HOT SHOTS: Kim Kardashian Looking FAB in New Promo Photos for HYPE Energy Drink

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian

When it comes to Kim Kardashian, she always has some HOT SHOTS to release—and her latest are promo photos from Hype Energy drink’s commercials.

The 34-year-old woman is as usual looking FAB—and her cleavage and tiny waist in the futuristic photoshoot cannot be missed.

We are not feeling her braided hair in some of the photos—but in all, it’s the usual Kim Kardashian, curves and boobies at their best.

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50 Cent Admits to Court His Flashy Lifestyle is Fake & That He Rents Everything…

Kids, we always say do not believe everything you see on TV—especially when it comes to the many celebrities. These people are capable of doing everything to stay relevant, including borrowing—something you wouldn’t even ever want to do. Yesterday, 50 Cent appeared in Manhattan Supreme court and told the court that, the expensive Bentleys, Lamborghinis and Rolls … Read more

The Woman With TWO Dogs…Deborah Vanessa

Deborah Vanessa knows how to pose—and she surely knows how to get the attention she deserves too. Though she does nothing interesting in the Entertainment industry, she makes it up here and several places all the time, just with her photos. In her latest release, the singer on a long musical hiatus following the flop … Read more

14 Top Ghanaian Celebrities Who Allegedly SMOKE | Kwabena Kwabena, Afia Schwarzenegger, Kafui Danku, Jasmine Baroudi, Chris Attoh & Others

This is partly inspired by a facebook post I came across not long ago—and since smoking of weed is illegal in Ghana, for our own sanity and those to be named; let’s make good use of the word-Alleged. Apart from Kwaw Kese who was convicted for smoking weed not long ago, the rest, including King … Read more

PHOTOS: Actress-Vicky Zugah’s Body Magic Trick Exposed | Don’t Fall for the Celebrity Figure…Most Are FAKE!

Celebrities put a lot of people under pressure, especially fans—to look perfect, because they present themselves as near perfect. The truth is; they are like every woman, mostly battling with weight gain and chubby tummies—but they use silly tricks like wearing body magic and corsets to hide their insecurities. To the ordinary eyes, they have … Read more

Do You Have Any Sensible Answers Ladies? A Guy Once Proposed To You But You Declined, Later You Go Telling Others ‘He Even Once Proposed To Me’ – So?


Maybe the female readers on may help me understand the sensible reason behind why ladies behave so – thus, go about telling people that a guy once proposed to her simply because she is now having issues with him.

It’s an observation I’ve made for more than 20 years and I know most guys too have possibly observed or experienced it too. If you are a guy who has a female friend or relative, you are most likely to hear her share at some point, how a guy, usually a rich, revered or popular figure, once proposed to her but she declined.

They always make such disclosures when the guy is now moving on with a better or more beautiful lady, is well to do now than formerly, vying for an esteemed position, or conversely if the guy is rather doing worse now!

Most of these ladies who exhibit such acts, as I’ve come to believe, have one of many motives – to blackmail, slander, shame or feed into their false ego! They always say it with some air of mystery, contempt, and sometimes pure jealousy – as though it was a crime the guy wanted to commit to her.

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What If We Have A Shop Where We Can Buy Honesty, Integrity And Humility Like Beauty Shops?

angry black woman

We have beauty shops, the gym and the plastic surgeons but why don’t we have shops where they sell honesty, integrity, respect, humility etc…? We seriously need these like oxygen.  If you’re very honest, you’re out of fashion because dishonesty is very fashionable these days and it’s been flavoured and coloured in such a way that it’s attractively dazzling.

Funny enough, people who do get away with dishonesty are considered smart for being creative – creative at what? Being haughty these days is seen as confidence. Confidence and arrogance are poles apart.

You can never be a prim and proper businessman/woman if you want to make your millions because going through the right channels won’t give you the expected return. They therefore have to lie and cheat to be the millionaire/billionaire they want.  To the cunning mind, they’re being competitive or cutting corners but putting people’s lives at risk has nothing to do with being competitive. We’re all calculative in one way or the other but the calculative nature of some people is ridiculous.

