.J did not win – with his song ‘May3s3 mo p3n’ the ‘Songwriter of the Year’ slot, but lost it to Bisa K. Dei – with the song ‘Baba.’ That might have precipitated Roro’s comments.

For education purpose, Charthouse has no hand in votes the public cast for the VGMA – at least that is what we all know all these years. Internationally respected research firm, KPMG, is the event statisticians for the award scheme. They always present the sealed results of the VGMA winners on stage – in the full glare of the public.

With their longstanding credibility and integrity, hardly can one cast dubiety on their professional works. Never has the media or any court, found them guilty of unprofessionalism bordering on their works with or for third parties who engage their services.

To those who always kvetch over who should have won what in the VGMA, the slogan we have all come to accept and understand is “did you vote?” If you (musician) and your fans failed to vote for you so you could not win, shut up! Besides, the Industry Award aspect of VGMA is not determined by public vote but by the VGMA Board and Academy so Roro got it all mixed up.

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Full List of 2014 VGMA Industry Award Winners…

VGMA 2014
VGMA 2014


Last night, a ceremony was held at Alisa Hotel in Accra to announce and hand-out plaques for the 2014 Vodafone Ghana Music Award’s industry award winners.

The event which was attended by several Ghanaian music industry personalities saw Kwabena Kwabena, Joyce Blessing, Bisa Kdei and others going home as winners…

Check out the full list of the winners below

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SOMEWHERE IN THE WORLD: 16-year-old Stow Away in Wheel Well of a Flight & Survives | Lucky Bastard!



As the years go by, people keep coming up with different illegal and also dangerous ways to transport themselves from one place to another.

In 2003, Charles McKinley, 25,  who wanted to go to his father’s house in Dallas (Texas) from New York decided to “ship himself rather than pay for a ticket,” and lucky for him, he got delivered safely.

A young man has somehow cheated death or let’s say got pretty lucky after lying from California to Hawaii stowed away in a plane’s wheel well, surviving cold temperatures at 38,000 feet and a lack of oxygen.


According to Yahoo;

Officials say a 16-year-old boy is “lucky to be alive” and unharmed after flying from California to Hawaii stowed away in a plane’s wheel well, surviving cold temperatures at 38,000 feet and a lack of oxygen.

“Doesn’t even remember the flight,” FBI spokesman Tom Simon in Honolulu told The Associated Press on Sunday night. “It’s amazing he survived that.”

The boy was questioned by the FBI after being discovered on the tarmac at the Maui airport Sunday morning with no identification, Simon said.

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Celebrity Instagram & Twitpics of the Week: Martha Ankomah, Menaye Donkor, Yvonne Nelson, Michael Essien & Others


Martha Ankomah
Martha Ankomah

I hope all of you are having a wonderful Easter holidays—just that some of us still have to work…

Some of our favourite celebrities have shared great shots on social media and as usual, we’ve picked them up for you to catch up on what they’ve been up to.

Beautiful Martha Ankomah decided to show her black beauty and we so much adore her complexion and pretty face.

Check out the below photos of Menaye Donkor, Michael Essien, Yvonne Nelson, Nana Ama McBrown and others…

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MUST READ: What Makes a Successful Marriage?



What makes marriage a successful one? I had an invite to a silver wedding anniversary (25 years of marriage) from a former child care provider who took care of my child after maternity leave. She used the opportunity to advise the not-yet-married and the married as to how to make a marriage a successful one as well as to run a happy home. I found it interesting so decided to share …a recap:

Don’t feed people with the little money you have to start life with (no elaborate weddings if you cannot afford it).

Marriage is hard work. If you just trap a man with your body, he will go one day because more pretty girls are becoming adults on a daily basis. Let men fall for your personality and not want you can do in bed with/to them.

You’ll offend/be offended, angered/annoyed – patience and forgiveness are very essential

Value your marriages/relationships. You nurture what you value. It’s only lazy people who say marriage is a prison

When you want to settle, don’t settle for/with people with ‘shifty’ minds – their mind shifts to anything which catches their fancy. Anything and everything entices them. Their preferences always change. They always think they can/could have done better when they’re married.

