It’s Either There Are More Ghanaian Women in the Cocaine Business or They Have 7 Magical Dwarfs

First Class Suite
First Class Suite

Punch me if you can—and don’t think I cannot land a punch on your nose too. I am not by this article suggesting that there are no hard working Ghanaian women out there. Definitely, there are several of them—and you wouldn’t need a degree in Psychology to point out these people when you come across them.

Hard working Ghanaian women who make honest living—either large or small, would not spend their entire day showing off their wealth. In fact, they will be working hard so wouldn’t have the time to be parading everything they own and those they have borrowed from others on social media or our streets.

Now that we’ve taken out the hard working Ghanaians who are constantly tired and on the run, let’s look at the reminder—a group of unemployed or partially employed Ghanaian women who live like Arab Princesses and yet we cannot trace their source of wealth.

When I examine the lifestyle and the belligerent manner these women show off whatever that they come in contact with on social media or on our streets, two things come to mind; It’s either these people are also into the cocaine trade or have 7 magical dwarfs who are constantly fetching them monies from the pockets of those working their butts off.

It’s beyond magic and science to find a person without a regular job driving expensive cars—and spending huge sums of money without thinking about tomorrow. And even when tomorrow comes, she will still have more to spend.

I don’t know of any reasonable hypothesis which could come close to establishing how this can be possible, considering the wide cry of economic hardship in Ghana.

It’s not just by chance that a certain Ghanaian woman who is known within the class of expensive ‘ballers’ was recently arrested in London with cocaine—it is possible that more of today’s Ghanaian women are into this business and their lifestyles alone should lead the police into snipping their bags.

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Rapper-Itz Tiffany is a Goddam LIAR Who Has to Learn to Take RESPONSIBILITY

Itz Tiffany
Itz Tiffany

I’ve realized some of you totally disagree with my previous article despite having explained in 6 points “Why Itz Tiffany Deserves Everything & More”. There is obviously one thing going on here—it is either those who disagree read the article with their eyes closed or have no understanding of the case I made as a result of whatever dirty business they’ve taken part in private.

It’s time we women stop playing the victim card all the time—and start taking some amount of responsibility for our actions and omissions.

First of all, let me clear the way by pointing out why Itz Tiffany is a goddam liar and for once, she successfully fooled most Ghanaians—but this time, some of us will punch holes in her injudicious excuses and compel her to take responsibility for her actions.

When Itz Tiffany’s n*ked photos leaked some few years ago, this hell of a celebrity came to tell us that her phone was stolen by some robbers who leaked those private photos she took for her HUSBAND and baby father-Frank Whyte Gambrah.

It’s only thick headed Ghanaians who will believe this out of place story. Which sort of acute mentally constipated robber will have time to go into the mobile phone of a person he has robbed—and start sending or distributing the person’s n*ked photos on whatsapp?

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6 Reasons Why Itz Tiffany Deserves Everything & Even the More to Come | I Do Not Feel SORRY For Her

Itz Tiffany
Itz Tiffany

I am a proud African woman and my pride does not just spring from the fact that I have a big booty and an enviable chest—capable of letting a lot of men turn and pull their necks like mad Giraffes anytime I walk past them on the street.

My pride as an African woman comes from the home upbringing I received, the level of decency I attach to my existence and majorly, the influence of the African culture in my life, a real golden touch on my personality.

Smartly, I’ve adopted a lot from the West and I mean those that are of great benefits to my survival and empowerment as a woman. I am loud, bold and open minded—many will drop these as African traits but I have borrowed them and have perfectly weaved them into being an African woman.

I wouldn’t hesitate kicking any man who tries to take me for granted in the balls and some may argue that this is no way African. But I tell such people that, I equally respect the men who treat me with care and understand the position of a woman in society.

Being an African woman living in a global village does not mean you should juxtapose the African and Western cultures and pick the one which appeals most to you. It means you should hold on tight to your identity and steal from the other cultures some of the missing but immensely beneficial traits.

Social media has been buzzing for the last few days after GhanaCelebrities.Com broke the Rapper-Itz Tiffany’s leaked seks tapes story—and out of curiosity and the desire to feed our human gossip instincts we’ve all found ways to obtain the tapes.