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WTF is Wrong With Ama K. Abebrese & the Several Others? | This Waist Trainer/Training Nonsense Must Stop

From Ama K. Abeberese's instagram page
From Ama K. Abeberese’s instagram page

Actress/TV personality-Ama Konadu Abebrese is a ‘good’ friend and a smart person—and that is why I am shocked. That is also why I have decided to go after her on this one and by stretch take on all the other bimbos bombarding social media platforms like facebook and instagram with this new waist trainer nonsense, despite all the health risks and the fact that it does not work as they claim.

This whole generation and market of waist trainers/training was championed by the Kardashian cotton-heads…

Kim Kardashian has posted several photos on instagram claiming to be obsessed with waist training/trainers—so has Khloe and out of that quarters, Jessica Alba ridiculously attributed her sexy post baby body to wearing a similar product (corset) day and night for 3 months.

Today, this waist training/trainer nonsense has found its way into the African lifestyle and even though I’ve come across several lame African celebrities and wannabes promoting this on social media, I’ve remained resolute in not writing a piece to give them attention.

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Man 103 Year Old Marries His Sweetheart 91 Year Old

George 103 Year Old Marries His Sweetheart- Doreen 91 Year Old
George 103 Year Old Marries His Sweetheart- Doreen 91 Year Old

There is no age limit on marriage and that is what I told most women—but there is age limit on making babies. So get the babies done and you can have the marriage even if you are 100 years…

After having been together for 27 years, George Kirby has finally married his sweetheart-Doreen Luckie—and they’ve become the world’s oldest newly wed.

George Kirby was 103, and his wife Doreen Luckie 91, when they got hitched earlier today in Eastbourne–the ceremony was witnessed by close friends and family.

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PHOTOS: Meet Francisca Oteng-Mensah the 22-Year Old Lady Who Has Won NPP Primary to Become A Parliamentarian + MORE

Francisca Oteng-Mensah
Francisca Oteng-Mensah

Francisca Oteng-Mensah, a 22-Year Old Lady is making headlines for beaten the incumbent MP of the Kwabre East Constituency in the Ashanti Region in the New Patriotic Party (NPP) parliamentary primary to become the eventual winner

This means, the young woman will be contesting during the next general election to become the MP for that constituency. Her age makes this interesting and more also, the fact that she is a woman.

GhanaCelebrities.Com has been told that Francisca is a level 200 law student, studying at KNUST—and she is the daughter of Dr.Kwaku Oteng, CEO of Angel Group of companies—owner of Kumasi based Angel Fm.

Francisca Oteng-Mensah obtained 321 votes while the incumbent MP-Kofi Frempong got 187 votes. Lawyer Osei-Poku obtained 202 and K Adjei- Sefa got 33 votes…

Watch out for Francisca in parliament soon…

Flip through the pages to see photos of Francisca Oteng-Mensah

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UPDATED: New Bill Passed By Nigerian Senate Fixes Age For S*xual Consent At 11 Years

Black child crying
Black child crying

The new sexual offences bill passed by the Nigerian Senate set the age of consent for sex at 11 years, when the intention of the bill was actually to punish sexual offences.

The new law punishes those who have sexual relations with children under 11 years with life imprisonment, whilst several prison sentences was set for those who deliberately infect others with HIV, gang rape, lacing the drink of someone with the intention to sexually abuse them; as well as child seks tourism, sexual harassment, and prostitution of persons with mental disabilities.

However, the law says nothing about those who have seks with children above 11 years. In fact, when this law is looked at in conjunction with another law that recognises child brides as adults, the implication is that having amorous relations with a 12 year old is ok under the law. has a piece on it and the background of one of the law’s backers, a Muslim Senator who has numerous child brides: Ahmed Yerima.

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PHOTOS: Juliet Ibrahim’s Towel Photo Shoot…

Juliet Ibrahim
Juliet Ibrahim

Actress Juliet Ibrahim has featured in an ‘Anuel Modebe’s new Towel Series—and she is looking good.

The delectable multi talented,Ghanaian actor, singer, songwriter, performer and philanthropist recently teamed up with celebrity Nigerian photographer, ‘anuel Modebe as a muse for his ongoing “Towel Series” shot in Lagos, Nigeria.

The shoot was put together by the photographer to show strong, beautiful and sometimes influential women (Sometimes men) in their barest most comfortable state with nothing but a towel and a robe on.

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