Daniel Okoe Lawson – 2nd Ghanaian Man Arrested over the Weekend In USA for Killing His Wife

daniel okoe lawson

Daniel Okoe Lawson, a Ghanaian man in Dumfries, Virginia has been arrested in the United States of murdering his wife. Lawson, 24, fatally shot and killed Desire Alexandria Buggs, also 24. He faces charges of felony murder and related charges. Police said in a statement… Murder Investigation – On January 6 at 5:04PM, officers responded … Read more

Frederick Owusu Sakyi – 33-Year-Old Ghanaian Man Arrested in U.S.A After Shooting and Killing Estranged Wife

frederick owusu sakyi

A Ghanaian man in Walkerville, Maryland in the United States of America has been arrested after shooting and killing his estranged wife at her workplace. Frederick Owusu Sakyi accosted estranged wife Tenisha Butler ar her workplace then shot and killed her! The couple, according to authorities were in the process of getting a divorce and … Read more

Ja Rule Follows Michael Blackson’s Lead As He Builds A School for Underprivileged Kids in Ghana


American rapper Ja Rule has announced the construction of a school for underprivileged kids in Ghana, following in the footsteps of the path started by Michael Blackson. Ghanaian-American comedian Michael Blackson constructed his school, the Michael Blackson Academy in his hometown in the Central Region. Kids from the town are able to attend the academy … Read more

Borga Amanehunu – Ghanaian Man Busted After Trying to Poison His Brother After He Asked Him to Move Out of His 7-Bedroom Mansion in Ghana

man discovers kids not his

A Ghanaian man abroad has revealed that his own flesh and blood brother attempted to poison him after ordering him to move out of his mansion in Ghana. The unnamed borga narrated his story through social media content creator, Aunty Freda. According to him, he has been abroad for decades at this point and slaved … Read more

Sad Video – Homeless Ghanaian Man from Techiman Spotted Wandering Abroad as Search Launched to Find His Family


A homeless Ghanaian man has been spotted walking the streets abroad with a frantic search being carried out for his family. According to a video shared to Tiktok, the man is from Techiman. He mentioned his name as Patrick Tebi. Those recording the video called for anyone who might know him to step forward to … Read more

Kwabena Osei-Poku – Ghanaian Student at Northampton Uni in the UK Killed By Nigerian Student In Turf War Over Drugs

kwabena osei-poku

A Ghanaian student in the UK, Kwabena Osei-Poku was murdered by a Nigerian colleague, Melvin Lebaga-Idubor, the Northhampton Crown Court has ruled. Lebaga-Idubor was convicted of murder and possession of a knife and would be sentenced by the same court in January. The court heard that Kwabena Osei-Poku, 19 and Melvin Lebaga-Idubor, also 19, were … Read more

Ghanaian Lady Dumps Boyfriend After Traveling to the UK – Says She Won’t Waste her Money to Bring Him Over


A Ghanaian lady has dumped her Gh-based boyfriend after travelling to the UK. According to her, she is not going to waste her money to bring him over when she has siblings she can help. The Ghanaian lady during an interview said that her boyfriend is free to try and make money and travel to … Read more

Hw3 Na Nim Dindindin bi tis3 Aporfi – Ghanaian Lady In UK Roasted After Telling Young People to Stay Away from UK and Emigrate to Cambodia, Vietnam etc


A Ghanaian man-woman in the UK has been heavily dragged by social media users after attempting to discourage other Ghanaians from emigrating there. According to her, things are too hard in the UK hence those who want to travel abroad should forget about it as a destination. She suggested emigration to countries such as Indonesia, … Read more

Ghanaian Ladies Abroad Reveal They’re Searching for Men In Ghana to Marry As Abroad-Based Ghanaian Men Are Forken


A bevy of beautiful Ghanaian ladies abroad have revealed that they are searching for men back in the motherland to marry because all the men up there with them are ”cobras’. A trio of ladies made their feelings on the topic known in an interview. According to the ladies, first of all, Ghanaian men abroad … Read more

Refund My £25,000 Or Else… – Ghanaian Lady In UK Warns Church of Pentecost UK After Attempting to Expel her


A Ghanaian lady in the UK has warned the Church of Pentecost to forget about plans to expel her unless they refund all monies she’s spent on the church. According to the lady, she has invested at least £25,000 of her money into the church hence they’re free to expel her – immediately she gets … Read more

Ghanaian In the U.S Returns to Teach In the Upper West Region Because Abroad Life is Too ‘Boring’


A Ghanaian teacher in the United States set a record after returning from abroad to teach in the Upper West region, claiming life out there is too ‘boring’. Wilfred Akapanga claims he had the chance to stay in the U.S. when he travelled there but chose to return home due to the lifestyle he observed … Read more

Jada Pinkett Reveals How Chris Rock Proposed Love To Her When She Had Marital Issues With Will Smith

will smith chris rock

It seems like Will Smith, Chris Rock and Jada Pinkett Smith’s drama goes way beyond the infamous Oscars slap in 2022. Actress, and TV host and producer, Jada Pinkett Smith revealed in her new memoir, “Worthy,” that Rock, 58, asked her out on a date amid rumors she was divorcing Will, 55, a few years … Read more