Don’t marry because you need someone around you and to make the house warm – marry because you want to make a home. A guy/girl who has a different boyfriend/girlfriend for different purposes: show-off/ sex friend/advisor/financier/cook/cleaner etc. is one to marry at your own risk. They are never satisfied in life. They usually don’t change after marriage. The only difference between them and a polygamous home is all the ‘spouses’ are not staying under one roof.

Take care of yourself and still be desirable to your spouse. Don’t let your ‘self’ and your marriage go by ignoring your body because you’re married.

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On The Hunt For ‘Mr Right’ – Getting Your Priorities Right

Confused Black Woman

The modern love has two phases; the quick love and the genuine love. When some ladies meet a man riding a car, they quickly fall in love with him. If you love someone, you don’t mind sleeping in a gutter with them (literally) because you know where you’re sleeping now is a starting point in your marital journey but with my new generation sisters, that is a no no. Some ladies went on a hunt for Mr Right and ended up in the ‘Husbandless Union’.

And if you are wondering what happened; either they were hunting in the wrong forest or they were hunting during the wrong season – they did not get their priorities right in the search for their Mr Right. Tell a lady who is attending every single mingle/single summit a nice gentleman is ‘interested’ to meet up with her and the first question she will ask is ‘has he got a car?’/I prefer men who dress nicely in suit in a tie’… Like…what the heck…Is he going for an Annual General Meeting? Is that what they’re taught at that single summit they never miss in their life? What a very myopic way of choosing a Mr Right.

Why ask for things and most of the time, the things some of these women expect the guys to own are things they don’t even have themselves (that is the irritating bit). If in your late 30s to early 40s and you’re still on the lookout for a car owner, you need deliverance, a big one.

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Victoria Hammah Says the Recent Public Humiliation of Young Women is an Unfortunate Reflection of…

  Victoria Hammah who was sacked as a Deputy Minister of Communication following the infamous Victoria leaks tape has joined the many prominent women speaking against an emerging acts of public humiliation of young women… Hammah took to her facebook to express her disgust, saying; “This week has awakened Ghana to another horrid story of … Read more

Full Transcript of President Mahama’s 2014 State Of The Nation Address

John Mahama



Yesterday, Ghana’s president John Dramani Mahama gathered courage in spite of the economic hardship to address the nation—and interestingly, he sort of gave hope for a better Ghana, to come…

We’ve heard so much of the better Ghana to come, what we now need is for things to start happening.

If you missed the President’s State of the Nation address, read the full transcript below…

Right Honourable Speaker,

Your Excellency, the Vice President, Your Ladyship, the Chief Justice, Honourable Members of Parliament,

Since the start of the Fourth Republic, every President, in fulfillment of Article 67 of the Constitution of the Republic of Ghana, has stood before this august house each year to address the state of our nation. It is my privilege, as President, to also stand before you today to present a message on the state of the nation.

I am pleased to be addressing the full house today, and I wish to thank all my parliamentary colleagues for the cooperation you have continually extended to me since I was sworn in as President. As a former Member of Parliament for twelve (12) years, I am always filled with a sense of nostalgia anytime I step onto the grounds of Parliament.

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Yvonne Nelson Rubbishes Actors Guild & Says ‘They Did Nothing For Me When I Was Banned’ But the Guild’s President Says She is ‘Liar’

Yvonne Nelson1
Yvonne Nelson

Almost 4 years now after being banned from acting by the Film Producers Association of Ghana, FIPAG, Yvonne Nelson has come out to reveal that Ghana Actors Guild, of which she is a member, did nothing for her – solving the issue.

“When my issue (ban) came up, the Actors Guild did nothing for me. They only came, sat, had some meetings and that was all. They did nothing for me. I kept quite but have to come out finally” Yvonne revealed.

Yvonne Nelson made those remarks (Sunday 17th Feb, 2014) when she appeared as a guest on ‘Hanging out with KOD,’ a one on one interview with celebrities and their fans on GH One on Sundays hosted by KOD of Radio Gold and 1957.