I had about 10 people sending the videos to me on Whatsapp last night. Seks tapes are being propagated and shared as if they are the words of God.

For many, the tapes are disgusting and did not expect Tiffany Owusu to have such a messy coochie—as if anyone can point me to a coochie that is not of that form or shape. All coochies will come up nasty if you take a camera close to them like that. If you don’t know, ask your mother…

For me, my immediate worry was the little stick that was doing the playing but that is not my subject for today so I will just let it pass. Some of these girls are really wasting their time and energy, chopping down pencils and yet they keep talking ‘plenty’.

My last boyfriend was a real anaconda, capable of sending electric shocks into my spinal code—and even with him, I dropped his black butt instantly when he forgot that I am an African woman who takes pride in respect and whispered an unacceptable sentence into my ears. The dude wanted a 3some…

No doubt the man who recorded the tapes with Itz Tiffany and leaked them is a monster—but to be frank, there is a monster in every person. The truth is, it takes a lot of push for the monster in some people to come out and for others, anything trivial gets them screaming.

Having watched the 3 videos with my ‘korokoro eyes’, I do not feel pity for Itz Tiffany in any way—and I will state my reasons in 6 quick points. I don’t care if you do not agree with me simply because you ride on the same dense wavelength with her but at least, you’ve read me.

1. Itz Tiffany is a Loser

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Why the HECK Must the Woman Always Be the One to CHANGE?

black woman
Black woman

I had a good time at church today and as such I was not going to come here with any bit of anger left in me but the devil always has a way to distort the inner peace and happiness that God gives to His children.

It was a fundraising Sunday and I love such days—not because of the money but because I am able to dance for long. I go to a small church but on such days, they bring in all the needed musical instruments to make the church fun.

I always given 5 GHS and I won’t just increase it because it is fundraising when my salary remains the same. Hell No! I don’t miss such Sundays because of the good music and the opportunity to dance off some of the small devils in my life.

But it all changed when I logged on here to read an earlier article which plainly suggests that Ghanaians back home (Africans and Jamaicans back home) are some sort of paupers—who are alive because those abroad send us some money and toy gadgets.

What sort of deep nonsense is this?  How many times in a month do you donkey working people send us money back home? All those days or months we do not hear from you, do you hear that we’ve died out of starvation? Tweaaaaa!

We may not be rich in cash but we are rich in time and happiness and did any one put a gun to your heads to travel abroad? The small pounds, dollars and electronic gadgets made by some Chinese children that you guys pass back to us should not give you the impudence to insult us.

When you guys ask us back home to send you Milo, Titus Sardines, Neat Fufu, African Prints, dried fish and all manner of ingredients including ‘Dawadawa’ and Okro, do we complain? You sit in Europe or America and you want our delicious made in Ghana Shito and yet you do not want to send us some of your pounds or Euros in exchange…

When did hand go, hand come became a reason to complain? When my Auntie in Canada comes home with her 7 children, always lined up like a football team—I do everything for them. I push their bags from the airport; I bath the children each day, wash their clothes and even become a tour guide who takes them on sight seeing.  And she expect me to do all these for free?

So handing to me some cheap Nokia phone that you probably bought from a ‘1 dollar shop’ as a form of compensation has now become a headache—to the extent that you people have started complaining… You know what, when you die, let them bury you there.

When you see my African Print dress and you love it, you are able to boldly say it but when I love your new laptop, I should not be allowed to say it…Nonsense!

Let me move on to my main reason for writing today and leave these over worked brains living in cold countries alone. Perhaps, all their brains are frozen like those Kpala fishes we buy from the area cold store.  

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He Has Slept With Over 15 Women & He is a Damn Hero | I Just IMAGINED Doing the Same & I Am Tagged a Prostitute

black woman


I do not like to come on here always upset—as many may begin to call me an angry black woman, especially the men.

But since my circumstance which usually pushes me into frustration has not changed and the world we live in today is full of cotton headed men, I guess you will be reading a lot from me in this tone—things will change when some goddamn aliens descend from outer space and take away all the waste of time men who keep getting on my nerves.

In fact, I don’t really care if you think of me as an angry black woman—you don’t even know me so who gives a toss? Whatever it is that is currently going through your mind about me is your damn problem.