Ghanaian-Canadian Basketball Star Charles Bediako Signs Pro Contract with San Antonio Spurs in the NBA

charles bediako

A Ghanaian-Canadian basketball player, Charles Bediako, has landed his first professional contract from the National Basketball Association (NBA) after signing with the San Antonio Spurs. The 21-year-old put pen to paper on his new deal earlier this month, on October 2nd 2023. Bediako’s achievement was trumpeted in Ghana by the Ghana Basketball Association. Taking to … Read more

Who Is Elianne Andam? Ghanaian Girl Killed In Croydon Stabbing

elianne andam

Elianne Andam, 15, a Ghanaian girl in the U.K. has been killed in a stabbing in Croydon by a 17-year-old wielding a zombie knife. According to reports, Andam died after being stabbed defending a friend from a jilted suitor who unexpectedly fished out a knife. The sad incident occurred Wednesday, September 27th 2023 in Croydon, … Read more

My Parents Are Not My Responsibility, I Couldn’t Care Less if They Sleep In Gutter- Ghanaian Borga In Belgium Opines


A Ghanaian borga in Belgium has caused quite the stir online with his proclamation that his parents are not his responsibility. According to him, he couldn’t care less where they live, or sleep because that’s their problem. He said they could sleep in a gutter and he wouldn’t give a rat’s a$$. The gentleman made … Read more

Ghanaian PhD Student In U.S.A’s Scholarship Revoked After Gay Ghanaian Reported His Abusive Anti-LGBT Attacks to Ohio University


A Ghanaian student in the United States of America, Derrick Boadi Sakyi, has had his scholarship revoked due to hateful attacks against LGBT Ghanaians uncovered on Twitter. A Ghanaian LGBT activist known as Papa Kojo uncovered the attacks after receiving a threat from Sakyi. After looking into his profile, Papa Kojo discovered Sakyi had just … Read more

Ghanaian-American Rapper Vic Mensa Reacts After Landlord Sued Him Over $8k Unpaid Rent

vic mensa rent

Ghanaian-American rapper Vic Mensa has reacted after a former landlord sued him claiming he owes over $8,000 in rent. According to Mensa, the claim is absolutely false and that he had to vacate the building due to lack of security that endangered his girlfriend’s life. TMZ reported the news initially – Vic Mensa is scheduled … Read more

Nonsense, Why Didn’t You Join the Ghana Army? – Ghanaian Lady In U.S Army Roasted After Advising Young People Not to Rush to Travel Abroad


A Ghanaian U.S. Army officer known as Ama Koranteng has warned the youth in the country not to rush and travel abroad because things are not rosy over there. According to her, the life Ghanaians living abroad portray online is mostly exaggerated and the fact is, most of them are struggling to make ends meet … Read more

Ne Fie Fuo Abeyifou Y3 Nkurasi Fuo – Social Media Reacts As Ghanaian Man Sadly Slumps And Dies After Arriving In UK


Social media has reacted following the shocking news that a Ghanaian man slumped and died upon arrival at Heathrow in the UK. The man in question had reportedly travelled abroad to the UK after completing all the necessary paperwork to stay in the country. He had received a student visa and would stay in the … Read more

Liberian Woman In U.S.A In Tears As Husband Marries 2nd Wife After Claiming He Was Visiting His Sick Mother

liberian woman usa

A Liberian woman in the U.S.A got the shock of her life after finding out online that her husband has married a 2nd wife back home. Agnes Johnson called out her husband in a post on Facebook, revealing he told her he was travelling back home to visit his sick mother. Unknown to her, he … Read more

U.S. Based Ghanaian Laments High Duty Fees At the Port After Being Asked to Pay $5k to Clear Car He Bought $2k Abroad


A Ghanaian man living in the United States of America has expressed frustration at the insane amount charged as duty on imported items. In a video going viral on social media, the man revealed he paid $2,000 to purchase a car in the U.S. and decided to ship it to Ghana. However, he was told … Read more

Caleb Boateng – Ghanaian Man In the U.S. Who Shot His Mother and Brother Denied Bail, Faces Psychological Evaluation


The Ghanaian man who shot his mother and brother and held police to a 13-hour standoff in the U.S. has been denied bail. Caleb Boateng, 24, appeared at the Worcester District County Court on Monday, July 17th 2023 and was denied bail. Trial Judge McGuiggan ordered that heh be held for 120 days in custody. … Read more

Ghanaian Man In the U.S. Relocates to Ghana with His American Wife and Builds $130k Self-Sufficient Mansion


A Ghanaian man in the United States of America relocated to Ghana with his American wife to escape constant racism. The man, Maxwell Mensah and his wife Kimberly relocated to Ghana after decades in the States where they met and got married. In light of increasing racism in the U.S. in recent years, they decided … Read more

Ghanaian Man Detained By Police In The US For Taking The Life Of His 33-Year-Old Wife


A Ghanaian man who is believed to have played a role in the death of his wife has been detained by police in Berks County, Pennsylvania, United States of America. Winifred, 46, and Harrison Boakye got into a physical confrontation in the restroom prior to her untimely death, according to the district attorney, who reportedly … Read more

Hedzole DC – Ghanaian Restaurant In Washington DC Serves Jollof, Waakye & Coconut Rice

candice mensah hedzole dc

Hedzole DC is a Ghanaian restaurant in Washington, D.C. in the United States of America run by U.S.-born Ghanaian Candice Mensah. Hedzole serves on its menu Jollof Rice, Waakye & Coconut rice with a series of assorted sauces and toppings. The restaurant is located in Sixteenth Street Heights, a large neighbourhood in the District of Columbia. … Read more