Asked what she thinks should be done to make the Guild better, Yvonne advised “we need professionals, lawyers, governmental support and… (Heaved a deep sigh of relief). The music industry is doing well but it’s the other way round in our movie industry.”

To establish whether what Yvonne Nelson said is true or false, GhanaCelebrities.Com contacted the President of Ghana Actors Guild (GAG). Mr. Odoi Mensah. “This is the most ungrateful comments I’ve ever heard come from someone I or the guild has helped. When her case came up, she came to our office. That was the first time she came there.

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MUST WATCH: On the Top Kenya Actress-Lupita Nyong’o Opens Up to CNN African Voices | Talks About How It All Started for Her Among Other Things…

Lupita Nyong’o
Lupita Nyong’o

Kenya actress-Lupita Nyong’o whose first feature film-12 Years a Slave has  gotten over 40 awards nominations including the Oscars sat down with  CNN African Voices’ Stephanie Elam, talking about how it all started for her, how she has received the sudden media attention among others…

Like most human beings, Lupita Nyong’o says in the interview that she was scared at the beginning when she considered taking up acting as a full time job since she does not know of any Kenya who makes a full living from acting.

But then, she decided to give it a try because you will never know until you’ve tried….

Watch the interview below

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Ghanaian Musician Nana Quame is Carrying Apples in Italy Says Mzz Fabregaz

Nana Quame And Wife-Dorcas (3)
Nana Quame And Wife-Dorcas

The allegation against Ghanaian musicians who are doing menial or casual jobs for a living abroad keeps tripping in lately in Ghana’s showbiz industry.

Just after film/music producer and entertainment analyst-Bandex alleged that musician Sony Achiba is washing plates in London for living, another showbiz analyst and radio presenter by name, Mzz Afya Fabregaz, has also mentioned to GhanaCelebrities.Com that highlife musician, Nana Quame, is doing a menial job in Italy.

“Nana Quame is carrying apples in Italy! He works on an apple plantation! He Nana Quame was interviewed two years ago and he admitted it! He was asked if he works on an apple plantation and Nana Quame said yes!”

GhanaCelebrities.Com asked Mzz Fabregaz: are you sure of what you are saying? “Of course! It happened two years ago! I am not lying! If you call him and he deny, call me back.”

GhanaCelebrities.Com asked Fabregaz which medium Nana Quame admitted on, that, he works on an apple plantation in Italy, but unfortunately, Mzz Fabregaz’s memory failed her; as she could not remember the particular medium the said musician admitted so.

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Ghana Is Experiencing Booming Online Mobile Phone Sales

Iphone 5s

I’ve several friends who are actively selling and buying mobile phones online through various classified websites and I am told business is booming for this enterprise.

Being able to post free ads in Ghana via some of the popular classified websites no matter where you find yourself in the country (provided you have internet connection) means thousands of being are spending nothing to list their mobile phones for sale—which are seen by millions of others.

In fact, it is not only those who reside in Ghana who have brought attention to the online sale of mobile phones in Ghana. Several Ghanaians living abroad have active accounts on many of these classified websites where they list recently released mobile phones for sale.

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BG: PHOTOS + Full List Of Winners-2014 Grammys


From BeyondGossip.Com

The highest honour in the music industry-2014 Grammys was held last night at the Staples Center in LA with incredible performances from the likes of Beyonce and Jay-Z, Madonna, Macklemore and others…

Also, after Macklemore finished verses on the monstrous hit, 33 couples came up unto the aisles of the Staples Center for Queen Latifah to officiate their wedding ceremony in front of the millions of people who were watching the Grammys worldwide.

It was such an amazing sight… After the officiating, Queen told the press that;

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Okyeame Kwame Says Komla Dumor Would Have Become Ghana’s President

Okyeame Kwame1


This is now getting hilarious and unnecessary…How are people able to read Komla Dumor’s mind?

I am not sure if Komla ever had any presidential ambition but according to Ghanaian hiplife musician-Okyeame Kwame, the deceased would have become the president of Ghana…

Can we mourn Komla Dumor and leave these wild assumptions and predictions behind? And which party would he has become a flag-bearer for?

