Are Our Leaders Just Sadists? | I Promised Myself Never to Talk About Floods in Accra Again

Accra Flood
Accra Flood

Editors Note: This article was submitted last night, so take note of the relevant time and day details.

There are good days in Ghana but all the good days you can think come to nothing in times like this. Accra is experiencing floods of epic proportions and the unfortunate news is that it is highly likely we are going to see more rain this week. I promised myself I was never going to talk about floods in Accra; I really abused myself in order not to write this but it will come out anyway.

To start with Accra has no business experiencing floods of this magnitude. Two hours of slight rain (mind you I said slight rain not torrential rain) is just enough to flood Accra, so you can imagine what torrential rain will do.

I really pray no government official in the coming days will compare Accra to other parts of the world getting flooded because the basic education for such an oaf is that most parts of South, South East Asia, South and Central America experience this climate. The monsoon climate is characterized by massive rain, not even close to what we see here. However you rarely hear of one country experiencing floods every year at the same time of the year. Countries that experience this kind of torrential rain for days, plan their cities in order to allow rain to flow easily into the sea by using gutters, canals and so on.

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‘This is Not the Ghana I Imagined When I Was A Kid | The Country is On A Cruise Country’ Writes Asaase

Electronic waste in Agbogbloshie dump, Accra, Ghana.
Electronic waste in Agbogbloshie dump, Accra, Ghana.

In Ghana, at this point in time, there are many things that are increasing the heat under our derriere and you will hear people defending them in various ways. But the ONE thing you don’t defend is the power rationing—this cannot be called rationing maybe you can help me find a good word for it because the term dumsor has become the title of every comedy skit in the world even the ones about condoms because once a Ghanaian sees dumsor anywhere even written on a public urinal wall it causes him/her to laugh.

This situation is not funny. I wrote an article earlier this year titled-A letter to the people of Ghana and along with the help of Chris-Vincent and the help of President John Mahama himself we are beginning to see the light.

I don’t want to refer to the male actor who sought to ease our tensed backs by telling us to give our President time (we have given him enough time) because in my opinion anyone who isn’t found to be piling pressure through any means possible on government to solve this problem is indeed an enemy of the state.

Oh yeah if you have a generator maybe you can afford to keep quiet but the real Ghanaians are complaining, kindly shut your trap! We don’t pay taxes and vote a President for him to be writing us love letters. This is a quote from a movie I watched, “some men are not born to be happy, they are born to be great”. For you to be called a President of a country, you should have prepared yourself enough to be in the class of those great men. You may or may not achieve the aim but it’s an ideal goal to set if you want to leave a mark. The likes of Nelson Mandela and Kwame Nkrumah, Ghandi, Martin Luther King are such examples. These men may have experienced very few pleasures of this life because their goal was bigger.

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Obesity and Rap Music | What’s the Correlation?

Fat Joe
Fat Joe

Obesity is a term most people are familiar with whether on television, in school or anywhere. Most of us know the adverse effects of obesity so my intention is not to draw your attention to the risks involved. I am writing about obesity and hip hop or rap music. What is the correlation?

I believe among all the genres in the world, hip hop has been the most accommodating in terms of obesity since its inception in the early 70’s. Hip hop has always been that genre that promotes subtly an undisciplined lifestyle; once you have the women, the swag, the money or at least rap about the money you don’t have or you seem to promote vice, people will love you. I am a huge fan of rap music regardless, an ardent follower at that.

Since the early to mid-nineties, there has been an attempt (whether intentional or not) to make room for an obese rapper in the industry in every generation. It started with the introduction of Christopher Wallace popularly known as Notorious BIG aka Biggie Smalls.

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The Problem With Africa is US | South Africa’s Xenophobic in FOCUS

South Africa
South Africa

For most Africans, Africa is home. We are supposed to be a formidable force which cannot easily be broken. Leadership has failed us on many fronts, from the Kwamina Ansah’s who gave the Europeans access to his people just because of schnapp and gun powder to more recent nation wreckers we have now, something has gone wrong and the new generation has to fix it.

South Africa has started experiencing xenophobic attacks comparable to that of 2008 and the question is why does the South African government allow that to happen again? I think South Africa is experiencing a leadership crisis. Every time you hear of a place with a leadership crisis, blame the people.

The African National Congress (ANC) of South Africa has been the party in power for close to twenty years. Mandela set a very high standard of leadership even Europeans and Western leaders may never achieve in their lifetime and as a result of the hardwork and sacrifice by this great man, pre-apartheid and apartheid born South Africans feel eternally loyal to the ANC.

This has led to this point whereby even if ANC presents a dog as a flagbearer, South Africans are most likely to vote for it massively because to them the dog is Mandela. So at this point you have a corrupt, incompetent person like Jacob Zuma leading such a potential super power. (The sentences might be close but I am in no way saying Jacob Zuma is the dog)

Post apartheid ‘babies’ need to begin a revolution not necessarily by voting Julius Malema (He’s probably just bitter about leaving ANC) but by identifying good leadership material and giving such people their support.