I have my own issues and surely you do have yours too. If you want to leave your issues unattended to and appoint yourself the moral police or the person in charge of counting upset people in the world without pay, then good for you.

For me, I freaking much do not care how you use your time and energy since all what some people do nowadays is to sit and judge people—without knowing the sort of hardship and nonsense they’ve been put through.

Before jumping to my main subject, let me clear the bushes by telling the men who may be lucky to be reading me the hard truth, albeit the awkward gospel, which many women do not tell them, making the men think they are always the winners—when in fact, they get used all the time.

Men think (I will not say some because all of them do and if you are offended, go and jump into the red sea) they are far smarter than women. And they seem to think they define who gets used in relationships—mostly, placing themselves as winners.

What these men forget is that, women are also human beings and just as they have the human feeling to want s£x sometimes, if not all the time, women do too. The only difference is that, we are extensively smarter than them and when we want it, we do get it but in a diplomatic and cunning ways such that, we retain our pride.

Few years ago, I was having fun with an area guy and yet he thought he was playing me. He had a girlfriend at Dansoman which I didn’t care. Even if he told me, I wouldn’t have mind but he kept pretending—all along thinking he was playing smart.

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Where Can I Also Find that Son of a B*tch Called MUGU as a Boyfriend?

Sandra Ankobiah
Sandra Ankobiah on Holiday

Perhaps I was born with little or no luck and I definitely have to blame my hopeless mother for not letting the local priest baptize me when I was born, instead, I had the now not so common home christening. My father couldn’t afford the white garment needed for the church service for them so they opted to do their little thing at home. I don’t even understand why she was messing with such a broke man.

I wouldn’t be working like a donkey and still be broke if she was more smart with her choice of men. I can hardly afford enough credit on my mobile phone to call this same mother after having called my boyfriend who can’t afford to buy the credit for me but expects to be called regularly.

In fact, his expectation does not even upset me as much as when he does the usual Ghanaian thing-flashes me, expecting that I will call back in the next second.

Things are hard in Accra and even with a University degree, things are not getting any better and my salary has not increased in the last 3 years. Yet, the gutter side Wakyee seller who I used to buy from each morning has increased her prices more than 10 times.

Nowadays, instead of buying the morning Wakyee each day as I used to—I only can afford it on Fridays and recently, she had the stupid nerve to ask me why she doesn’t see me more often. Maybe if she cuts down on the rate at which she increases her price, she will begin to see more of me.

Of course I couldn’t tell her that so I told her, I only eat Wakyee’s on Fridays to go with the gradually spreading ‘local Friday’. Instead of wearing just a Ghanaian print on Fridays, some of us have stolen it as an excuse to cover our inability to afford everyday Wakyee.

Girls are sweating even when it is raining in this part of the world. It is difficult to even be a lady as you have to fight the men for everything, the usual morning struggle for seat in ‘trotro’ at Kaneshie has become so normal to me and until my friend visited from London recently, I couldn’t remember the last time I was in a taxi.

Talking about ‘trotro’, I think the new set of ‘trotro’ men should stop asking for a woman’s number if they are not ready to even pay her fare. I wouldn’t mind trading my phone number each day for a free ‘trotro’ ride to work. But these guys wait for you to pay the damn fare and then they proceed to ask you for your number. The last time, I told one of them I do not have a phone so he should give me his phone and then he can call me on it later—you can’t imagine how quick his face changed.

That was just by the way, so let me dig into why I am writing this—and as you can see, I am damn frustrated about my current situation. If you are a woman in my shoes, you better be happy I am on a search for an answer for all of us because ‘Girls Abr3’.

Even though I am not a TV star, I believe I am far beautiful than most of the women I see on my TV. Maybe the picture quality of my TV is a little messed up as it is nearly 10 years old but my mirror tells me I will beat most of these girls in any beauty pageant—even if judged by blind corrupt men.

F*ck it, who cares about who is beautiful nowadays—it is all about who has that ‘MUGU’ in her purse. And by ‘MUGU’, I mean the somewhat derogatory Nigerian ‘word’ which has come to mean; a stupid man with a lot of money that can easily be talked into giving a lot away.

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