Soon, NPP and NDC will start fighting—over whose side he would have stood for this presidency…


According to MyJoyOnline;

Hiplife artiste, Okyeame Kwame, known in real life as Kwame Nsiah Appau, believes the late iconic broadcaster Komla Dumor would have become the president of Ghana.

According to the award winning musician, Komla Dumor’s giant strides in journalism and achievements at the BBC made him a perfect candidate for Ghana’s top job – President.

Okyeame Kwame, who was speaking in an interview with after signing the book of condolence opened at Joy FM in honour the late iconic broadcaster said: “He had this demeanor of importance around him that wasn’t something he artificially carried, it was natural. You can see that this guy is grooming himself to be the next president of Ghana.”

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Asamoah Gyan Fits Perfectly For ‘Kumawood’ Kind Of Films – Ama K. Abebrese

Ama K Abebrese
Ama K Abebrese

Actress and TV host Ama K. Abebrese has revealed that celebrated Ghanaian footballer will fit in perfectly with the ‘Kumawood’ Kumasi kind of films.

Asked (AllSports) about which Ghanaian footballer would make a good movie star amongst all the footballers in Ghana, Ama said, “Dede Ayew, will be fit for a role in an action movie whereas Asamoah Gyan will fit in perfectly for a ‘Kumawood’ Kumasi kind of film.”

The demeanor with which Ama said it and with the use of the word ‘Kumawood’ Kumasi kind of film,” pundits are asking if she really meant any harm or not. Already, lots of people in the elite class scorn Kumawood movies or the Kumasi movies.

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The Return Of The Chest View-Christabel Ekeh

Christabel Ekeh was one of the main side attractions at the recently held Ghana Movie Awards—the way she opened up her chest brought in the attention. But if you thought Christabel only loved to show off her chest on red carpets, then you were wrong—we’ve got another photo of her putting things on blast. It … Read more

Another Reason Why Black Is Beautiful, Lupita Nyong’o At 2014 Screen Actors Guild Awards + Full List Of The Winners

Lupita Nyong’o
Lupita Nyong’o

As several black women all around the world, especially those in Africa are lightening their skin, finding no reason to be proud of their dark skin, Kenyan movie star- Lupita Nyong’o who recently scored an Oscar nomination continues to remind us that black is beautiful.

Lupita Nyong’o, 30, won the Best Supporting Actress award for her performance in ‘12 Years a Slave’ at the 2014 Screen Actors Guild Awards, held yesterday. But it was her black beauty that got many people talking, she looked naturally gorgeous on the red carpet.

Check below for the full list of the 2014 Screen Actors Guild Awards winners

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Ghanaian Musicians Should Focus On Content, Not Just Hits | The Cheap Hit Era Must End!

Obrafour (4)


As Obrafuor categorically stated on his controversial “Kasiebo” track, ‘music is dynamic’. This is absolutely true as we have observed in the trends of various musical genres, globally.

Focusing entirely on Hip-life, we can attest to the fact that Hip-life as it was back in the days is different from the Hip-life we have now. Lots of transformations have taken place over the previous decades.

In an industry like this, it is expected that the longer the industry exists, the more it progresses in all its aspects. However, this seems otherwise in our music industry when it comes to the issue of content.

Our musicians tend to pay less attention to the contents of their songs and focus mainly on how to churn out hit tracks. It is of no doubt that the quality of lyrical contents in today’s music cannot match that of previous years.

Making a hit track in Ghana has become so easy. What more do I need than a simple single term that will remain on the lips of Ghanaians for some time.

At this point, I totally agree with Asem when he declared in his “Last Filla” track that all that one needs to make a hit track is just a “hot” beat and a  hook—-that person has to just sure the hook stays on timing.

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And The Foot Belongs To?

  Forget about the colour or size of the foot and look at the tattoo on there. Can you guess who has been carrying that tat around? The person used to be a popular Kumawood actress until she found love far across the ocean. She relocated to be with her man few years ago—leaving the … Read more