I don’t understand why and how people think you are exaggerating or being too melodramatic when you say corruption and bad leadership is a national security threat. A typical example is South Africa. The sad fact however is that the frustration is not meted out on the bad leaders but rather on innocent people. This is a country which not too long ago was fighting discrimination on the basis of colour, a fight which almost every African country joined in diverse forms. Now here is the irony, today it’s a crime to be a black African in South Africa and who are doing the hunting? Black South Africans! South Africans should bow their heads in shame and ensure this menace stops and never happens again. It is absolutely ludicrous, and the highest form of cowardice to blame black foreigners for causing the economic problems.

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To Whom It May Concern | Not President Mahama- The Dead Goat Syndrome People Though!

Black woman
Black woman

I wrote this for a friend celebrating her birthday and now I have permission to share it. I didn’t write this for those who suffer from the same syndrome as President Mahama- The Dead Goat Syndrome. This is for all those who are in tight spots and feel helpless but still alive and hanging on to hope.


I smell beauty in the air while watching this skyline

Makes me think about the moments I’ve savoured with wine

And the moments out of boredom I’ve sat alone to dine

People say life is unfair

I say life is beautiful

Depending on which side makes you see blur- the castle or the cubicle.

Life is a cocktail of circumstances

The good and the bad, the ecstatic moments and the sad

The sweet moments that moist your lips

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TOP 10 Most Influential Ghanaian Music Artists of All Time | Samini In…Shatta Wale Out


In Ghana, there have been several musicians who have eased pain, helped partners make better love, comforted mourning hearts and even more importantly made this country and continent a bit more bearable.

Today I’d like to share with you my list of most influential, male, Ghanaian music artists of all time. I feel the list could be extended to 20 or 50 because there have been some extraordinary talents but I’ve narrowed this list to

10. Sarkodie

Mr. Obidi aka Sark aka money no be problem. First of all considering the fact that he isn’t yet thirty years and where his humble beginnings were, I’ve got to give some credit to this dude. He started out as a hard hitting rapper with deadly punchlines, the boy who just wanted to rap.

However over the years, whether by default or on purpose, Mr. Michael Owusu Addo has turned into quite a brand which we all know as Sarkodie with a rising value. With the total number of awards and nominations on the local and international scene hitting the 70’s and counting, you will assume he should rank higher but not in my list (afterall me na me kura platform no, me na me kasa yetie).

For crying out loud he has 3 albums, that isn’t something I should be excited about. He made it on my list because he has put Ghana on the map whether you like him or not. He seemed to have meandered his way through the crowd to become the forerunner precisely, the colour party Lieutenant of the Azonto Revolution.

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WORLD TROTRO MATES DAY: 10 GREAT Characteristics Of A TroTro Mate

For anyone who has ridden in a tro tro, you have encountered the personality of the infamous “mate,” the driver’s right hand man. Often, the mate is seen as a nuisance, a cheat or an arrogant brute that makes for an unpleasant riding experience. However, there are unique traits to a mate that makes him … Read more

FOR THE LADIES: Don’t Walk into Relationships Which Have RED FLAGS…



James Brown says ‘it’s a man’s world’ and Beyonce says ‘girls run the world’. These are two very prolific artistes in different generations but this choice of lyrics is clearly driven by the hormones burning within them.

I dare say neither men nor women run this world. However, women seem to have been given a certain amount of power maybe by divine approval to compensate for the uncomfortable periods in their life span. This natural engineering makes it such that no matter how egotistic a man is, he needs a woman but so do women also need men- vibrators don’t make babies and are not fathers no matter how many smiley faces you draw with a moustache on its surface.

Yes, men are becoming less responsible for various reasons; however who allows these men to be irresponsible? I am particularly disturbed by Bobbi Kristina’s case (Whitney Houston’s daughter). I was a huge fan of Whitney because that kind of talent passes by once in many light years. I became worried for Whitney the first time I heard she was in a serious relationship with Bobby Brown. I believe she signed her death warrant from that point and so her death albeit painful, did not come to me as a shock. On the contrary, I expected her exit much earlier.

Anyway that was just a prelude to what I intended to address. Women have got to start making wiser choices with life. If men are becoming irresponsible, it’s because women are becoming equally irresponsible. Women choose who they want to copulate with, not men.

When a man chooses, he is either called KKD or he is humping a harlot. The bone of contention for me is not about which man you choose to do whatever with, I actually don’t care because it is actually not my business. Well, I have been hurt before because a girl I stupidly fell for chose a jerk over me all in the name of first love bullshit and today they are no more! Anyway that is a story for another day, so maybe I might be biased but then again who isn’t?

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A Letter to the People Of Ghana | Every True Ghanaian Must Read…


I live in a Ghana where our country currently cannot boast of 500 megawatts of power. This is a figure the 300 spartans can probably give out after every battle through their kinetic energy alone but my very dear and ‘great’ country Ghana cannot but I quickly remind myself that inside the core of this over 230,000 square meters lies everything we need. The problem? THE FREAKING LEADERS WE CHOOSE.

I had to postpone this piece last week because I did not have electricity for three consecutive days out of the seven. This is minus the ‘normal’ advertised load shedding schedule. Which sensible country is governed this way??

These people don’t seem to know how angry and frustrated some of us are and if you are a Ghanaian and you say I should be used to this by now then you are indeed part of the problem. In leading, vision and integrity is key, our leaders don’t seem to have any of these virtues. If a leader does not possess these qualities, then we might as well vote an ANT as our next President, I can assure you we will get better results.

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